TikTok, a popular social media app in India and China that allows users to create short-form videos, is copying YouTube’s green screen feature. The app will now use the same textured background as its competitor, but it only applies this effect to favorite or suggested videos for creators on TikTok’s platform. Content creators have complained about how difficult it can be to earn money from their video because of this new development.

The “youtube copying tiktok reddit” is a news that YouTube has copied the TikTok Green Screen. Other minor news for creators include: “YouTube to remove ‘unsafe’ content”.

YouTube copies the TikTok Green Screen, other minor news for creators

The rivalry from TikTok continues to make YouTube’s recognized competitors sweat, so they’ve “stolen” a feature known as Green Screen, placing it on the Remix altar for their Shorts movies as a counter maneuver. YouTube copies the TikTok Green Screen, other minor news for creators

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Consider the recently announced shutdown of the YouTube Go spin-off, or the ongoing test for the restyling of playlists. Mountain View, on the other hand, isn’t pleased with all of this, as seen by a recent experiment in favor of the Shorts films, as well as a series of novelties that also wink at the world of producers.

According to the latest Sensor Tower estimates, TikTok, ByteDance’s vertical and short creative video platform, was downloaded 175 million times in the first three months of the year, bringing the total number of downloads to 3.5 billion since its launch (ex Musical.ly). This success, which has captivated everyone over time to the point that Google has created a similar clone, YouTube Shorts, has had a new consequence.

Despite the fact that Big G has repeatedly stated how popular its Shorts are (hence the decision to begin testing advertising), it still has a large number of users who, like the Reels of Instagram, limit themselves to uploading what they have previously created on TikTok, where they clearly appreciate the creative tools. One of the most popular is the Green Screen, a feature that enables you to erase the backdrop of a clip while recording it and replace it with one of your choosing.

In light of this, Google has formally declared the commencement of a test in favor of YouTube’s Shorts section, referring to the testing of a feature dubbed, ironically, Green Screen, through its support website. Mountain View’s function, although similar in essence to TikTok’s, operates differently, resulting in more of a setup to run the Remixes.

Users will be able to choose a video they like on YouTube, or act on a Short, without forgetting that it will also be possible to draw on videos or photos from their Gallery: the user will not have to do anything else than put itself in the foreground with respect to the chosen background, and will also be able to determine whether to keep the original video’s audio active or turn it off, according to the colossus directed by Sundar Pichai.

To use the Green Screen function in YouTube Shorts, which is currently only available on iOS but will be available on Android devices in the coming months, simply go under a video, choose Create, and then Green Screen: another option is to go to the three-dot menu in the Shorts view, also on YouTube for iOS, and select the Green Screen option there. Whatever option is chosen, the end product must be shown in a film of one minute or less.

Moving on to the second set of announcements, Google has announced that “soon” all developers will be able to use the “Clip” capability, as announced during the I/O 2022 event (and therefore not limited to the Pixel 6a and Pixel Buds Pro). They will be able to pick up to 60 seconds of a video, generating a clip (for example, to emphasize the highlights of a lesson) that will play in a loop on the page devoted to watching the video (and may also be shared elsewhere).

The function, which is already available on YouTube iOS, will be available on Android, allowing you to create community surveys with a large number of images: the list of positions, which appears beneath a video and displays the Maps locations of any restaurants or bars mentioned in the video, is also gaining popularity.

The “tiktok green screen video download” is a video that shows YouTube copying the TikTok Green Screen. Other minor news for creators includes the release of a new subscription plan, and YouTube’s latest gaming update.

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