A look at what’s trending in the beauty realm for this year.

We were exposed to a variety of things in March, ranging from meditation applications to magical mouthwash. Some were quickly forgotten, while others made an indelible effect. We’ve chosen to produce roundups of our favorite items we test each month since we’re devoted to highlighting the finest products out there.

Continue reading to see which items we tried in March and couldn’t get enough of, or to see which goods we loved in February.


This month, I began using the Headspace meditation software, which has been transformative for my mental health. At first, I was doubtful — could a few minutes of stillness and thought a day really make a difference? — But, yes, that has happened. I’m a devoted follower of their daily recommendations for me, which may range from a breathing exercise to learning how to better handle anxiety, as well as their midnight meditation, which generally entails learning how to de-stress or fall asleep faster. In my most anxious times, I now feel like I can take a step back, zoom out a little, and ask myself, “Wait, does this really justify this sort of reaction?” And how about most of the time? Nope! I can’t suggest it highly enough to folks who are dealing with a variety of pressures or who want to control their anxiety a little better.

— Senior lifestyle editor Rachel Lubitz

Open Spaces Storage Gems

I’m a sucker for all things organized, but I’m not sure I’ve ever like an organizer’s look as much as I do these Open Space Storage Gems. These aren’t your typical acrylic storage bins (trust me, I have many of those). The stackable containers may be used to store bathroom items, jewelry, or just about anything else; I keep mine on my desk. Best of all, they’re available in vibrant hues like blue and dark green, amber and light pink, or a mix of all four.

— Senior editor Chelsea Stone

Aura Carver Luxe HD Smart Digital Picture Frame

Our apartment has extremely little shelf and storage space, which means there’s no place for more than three or four picture frames, which is unfortunate for me (if you know me, you know I take A LOT of photos). That’s why I’ve been smitten with Aura’s digital frame, which can save up to 10,000 photographs and show them throughout the day – all in one picture frame and without taking up any space! All you have to do is create a space for your frame and download the Aura app (it’s free) to keep uploading your favorite photographs to be displayed. Just saying, this is one of my new favorite home goods, and it’d be the most ideal present for any of your loved ones.

— Stephanie Griffin, digital content strategist senior

$105 $95 at W&P

W&P Porter Insulated Set

I, unfortunately, had Covid-19 this month (I’m fine now!), and for about a week, I was pretty much confined to my bed eating nothing but soup. Luckily, I had these insulated containers from W&P Porter on hand. I wasn’t exactly slurping broth and tea down, but this tumbler, bottle and cup kept my liquids hot for when I was ready to sip, which was an unexpectedly welcome comfort.

— Senior editor Chelsea Stone

Apple Mac Studio

It takes a lot for a computer to stand out when you evaluate them for a living, but the Mac Studio does. This is the quickest desktop I’ve ever used, and I had a joy putting it through our standard benchmark tests simply to see how far ahead of the competition it could go. What’s more surprising is that the Studio packs all of this power into a little 8-inch box that lies discretely under my display and has a slew of helpful connectors for my various peripherals. For most people, the sheer speed of this device is excessive, but if you need as much muscle as possible for serious creative work, the Studio provides a lot for the money.

— Senior tech writer Mike Andronico


Every morning, I’ve been using this cream by Dr. Dennis Gross, and I’ve been extremely pleased with it. It has a thick thickness without being too heavy, and it’s ideal for this season’s transitional weather. It absorbs rapidly and does not seem to pill whether used with SPF, makeup, or primer. If I use too much retinol or exfoliating products, my skin might get extremely sensitive, but this moisturizer has shown to be mild enough for my skin, even after exfoliating procedures. It’s really moisturizing, and after a few weeks of application, I’ve seen a tiny softening of my fine wrinkles. I would definitely purchase this again and include it into my morning routine.

— Hayley Saltzman, social media manager

Material The 8-Inch Knife

I had just one knife in my kitchen for a terrifyingly long time, and it came from the Dollar Store. This is not an exaggeration; it is a truth. When my lover found out about it and recovered from his cardiac collapse, he gave me this Material knife, and my life was transformed forever. I’m not sure how I survived almost 30 years without it, slicing through anything from sausages to onions with ease. The cream handle is also quite stylish.

— Senior lifestyle editor Rachel Lubitz

$32 during the Parade and $38 during the Parade

Parade Lush Rib Long Sleeve & All-Day Leggings

Parade has long been a favorite of the Underscored crew, so it’s no surprise that its new loungewear is just as comfortable and adorable as its intimates. I checked out Parade’s Lush Rib collection (particularly, the Long Sleeve shirt and All-Day Leggings in the Midnight hue of the material, as well as the High-Rise Brief and Triangle Bralette), and it’s so deliciously soft that I don’t want to take it off. Also, something about wearing a coordinated outfit makes me feel more put-together.

— Senior editor Chelsea Stone

Max Bone Go! With Ease Hands Free Leash

Trying to walk my dog while drinking coffee with one hand is practically difficult, so having a hands-free leash that allows me to do both has been a game-changer for me. I got mine in the color Camel (I like a monochromatic appearance), and I also got the harness and a little bag to go with it (which can hold my phone, wallet, and keys!). This is something that every pet owner should have!

