Monster World is an under-appreciated NES port of the original Wonder Boy, a classic platformer from 1989. The game is a platformer, and you need to kill enemies and collect the items they drop by jumping on their heads. You can use these items to take down the boss and solve puzzles. There’s a map that shows where all the items are and you can see how many you have collected through the game.

The Wonder Boy franchise is one of the more interesting of the early 16-bit SNES games. Released in 1993, this side-scrolling platformer contained a wealth of features that were way ahead of their time. In addition to a combo-based combat system, the game also featured a number of innovative ideas: an expansive item shop with a rotating selection of goods; multiple difficulty levels that allowed the player to choose a challenge level that best suited their abilities; and a beautiful, animated world based on the works of comic book artist Todd McFarlane.

‘Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World’ is a recent PlayStation Vita remake of an early 80’s Genesis/Mega Drive game called ‘Wonder Boy in Monster World’. The game is a side-scrolling action adventure game in which you play as Wonder Boy, a young boy who goes on adventures to defeat monsters. The game was meant to be released for the Sega Genesis, but was eventually released on the Sega Mega Drive. The game was eventually remade for the PlayStation Vita, and is available for download on the PlayStation Store. The game has been remade with HD graphics, is fully playable with the touchscreen, and offers a few new features such as the ability to play as a female monster known as Asha.

The Wonder Boy series has been around for a long time and has many variations on the theme of jumps and side kicks. Asha in Monster World was originally a 16-bit Sega version called Monster World IV. It has now been redesigned for modern times. This Wonder Boy game is available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, without a real Wonder Boy. Instead, we have the adventures of the young warrior Asha with an Arabic theme. Asha begins to prove herself as a warrior and native protector, but soon discovers that evil is brewing in the magical land. Four guardians of the world’s elemental spirits are held captive by an evil group of dark wizards. Our brave heroine needs to kick their asses.

Wonderboy: Asha in the world of monsters Review: Retro Charm

. Each elemental spirit of course has its own world, filled with monsters to destroy, treasures to find, puzzles to solve and various bosses to defeat. As the game progresses, these worlds become labyrinths in which finding objects plays an important role. To help her, Asha finds a strange blue floating creature called Pepelogu, who is the key to overcoming the obstacles. Pepelogoo can perform all kinds of practical tasks. In a world dominated by fire, he can serve as a safe platform to spew lava, protect Asha from fire traps, and light lamps. In the world of ice, ice can melt and become a slippery icicle. The biggest advantage is that if you hold the little bug, you can fall and do a double jump. These home mechanics will probably please some and annoy others. First, to catch Pepeloga, Asha whistled. Since you’ll be using the creature almost constantly, you’ll need to press the whistle button often. It’s good at first, but after a while it feels like the music is guiding a slow descent into madness. It’s funny to see how little Pepelogu develops by having him eat the fruits of a special tree in the main village. With each change he gets fatter, and by the third update he has become so heavy that Asha is worried. She can still drop it, throw it and double jump, but she can’t move while holding it, which changes the dynamics of the game a bit. Overall, Pepelogoo brings an interesting twist to the classic gameplay and level design of Wonder Boy . word-image-13483 The level design is generally well done. While Asha’s adventures are undeniably charming, with an equal mix of complexity and cuteness, there are some problems. The most problematic is the world of ice. It looks very much like the Egyptian desert, which is now covered in ice. Every floor is covered in ice, so Asha slides around. It is, you guessed it, boring, but hey, it’s the ice cream. The level starts with a completely flat sequence where you jump over a few obstacles and hack a few bad things, and almost nothing else happens. The world will then lead you through various pyramid labyrinths. Bewildered, but painfully superficial. Unlike other worlds, in these levels you have a map, because there is a lot of walking back and forth in almost identical corridors. Here Asha relies on an interesting old-fashioned phenomenon: The game features doors with code locks, with different indications and unlock codes on the D-pad. Sometimes the game gives you a code or part of a code, and all you have to do is come up with a complete code consisting of five or six arrow keys. However, these codes are not disposable. You have to enter the code every time you need to use the door (which is a lot), and if you get the sequence wrong, spears will fly at you. That’s a lot to remember in a limited space and with severe penalties. word-image-13484 In another scene in this world, Asha must answer questions from the Sphinx. All the answers are just bits of information about the world and the characters that you find out by talking to the characters, so if you haven’t been paying attention, be prepared to suffer. Again, not just a few questions. The Sphinx has a lot of questions you have to answer, and if you answer one of the questions wrong, you’ll end up in a boring loop where you have to start the quiz over. About what Asha’s parents said in the beginning, whether her genius friend has teeth or ears, the colors of things, the food preferences of the characters….. is an incredibly tedious action sequence for those who have a bad memory or don’t want to talk to every NPC in the world. Finally, if Pepelogoo evolves a bit and introduces new puzzle options, that’s not the case with Asha. She can buy better elemental swords and shields, as well as bracelets that increase her base hit points. In addition, there are magic drops (and gold) in all levels, which, once you have collected 10 hearts, increase the number even further. But Asha herself doesn’t register any new movements. Your sword skills are the same throughout the game. She can defend, hit or jump, and you can press up or down to make a move in that direction. His attack range is grimly short (and there are no ranged weapons), and the battles quickly become repetitive. Oddly, pressing the LS button causes the arm to stop (although it can rotate in either direction, which is important), while pressing the stick does the same. To say that it is a somewhat confusing relic of antiquity is a huge understatement. Although Asha in Monster World has many strengths. The crisp, clear graphics are beautiful and the game, while set entirely in 2D, makes interesting use of 3D and perspective elements, such as. B. find ways to infiltrate the scene. It’s well animated and full of good characters. We might miss the weird shaking Asha does every time he opens the trunk, but otherwise Asha is a fun and likable protagonist. The different types of enemies are also fun, even if they are mostly mindless and just run at you and hit you. The final bosses are much more interesting: shape-shifting wizards, a giant harpy, and other silly cartoon monsters.

Wonderboy: Asha in the world of monsters : review – the conclusion



  • Charming characters and world view
  • Pepelogoo creature adds variety to sweaters
  • Varied environment with fun challenges and puzzles
  • That’s very good.


  • Asha doesn’t develop much during the game
  • The whole frozen world is kind of boring, but the Sphinx sequence is horrible.
  • Many meters are almost flat
  • Memorization is not so much fun

Not forgetting the Sphinx quiz, using riddles and clues to solve puzzles and locate objects is a fun element. Overall, Asha in Monster World is a fun old school style journey. There’s too much vintage design here, but it’s a remake of an old game. Hopefully Asha will return in something more spacious and modern. With a little more practice, she could give Shantaa a real challenge. [Note: ININ Games has made available a copy of Wonder Boy : Asha from Monster World was used for this review].

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