Teen playing is not a simple process, it takes time and effort to get the hang of. This guide will show you how to play as an optimal Teen in any game mode.

The “teenage years” is a difficult time for many people. It’s important to know how to play Teen effectively during this time.

VHS Teen guide - How to play Teen effectively

It may be tough to learn how to play Teen on VHS at first since there is so much to understand and a terrible Monster attempting to kill you. I’ll teach you some of the best techniques for playing Teen in VHS so you can better your game and work well with others.

Make use of voice chat. 

The most crucial thing a teen can do is utilize voice chat to interact with his or her teammates. It will be much more difficult to expel the Monster if there is no communication. But what should you say to your coworkers? You may begin by stating which station you’re working on and what weapon you’re working on.  

If the Monster is after you, alert your squad and let them know where you are. This will assist your squad in setting up ambushes to assist you. If necessary, it may also assist someone in taking a hit for you. When the Monster has stopped hunting you, be sure to inform your teammates.  

If you have a weapon and someone in your squad is being pursued, inquire about their whereabouts and inform them of your location. The Monster will be drawn to you, and you will be able to fight them with your weapon. Tell your squad if the Monster is pushing you while you’re attacking. They may appear from behind the Monster to assist you.  

You should also convey the position of objects such as Chompy Bars, soda cans, and the Book of the Dead that you locate on the map. All of these goods are crucial to your team’s success throughout the game. If you don’t have a microphone or aren’t comfortable utilizing voice chat, there is another option.   

tell-your-team-where-you-are-vhs-teentell-your-team-where-you-are-vhs-teen Hellbent Games’ depiction of a werewolf stalking a teen  

Make use of pings. 

Teens may use VHS’s ping system as an alternative mode of communication, and pinging is quite useful. When you ping, all of the Teens on the map will be able to see where the ping is and how far away it is. When you ping your station or particular things like the Book of the Dead, you’ll get a special symbol. It’s crucial to ping objects since a well-timed drink can or Chompy Bar may save a teen’s life.  

If the Monster is after you, be sure to ping your position every few seconds to update your squad on the Monster’s whereabouts. You may ping your position to alert the Teen to bring the Monster to you for an ambush if someone else is being hunted by the Monster. You may also ping your position to warn other Teens not to bring the Monster to this region if you’re manufacturing a weapon.   

Pings may also be used to assist other Teens discover you if you need to band together to fight the Monster. If you need healing, this may help other teenagers locate you and assist you. Due to the intense nature of the game, it may be difficult to remember to ping at times. However, if you make it a practice to ping the map during the conditions I stated, your team will be able to play more effectively.   

Teen-pinged-Monster-location-vhsTeen-pinged-Monster-location-vhs Hellbent Games’ Yellow Ping graphic

Learn how to read maps. 

My second piece of advice is to memorize the maps since their layouts are always the same. Many of the maps are built with quick paths in mind, allowing the Monster to cut off their victim, which is not what you want to happen. Make a mental note of how the rooms and halls link as you play the games. Remember where the Monster came from if they come in front of you while they were behind you. When your crew is equipped and ready to attack, you’ll be able to use this information to track down the Monster.  

If you look at your team’s profile images, you’ll find that their location is indicated beneath their health bar. Pay attention to this since it will help you convey the Monster’s and your own whereabouts more effectively. Make careful to check your profile while you’re playing so you know what each area of the map is named.

Knowing where the weapon making stations are is another benefit of understanding the maps. Every time, all of the weapon building stations are in the same spot. So, if you master the maps, you’ll be able to manufacture weapons much more quickly and know where to look for certain Stigmas.   

The position of the Book of the Dead and other artifacts you may locate in the environment are the only things that vary throughout a map. Chompy Bars, drink cans, and Noise Makers are examples of the stuff I’m referring about. These may be found on the ground, as well as on tables and other objects.

facility-greenhouse-map-vhsfacility-greenhouse-map-vhs Hellbent Games’ greenhouse facility image

Do not flee! 

Of course, if the Monster is after you, you should flee, but what I mean is that you should know when to run and when to stroll. The reason for this is because VHS is a sound-based game, therefore every sound for the Monster is amplified. When you run, you generate a lot of noise, which alerts the Monster to your presence and makes you easier to follow. 

Start walking if you manage to lose line of sight and confuse the Monster. This will confuse the Monster even more. If you hear the Monster coming, you should also take a stroll. If you can hear the Monster’s footsteps, you can be sure they can hear yours while you’re running. You may stroll to a decent hiding position, a new room, or a different corner as the Monster approaches, and the Monster will think no one is nearby.   

Learning when to sprint and when to stroll will become more evident as you play the game. When adopting this method, you’ll also need to adapt to the Monster’s playstyle. If they recently observed someone in the area, certain Monsters will meticulously search it. So, if you’re walking, you’ll need to get out of that location quickly. What you should take away from this is that the Monster will know you’re close the second you run.  

walking-to-not-alert-the-monster-vhswalking-to-not-alert-the-monster-vhs Hellbent Games’ teen walking picture

Look through vending machines and garbage cans. 

Vending machines and garbage cans can be found all over the map. You may interact with either of these things by approaching them. You can get a Chompy Bar or a Coke can from a vending machine, both of which are important commodities. A lot of experienced Teens will go inside vending machines and take whatever they want, then dump it right in front of the machine.  

This is significant since the item will now be readily accessible anytime someone needs it. You may also keep the item on your person and gift it to someone who needs it. If you discover the Book of the Dead before anybody dies, you may accomplish the same thing. The Book of the Dead is fairly loud when it is unlocked, therefore it is more hazardous when there are fewer Teens around.  

When examining the garbage cans, keep in mind that the Noise Makers are an extra item to look for. Because garbage cans are not as visible as vending machines, I do not advocate leaving stuff in front of them. 

vhs-searching-vending-machinevhs-searching-vending-machine Hellbent Games’ vending machine picture

Make use of the training facility. 

VHS has provided players with a fantastic tool in the form of the training room. You may try out every weapon in the game in the training room. This will assist you in learning weapon timings, the range of weapons available, how long they take to charge, and how to aim them. You may also practice banishing the Monster with each weapon and discover stuff like how many Raygun bullets are required.  

You may also use this area to try out all of the weapon changes. This will enable you to determine which changes are beneficial and which are not. Each alteration has an advantage and a disadvantage, and it takes experience to learn how to cope with the disadvantage. The range of a weapon, its charges, and the time it takes to activate a weapon may all be changed with modifications. 

The Monster NPC in the training room will patrol one region of the room back and forth. It will attack you if you come too near to the Monster NPC. This will assist you in determining how quickly you can run after being struck and how long you are unable to use weapons after being hit. This Monster NPC is also where you may try out all of your weapons.  

Because you may freely adjust the health status of the Teen NPC in the training room, you can also practice mending others. You’ll also be able to search vending machines, which will allow you to practice solving the riddles that occur when you search a vending machine, trash can, or open the Book of the Dead box.

Teen-healing-example-vhsTeen-healing-example-vhs Hellbent Games’ teen healing picture

In the training room, there is also a Stigma station. This will allow you to practice making a weapon and hitting skill checks that may come. In order to prepare for a genuine game, you may learn a lot in the training room.  

That’s how you play Teens on VHS in order to be a good team player and defeat the Monster. I hope these suggestions prove useful, and stay tuned for additional VHS tutorials.   

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