YS: Monster of the Deep, Monstrum Nox, a spin-off of the classic Ys series, is being released for both the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. It is a well-produced game, but like other games in the series, it is a little too difficult. I have never seen a game so hard; I am not even sure if I have ever seen one that is harder.

It’s been over a year since Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana launched, and now, it’s finally time for Ys IX: Monstrum Nox. It’s set in a prison town, and you play as Adol Christin, a young adventurer who gets sent to prison after being framed for murder. While you’re locked up, the town is run by a cult known as the “Monstrum”, who are worshiping a creature known as “The Monstrum”.

With the recent release for Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, is the third entry in the “Ys” series of games. The newest entry in the series, Ys IX, takes us down to prison town and of course, into a monster infested area. The story follows Adol who’s trying to get out of prison town and save the world from the nightmare of “Monstrum” which is the Nightmare of the Beast.

Ys IX : Monstrous Nox follows Adol Christin on one of his fantasy adventures, but this time it’s a little different. Entering the infamous prison city of Balduk is just the beginning of a much bigger adventure, with higher stakes and a more exciting story than ever. Ys IX:may not do everything perfectly, but it’s a damn fun game and a good candidate to be the bestYs game to date.

Ys IX : Press review of Monstrum Nox – On the way to the prison city

word-image-11084 Ys IXis by far the most ambitious game in the series, mostly due to the story and setting. Adol is imprisoned, and a great and far-reaching secret is hidden in Balduk’s cell. For the Ys series, nothing is new – Adol in prison and big secrets to be discovered – and the Lacrimosa or Danasetting is a big mystery. InYs IX, however, this problem is solved in a more profound way. Adol escapes, but not before meeting the mysterious Aprilis and becoming one of her monsters. These monsters are a bit like Balduk’s superheroes. Aprilis asks them to protect the town of Grimwald Knox (more on that later), but each monster is free to do what he wants in his spare time. For some it is about helping the less fortunate, for others it is about chaos, but it is always about addressing the injustices of the city. The Romulan Empire is often mentioned in the history of Ys , whether in the suppression of provinces like Felgana, or the war with Altago in Ys Seven. It is always present in some form, but usually distant and secondary to the main mystery. In Ys IXthe imperial oppression is almost tangible. word-image-11085 Balduk and the entire Gliana region did not accept Romun’s role without a fight, leading to a social divide between those who sided with Romun (the rich) and those who did not (everyone else). Almost everyone has a reason to despise the imperial occupying power, and if there wasn’t already one, the recent spate of unjust arrests and harsh regulations has only reinforced it. Of course, Ys IXis not always disgusted by such stories. Nevertheless, Balduk’s problems make Monstrum and Adol’s missions much more personal and important than usual. It also improves rhythm. Earlier games, including Ys VIII, start much slower and build towards the end. There is always at least one great thread here to keep you going. This feeling grows stronger as the game turns into a routine revolving around the Monstrum base and the Dandelion organization. InLacrimosa of Dana , the emphasis was on bonding with the group members and NPCs, but Monstrous Nox makes it even more intimate, placing Adol and the others on the fringes of society in a truly motley crew of heroes taking on the world. word-image-11086 The larger story ofYs IXis a bit more complicated. It was always a series of mostly independent games. Some story fragments are related – for example, the false god Felgan Galbalan returns in various guises in Ark of the Napishtim – but overall you can play each game without having any idea what’s going on in the others. Monstrum Nox is different. The obvious connections to earlier games are starting to become more obvious, and while many of them, like the return of the monsters, are just fun references for fans of the series, the villain and the situation around him actually relate to earlier games, especially Ys V . The problem is that Ys V is the only game in the series that has never received a western localization or a modern re-release (with the exception of the 2002 PS2 version). Other parts, particularly the Dark Clan and its relationship to Alchemy, have roots that span the entire series and even Ys Origin. You might feel a little more confused than usual, because the ending gets more and more exciting, really. Ys IXis really similar to Cold Steel 4 from Ys in that it connects different plot points. Fortunately, despite the fact that the events of Balduk build directly on everything that came before it, Balduk still functions as a standalone story. word-image-11087 The town itself is almost as important as the other characters and the plot. Balduk