— Stephanie Griffin, digital content strategist senior

LYS Triple Fix Full Coverage Brightening Concealer

Since I was in college, I’ve been a devoted LA Girl Pro Concealer user. Even while I’m still a fan, my go-to item now faces stiff competition. The LYS Triple Fix Full Coverage Brightening Concealer astounds me. This stuff is a force to be reckoned with. What is the location of the foundation? It’s not even necessary! The coverage is fantastic, and it blends seamlessly into my skin without the need for any other products. I didn’t have any creases issues during the day, and I had a beautiful finish all day. It’s also a woman- and Black-owned clean beauty business, which is a plus. What more could you possibly want?

Sarai Thompson is the social organizer for the event.

Cuup The Satin Balconette

Since our team performed a complete evaluation of the brand last year, I’ve been hooked on Cuup bras. I have a very tough bra size to find — a 32H — so any company that provides non-extremely-ugly bras that could fit me is one I have to try. I was first drawn to the brand’s mesh shapes, but I just purchased two bras from its new satin line and am utterly smitten. Not only do the colors appeal to me, but the fit and support are excellent. If I had my way, I’d buy all of my bras from this company.

— Senior lifestyle editor Rachel Lubitz

Toloco Massage Gun

I tried skiing for the first time this month. It was fantastic! I had a great time! But gosh, I’ve never felt sore in my whole life. I was hobbling for days and taking ibuprofen. In my time of need, a nice friend who I was staying with allowed me test out their Toloco massage gun, and to my amazement, it was equally as effective as the Theraguns and Hyperice guns I’d used before. I quickly ordered one via Amazon Prime, and it’s been massage heaven ever since.

— Senior editor Chelsea Stone

Alienware 34 Curved QD-OLED

For years, I’ve relied on my reliable dual-monitor setup, but after seeing Alienware’s stunning 34-inch curved gaming panel, I’m not sure I can go back. This enormous monitor has a stunning QD-OLED display that enhances the visual appeal of my favorite PC games while still providing enough space for me to multitask when working from home. At $1,299.99, it’s not cheap, but it’s one of the greatest gaming displays I’ve seen – and the one I’d purchase for my home office.

— Senior tech writer Mike Andronico

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Zest Refresher Room Spray

I’ve been using this room spray for the last month and it’s become my go-to. It makes my whole room smell fresh and clean, yet it isn’t overpowering enough to give someone passing by a headache. It’s really inexpensive and available in a number of fragrances.

— Tyler Holender, intern in social media

Talia di Napoli Pizza

This month, I had the pleasure of sampling Talia di Napoli pizzas, which are Neapolitan-style pies prepared in Naples and delivered to your house. The pies arrive frozen, and all you have to do is bake them for around 10 minutes to get a fantastic, hot lunch. I was taken back to the heart of Naples, Italy, thanks to the pizza. The pies are crispy on the exterior and gooey on the interior, with a genuine Naples flavor. They’re the next best thing to arranging a ticket to Italy, which I would also suggest.

Deputy editor Rosanne Salvatore

ImPress Press-On Manicure Bare But Better Fake Nails

I hate going to manicure salons, and I wanted my nails to look great for my birthday, so I bought these ImPress Bare But Better nails and I’m in love. They’re simple to apply and adjust to your nail size. They’ve passed the ultimate test of opening can tabs and swimming, and they haven’t moved in days.

— Associate editor Lindsey Smith

Casetify No Stress iPhone 13 Pro Case

Casetify has always provided me with long-lasting, robust cases that will prevent my iPhone from falling when I drop it. But it’s the unusual design on the rear of the case that I really like, which is also built from sustainable materials. It gives me wonderful energy and makes a lovely mirror photo as well.

— Stephanie Griffin, digital content strategist senior

Apple Studio Display

The Apple Studio Display isn’t my favorite monitor from this month’s tests, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most remarkable. The monitor’s outstanding built-in camera, speakers, and microphone enabled it to act as a fantastic all-in-one home office hub, despite its 5K Retina display (and save me some valuable desk space). For the high $1,599.99 price, its restricted stand choices are a shame, but it’s definitely worth considering for creatives or those willing to invest on a nice WFH accessory.

— Senior tech writer Mike Andronico

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Oral Rinse, 2-Pack

This mouthwash, which I purchased from Amazon earlier this month, is fantastic since it keeps my breath fresh all day. The bottle is deceivingly large, so it will last me a long time before I need to replace it. The brand also comes in a number of tastes, so you may choose the one that suits you best!

— Tyler Holender, intern in social media

Rare Beauty Discovery Eyeshadow Palette

This month, I’ve been experimenting with my eye makeup a lot more. I’ve been using the Rare Beauty Discovery Eyeshadow Palette, which features a plethora of easy-to-wear color combinations that will flatter everyone. I also like the fact that it isn’t a bulky palette and is small enough to put in my handbag.

