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The “used verb” is a word that has many meanings. It can be used to describe the act of using something, or it can also be used as an adjective to describe something that has been used before.

Rising used-car prices, which have been a major contributor to inflation in recent months, are beginning to lessen, with dealers reporting that customers are limiting their spending.

According to statistics from Edmunds, preowned car costs rose 45 percent during the epidemic, reaching an average of $29,969 at the end of last year, and climbing faster than new vehicle prices.

The rise has been fueled in part by a scarcity of new automobiles, which have also increased in price, leaving consumers hunting for more economical alternatives. As a result, many Americans have turned to the used-car lot.

Used-car prices fell in the months leading up to spring, which is often a busy purchasing season for the auto industry due to tax refund checks. According to Edmunds research, the average price of a used vehicle in April was $29,948, roughly $21 less than it was in December.

“Affordability is definitely a concern,” said Jeff Williams, CEO of America’s Car-Mart Inc., a Midwest and South-based used-car dealership. “We’re hearing that prices are too high from current and prospective customers.”

According to the Labor Department’s consumer-price index, prices for new automobiles continued to rise this month, rising 1.1 percent from March this year and 13.2 percent more than in April 2021. In April, prices for used vehicles and trucks declined by 0.4 percent, according to official statistics.

Other commodities, such as food and plane flights, are also costing more. Overall, inflation fell to 8.3 percent in April, but it was still close to the highest rate in four decades, according to the Labor Department.


Used-car prices fell in the months leading up to spring, which is often a busy purchasing season for the auto industry due to tax returns.

Agence France-Presse/Getty Images/Frederic J. Brown

Companies have raised prices across the board to counter increased expenses. While the price rises were first received with minimal opposition, customers are already delaying purchases in certain locations.

Even before the Covid-19 health crisis, used-car prices were rising. However, plant closures in the early days of the epidemic, combined with a parts scarcity later in the year, have left dealership lots depleted of inventory, driving both used and new vehicle prices to new highs.

According to dealers and executives, preowned automobile customers are increasingly price aware, making rising expenses more difficult to swing. They claim that consumers are already extending loan terms to make monthly payments more feasible and migrating down to older and older automobiles with reduced prices.


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Phil Maguire, the owner of Maguire Family Dealerships in Ithaca, New York, predicts that demand for used automobiles will stay strong for the rest of the year. However, he claims that high prices are placing certain consumers in difficult positions, and as a result, he is seeing used-vehicle sales decline in some categories, such as bigger SUVs and trucks.

Mr. Maguire said, “It’s basically created this circumstance where we’re beginning to see some parts approach a high.”

According to Edmunds, the typical used-car loan had a $544 monthly payment in April, up $100 from a year ago and near to what a buyer would have paid on monthly installments for a brand-new vehicle at the start of the crisis.

According to figures from the US Census Bureau and Edmunds, that price translates to nearly 22 percent of an individual’s typical personal income in April, up from around 18 percent five years earlier.

As a consequence, more consumers are opting to wait out the high prices by deferring purchases until prices drop, according to car dealers.

“In this inflation climate, used automobiles are going to become less and less of a story,” said Jonathan Smoke, chief economist for Cox Automotive.

This year, Americans have significantly increased the amount of credit they have taken on. With prices anticipated to rise further, this might be a warning sign for the economy. Dion Rabouin of the Wall Street Journal investigates these tendencies and explains what they mean. Elizabeth Smelov’s photo collage

According to statistics from industry research company Cox Automotive, retail sales of used automobiles fell by around 21% in April compared to the same month last year. According to experts and vehicle dealers, a scarcity of used choices, especially at low price points that appeal to people on a limited budget, is contributing to the downturn.

Still, the vehicle market’s dynamics are fluid, and it’s uncertain how long this leveling down will endure, given that automakers have already seen a series of supply shocks that have extended the inventory shortage. Even with the restraint, used-car prices are still at record highs, and industry leaders don’t expect them to fall any time soon.

For the time being, some automobile buyers are discovering that purchasing new rather than used is a better value.

Joyce McClintock-Oberg said she was shopping for a certified preowned SUV for her daughter when she went to a Subaru store in Michigan last month. However, since the difference between it and a new model was just approximately $1,000, she decided to go with the new model.

Ms. McClintock-Oberg stated, “It all sounds rather ludicrous to me.” “I would have bought a used automobile if I could have saved a large amount of money,” she stated.

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The word “used” means to use something for the purpose for which it was intended. It can also mean to consume or exhaust something, as in “I used up all my vacation time”. The word is derived from the Old English verb “to usen”, meaning “to make use of”. Reference: used meaning in hindi.

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