may not be for everyone after the open plains of Seiren Island, but it’s ultimately my favorite place in the series. Ys is all about adventure and exploration, but you wouldn’t know that from reading some of these stories. Classic Ys uses similar fields and arenas to complete levels. The modern Ys offers us vast areas with little reason to explore them. Even the island of Seiren is nothing more than an empty (but beautiful) landscape, a vehicle to tell Dan’s story, nothing more. What you lose in visual variety by staying (mostly) behind the massive Gothic city walls, you gain in individuality and, better yet, reason to explore. Balduk is full of secrets, from hidden treasure chests, to graffiti with secret inscriptions, to collectibles and much more. The city isn’t fully accessible until the very end, but even in the early parts there are still plenty of alleys, inaccessible roofs and other nooks and crannies to explore. It’s a refreshing change from the previous pattern: enter the area, follow the path, find the dungeon, repeat, and it gives you more interaction with the people of Balduk. The result is a setting that looks nothing like Trails , and what appears to be the realization of Ys’s promise of exotic adventure. The originality ofMonstrosity Noxonly adds to the feeling of exciting exploration. Each monster has a special ability that allows it to reach new areas and further explore the city. word-image-11088 For example, Adol’s purple line acts as a sort of grappling hook and Hawk can hover over rooftops, and that’s just the beginning. It’s fun to move around, and there’s almost always a reward for using those skills, plus you can admire Monstrum’s costumes. Balduq isn’t really a sandbox, some areas seem too bare and clean, and Monstrum’s later abilities aren’t that obvious. Still, it’s by far the strongest setting and design philosophy of the series, which Falcom hopes to preserve in future games. With a bigger story and tons of content in Balduq, Ys IXis still a traditional Ys game built on fast-paced combat. The battles aren’t much different from Ys 8 or even Memories of Celceta , for that matter. Each character has a range of normal and aerial attacks, as well as a variety of skills to learn with different effects. Attacks have one of three attributes, so finding a balanced group is just as important here as in previous games. One notable difference is the direction of the fight. Lacrimosa or Dana plays like a continuation of Celceta, with a loose, almost floating rhythm. Ys IXis heavy and defined without sacrificing speed. Behind every sword stroke is power, every movement has a purpose – a small series of changes that make the combat experience clearer and more enjoyable. word-image-11089 The boost meter also fills up faster, so you’ll need to use each character’s boost abilities more often. These techniques come in handy for gaining an advantage in boss fights or against swarms of enemies, and most importantly, they’re flashy and just plain fun. Most battles in Ys IXtake place in the streets of Balduk, as well as in the sewers and dungeons. A major part of the plot concerns the invisible curse and the twisted monsters it spawns. There are many portals in the city where worlds collide. By interacting with the portals, the fight is literally on the streets, near Balduk’s homes, parks and businesses. This is also an area where the mechanisms ofYs IXseem a bit forced. The curse prevents the Monstrums from entering certain parts of the city until they have dispelled the darkness in that area. It’s not like the Ys VIIIhurdles that could only be overcome after finding a certain number of tenants, but it does look a bit playful. On a positive note, the necessary battles with Grimwald Knox are not as difficult as the raids on Dan’s Lacrimosa villages. They are part of the story and necessary to progress, and do not interrupt your progress at key moments. Ys VIIIwas clearly a Vita game refreshed for PS4. While Ys IXwon’t win any awards for graphics, the visuals are certainly a step better than its predecessor. word-image-11090 Balduk may be dull and imposing, but its architecture and layout are of surprising visual interest. The colors, especially the characters’ clothing, are vibrant and the character models are more detailed than ever for a Ys game. The downside is the inaccuracy of the camera and movements, at least on the PlayStation 4. The camera movement is a bit jerky when moving through open and particularly crowded areas, the image is not as sharp as indoors, and the models’ movements are a bit choppy in some outdoor scenes. The soundtrack of Ys IX is absolutely exceptional, overflowing with atmosphere and underlining almost perfectly every scene and place. It is slightly different from the previous Ys games and has a noticeable Cold Steel 3 and 4 tone, but this different tone suits the larger setting and more complex story Ys IX. Ys VIIIwas released in the West with a series of rather infamous localization problems, but that’s nothing compared to Ys IX. NIS America’s localization for Ys IX is smooth and natural, with nice character nuances and extras for the more dramatic and mysterious characters.

