The U.S. companies have amassed billions upon trillions of dollars in goodwill that they cannot spend because it would trigger tax consequences, so what happens to the goodwill after an acquisition? With interest rates down and a new administration coming into power, this is more important than ever before.,

The “companies with goodwill impairment” is a term that refers to the value of a company’s assets minus its liabilities. This number can be used to determine how much money the company has left after all debts are paid off.



As a result of the financial consequences from Russia’s conflict in Ukraine and persistently rising inflation, public firms in the United States are projected to write down more goodwill this year than they did last year.

When a company buys a firm for more than its net assets, it records goodwill on its balance sheet. The acquiring company is required to calculate the fair value of its reporting units on an annual basis. The corporation decreases the value of the goodwill if that number is smaller than the amount reported on the books.

Pre-tax goodwill impairments totaled $8 billion in 2021, based on a review of filings through Monday—at which point about 47% of 8,900 public U.S. companies had filed their annual reports, according to Kroll LLC, a risk-consulting firm formerly known as Duff & Phelps LLC.

The sum is a drop in the bucket compared to the total in 2020, when impairments reached a new high of $142.5 billion as the value of corporations’ assets fell in the first year of the Covid-19 epidemic.

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According to Carla Nunes, a managing director at Kroll, impairments this year will certainly surpass those in 2021 as firms face increased economic uncertainty as a result of rising inflation and the effect of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on financial markets and supply networks.

Millions of sailors, truck drivers, longshoremen, warehouse employees, and delivery drivers keep mountains of products flowing into shops and homes every day to fulfill customers’ growing demands for convenience. However, the global economy’s sophisticated flow of products is significantly more fragile than many people believe. Adele Morgan is the illustrator behind this image.

Ms. Nunes said, “The US economy is still solid, and the fundamentals are still excellent.” “They’re simply not as good as they were in 2021,” says the narrator.

Companies that sell their Russian assets might suffer significant asset impairments, including goodwill. However, since many American firms have created their Russian operations from the ground up rather than via acquisitions, Ms. Nunes believes that the number of goodwill impairments connected to Russian assets will be limited.

Additional losses might result from corporations’ exposure to Europe in general, she warned, since the region’s economic outlook is darkening as the conflict continues.

According to Kroll data, there have been 11 acquisitions of Russian firms, assets, or minority stakes by US public companies worth a total of $1.75 billion since 2008, including one deal—financial services firm Freedom Holding Corp.’s 2020 acquisition of Russian securities brokerage IC Zerich Capital Management JSC—since 2015.

The amount for 2021 was the lowest since 2006, when goodwill impairments reached $6.1 billion, but the sample size was less than today’s, at about 5,000 enterprises. Kroll followed more than 8,900 organizations for its newest survey, having added more than 3,000 companies to its yearly analysis in 2013.

By prior year’s standards, several of the greatest impairments by corporations including Cardinal Health Inc., Prudential Financial Inc., and Xerox Holdings Corp. were minor.

Due to pandemic-related consequences on its print business, Xerox took a $781 million charge. Chief Financial Officer Xavier Heiss said the Norwalk, Conn.-based firm screens for impairments every October and doesn’t foresee another penalty this year. Mr. Heiss said, “We predict flat to small growth in the print industry.”

Cardinal Health had to take a $1.3 billion charge because of increasing commodity and transportation prices. Prudential took a $1.06 billion charge as a result of lower-than-expected revenue growth for its Assurance IQ company, which it bought for $2.35 billion in 2019, and a drop in the value of its sector peers.

Baker Hughes Co., an oil-field services firm, took the biggest hit in 2020, with a $14.77 billion write-down on its oil-field services and equipment division.

Companies in the Stoxx Europe 600 Index incurred €18 billion in goodwill impairments in 2021, translating to $19.98 billion. According to Kroll statistics as of Monday, this is down 66.7 percent from the prior year.

According to Feng Gu, professor of accounting at the State University of New York at Buffalo, the pandemic, inflationary pressure, and supply-chain disruption would certainly continue to play a big part in firms’ goodwill impairments, whether in the United States, Europe, or abroad. “Everyone is impacted in this atmosphere,” Mr. Gu added.

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