— Associate editor Lindsey Smith

Brightland is $40.

Brightland Ardor Infused Olive Oil

My colleagues have raved about Brightland’s infused olive oils, and after sampling a couple for myself, I can tell that they do not disappoint. I’ve used this chili-infused oil in practically everything I’ve prepared this month, from salad dressing to bolognese gnocchi, and it’s simply elevated my meals; it gives just the right amount of heat to any dish without overwhelming it or leaving you thirsty. It’s about time to refill since I’ve used it so much in March!

— Stephanie Griffin, digital content strategist senior

dpHue Color Fresh Dry Texture Spray

I’m usually on the lookout for hair treatments that give texture, grit, and volume to my fine hair, and this dpHue product has exceeded my expectations. I’ve used it to add grit and hold to my wavy hair after air drying it, and I adore how the fine mist holds hair in place without seeming stiff or greasy. I’ve also used it after a blowout to extend the life of my hair, and I’ve been quite pleased with the results. The perfume of this lotion is its one drawback; I enjoy it, but it’s rather intense if you’re sensitive to scents.

— Hayley Saltzman, social media manager

At Urban Outfitters, you can get a 69-dollar jacket for $29, or a 59-dollar jacket for $59

Out From Under Mara Hooded Button-Down Shirt, Mia Seersucker Bra Top & Mara Wide Leg Pant

While I like how equally gorgeous and comfortable this three-piece green seersucker set is, I’m also enamored with how flexible it is; because to its ultra-breathable, virtually weightless fabric, it can be worn barefoot at the beach while resting in the sand or while doing errands with white sneakers. Each item may also be worn independently, making it an excellent value for money.

— Stephanie Griffin, digital content strategist senior

Nair Bladeless Shave Cream With Lavender Oil

Our hemlines become shorter when the weather heats up, and it’s time to discard the trousers. While I don’t believe anybody requires flawless, hairless legs (you do you! ), I like beginning fresh after a winter of developing a thick coating of leg hair. I began using the Nair Bladeless Shave because no razor on the planet could match with four months without shaving. Nair has gone a long way, and this product never offended my delicate skin and had a light scent. Best of all, I got silky legs in only 10 minutes.

— Associate editor Lindsey Smith

Urban Outfitters is 59 dollars and Urban Outfitters is $55 dollars.

Out From Under Sydney Collared V-Neck & Wide-Leg Pant

Are you looking for the ideal spring outfit? You’ve just discovered it. This matching baby-blue, terry-cloth-like top and bottom set, part of Urban Outfitter’s new Out From Under line, is both breathable and comforting, and also comes in the nicest orange, green, and tan tones. The top section even has a large front pocket where I can keep my phone or wallet while I’m out and about.

— Stephanie Griffin, digital content strategist senior

Ceremonia Guava Rescue Spray

I am really enamored with this product. I’ve started using the rescue spray in my hair regimen, regardless of how I style it – air dry, blowout, or curls – and it’s amazing. When I use this spray, I notice a substantial increase in the structure and luster of my hair, and the fruity aroma is so appealing that I want to use it as a perfume. I had no idea I needed a “rescue spray,” but I can’t image doing my hair without one today. This brand and this product are two of my favorites. You won’t be sorry if you give it a go.

— Hayley Saltzman, social media manager

Amazon and Oribe have it for $46 and Oribe has it at $48.

Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner

Nothing is more frustrating than leaving the salon with fresh, bright blonde hair only to have it become yellow and brassy a few weeks later – but thankfully, I’ve discovered THE cure! This bright pink pair from Oribe smells amazing, and when I use it every other wash, my hair feels smooth and hydrated, and best of all, it looks like I just left the salon. I now see why Oribe is so popular, and I’ll be buying more when I run out.

— Stephanie Griffin, digital content strategist senior

Smartly Citrus Grove Liquid Hand Soap

I do the same thing with soap as I do with candle smells to match the season (or is it just me?). The Smartly Citrus Grove soap has received wonderful reviews, owing in part to the fact that it smells exactly like a famous candle from another brand, and it did not disappoint. It has a light, airy aroma that is ideal for spring.

— Associate editor Lindsey Smith

CeraVe Renewing SA Cleanser

I’ve had acne for 18 years, and even though I’m in my 30s, I still get hormonal acne. Because the face cleanser I was using wasn’t cutting it, I switched to the cult favorite CeraVe Renewing SA Cleanser. After just a few weeks, I’ve seen a significant improvement and don’t believe I’ll ever use another face wash.

— Associate editor Lindsey Smith

Dossier Woody Sandalwood

I’d seen this brand all over TikTok, and the premise piqued my interest right away. I’m sold after a few weeks of testing out a couple of the perfumes. These more economical scents smell just as good as the more expensive ones I usually wear, and the Woody Sandalwood reminds me of my favorite Le Labo aroma. I also enjoy that the company has a questionnaire to help you find new perfumes you may like – I loved two-thirds of the ones I chose!

— Hayley Saltzman, social media manager

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