Ys IX Monstrum Nox Test – The Conclusion



  • The best set in the series
  • A huge map to explore, full of secrets and fun ways to unlock them.
  • Winning changes to an already solid combat system
  • An exciting plot and likable, easily recognizable characters.
  • Great soundtrack.


  • It is sometimes a bit difficult to navigate through the city.
  • Some characters and stories don’t get the attention they deserve.
  • Slight vibrations of the camera and model at certain times

Ys IXdiffers from the previous games in many ways, from the more focused setting to the emphasis on the characters’ stories, and it pays off in every way. Aside from a few narrative flaws and clunky passing mechanics, this is an excellent RPG and an impressive step forward for theYs series. [Note: NISA has provided a copy of Ys IX: Monstrum Nox was used for this study].A few weeks ago, I lamented the lack of reviews for the quite excellent Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, and I’d like to take this chance to apologize. Not only has the game had a rather unfortunate launch, it’s now been removed from the PlayStation Store, meaning I can no longer get the game legitimately. This is a real shame, as it’s a fantastic game and would have deserved at least a passing mention.. Read more about ys ix how long to beat and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is YS Monstrum NOX?

It’s been a few months since I last reviewed a Ys game, and I’m feeling a bit of a gap in terms of writing action role-playing games. I’ve been playing a lot of Monster Hunter World lately, and I wanted to see if I could fit Monstrum Nox in the gap. If you are looking for a fairly linear and action-packed JRPG, Monstrum Nox is a great choice. The story is engaging and fun, and there is a ton of content to keep you coming back. The game also has a lot of depth, and there are over 100 hours of gameplay. The problem is that there is a lot of grinding, especially early in the game. Outside of that, I would highly recommend Monstrum Nox.

Does YS 9 have multiple endings?

There is a new addition to the Ys series. This time an “official” one. The original was released in 2005, and we still have no idea if the developers at Nihon Falcom are working on a sequel, or if it has been discontinued, and if so, why. After the latest installment in the series, Ys: The Unsung Heroes, which came out last month, I got a hankering to try more of the series. I picked up the PS Vita remake of Ys: The Ark of Napishtim. The Monstrum Nox storyline was quite a roller coaster ride, to say the least. I’ve had my fair share of ups, downs, and even more ups. There was a lot of rewarding moments of course, but a whole lot of things that could drive me to madness, too.

Is YS 9 Stand Alone?

The game Ys: Monstrum Nox is a difficult game to translate from Japanese to English. One of the reasons is that the title is the final part in a series of games called Ys, which can be confusing for some people. Another reason is that it is the second time that the title is a reference to the phrase “dark forest”, which is also the title of a song on the Japanese version. The game, Monstrum Nox, is one of the best games in the Ys series. It has everything that makes a good Ys game: the strategic planning of battle and the thrill of an action-packed adventure. I was thrilled when I learned that the next game in the series would be based on one of my favorite parts of the series: the prison town. The prison town is full of notable characters from previous games, such as the characters from Ys 3 and Sen no Kiseki. So, I was excited to see what they do with the town this time around, and what they do with the villains.

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