Golem Spirit Stone is a collectible item in Rune Factory 4. It was originally released as one of the first game series to be powered by blockchain technology, and it’s been described as an “early adopter” or something similar. The stone has obvious value on the market-but where can players find them?

The “rune crystal” is a mineral that can be found in the game. It’s used to create golem spirits. The golem spirit stone can be found in the mines of Rune Factory 4.

Where to Golem Spirit Stone in Rune Factory 4

The Rune Factory 4 Golem Spirit Stone is a useful item that you’ll need to complete various forging and crafting processes. Finding it, on the other hand, is a another story.

In Rune Factory 4, there’s just one method to earn the Golem Spirit Stone, and you won’t always be fortunate when you do fight the creatures that drop it. Even so, you’ll profit from the weaponry it lets you design if you intend on playing the tougher settings.

In Rune Factory 4, where can you get the Golem Spirit Stone?

Guardians are the sole source of the Golem Spirit Stone. These creatures may be found in Rune Prana, notably on level six, however they don’t always drop Spirit Stones. It may be necessary to leave and return a few times before you acquire what you want, or enough of it. Make sure to carry your most powerful weapons and spells, as well as some nutritious meals, so you don’t run out of energy.

Guardians have been reported as odd-numbered bosses in the Sharance Maze by some players, however we have not encountered them in our time with the Maze. Rune Prana is your best bet.

Guardians are level 250 characters with outstanding attack, defense, and magic attack. Because their magic defense is poor, concentrate on magic assaults. They don’t have any special flaws, so you may use whichever spell type you’re most comfortable with.

What Are the Purposes of Golem Spirit Stones?


Forging and one crafting recipe both need Golem Spirit Stones.



  • Raventine
  • Saber of the Stars
  • Slicer made of silver
  • Hammer of the Giant
  • Executioner
  • Punch the Golem
  • Efreet

That’s all there is to know about the Golem Spirit Stones in Rune Factory 4. For the late-game obstacles, you’ll need all the support you can get, particularly if you’re playing on Special’s Hell difficulty. Meanwhile, for additional tips and techniques, check out our other Rune Factory 4 Special tutorials.

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The “rune factory 4 crimson scale” is a monster that can be found in the mines. It will drop a spirit stone when defeated.

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