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Former Broncos backup quarterback Brady Quinn is no fan of Tim Tebow’s switch to tight end. Quinn, who played with Tebow in Denver, told the New York Post that Tebow’s move to tight end is a “stupid move” and that he “wasn’t good” when he tried to switch to tight end before.

Former New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has received a lot of criticism for his decision to sign with the New England Patriots, a team known for acquiring players with a specific skill set and having them play a specific role. One of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Tom Brady, is set to miss the first four games of the season as he serves a suspension for his role in the “DeflateGate” scandal, so it makes sense that the Patriots would bring in a quarterback who can step into the starting role. But Tebow’s former teammate, David Nelson, doesn’t think Tebow is the answer.

As you’ve probably heard, former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow is back in the NFL. He recently signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and his return has sparked several reactions. Some are just curious what he can do now that he’s moving to the tight end position, and others think it’s a big mistake. How about one of his former teammates from the New York Jets? The player turned analyst can be put in the latter category, as former NFL quarterback Greg McIlroy recently called the move stupid.

Tim Tebow returns to the NFL for the Jacksonville Jaguars

. COMPARED TO: Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer’s nepotism is denounced live by a former NFL Pro Bowler: We can’t win if we recruit our friends Earlier this month, reports surfaced that Tebow is expected to sign with the Jaguars as a tight end. This came after he trained with the team just days before the 2021 NFL Draft. On the 20th. In May, it became official: Tebow signed with the Jaguars. The biggest problem many have with Tebow’s signing is the fact that he hasn’t played in a regular NFL game since 2012 and has since struggled as a professional baseball player. However, his former college coach, Urban Meyer, is now the head coach of the Jaguars, so Tebow might get his chance with the team. Tebow’s critics say it’s a clear example of cronyism, while others question whether it will work. After all, we know what a great athlete he was when he was younger and in Meyer’s system with the Florida Gators. McElroy, however, is one of those people who hates this movement.

Greg McIlroy called the Tebow-Jaguars situation stupid

word-image-9229 word-image-9230 New York Jets’ Tim Tebow reacts after a run for a first down against the Houston Texans, 8. October 2012. | Al Bello/Getty Images COMPARED TO: Urban Meyer turned down his first head coaching job until two legendary coaches forced him to take it: Take the damn job After winning a national championship with Alabama in 2009, McIlroy only played in two NFL games, but he was on the same team as Tebow with the Jets in 2012. When recently talking about his former teammate’s return to the NFL, McElroy said the former Heisman and national championship-winning QB once tried out for the tight end position. The Jets tried to make him a tight end and he failed, McIlroy said recently on Sirius XM, according to the New York Post. McIlroy also dismissed the idea that Tebow would be a player for the Jags like Tice Hill was for the New Orleans Saints. Tim ran a 4.8 (40-yard dash), Tysom Hill ran a 4.4, McElroy said, according to the New York Post. They are two completely different players. Tim is a good guy and I hope the best for him. But it’s an afterthought, and that’s exactly what it will be during training camp. McElroy added that he thinks it undermines what Urban Meyer is trying to build. I bet there will be players who, like someone who was in training camp with Tim, will roll their eyes at the attention the fourth or fifth tight end is getting, and that will piss people off, he said, according to the New York Post. It will eventually affect the chemistry in the locker room, just like it did for us in the Jets game. It’s not because someone is mad at Tim, it’s just the attention he’s getting. That’s why I think it’s a stupid decision.

Will Tim Tebow fail if he plays tight end for the Jaguars?

COMPARED TO: Urban Meyer can contract Percy Harvin after Tim Tebow’s meaningless move to Jacksonville So, since McElroy has seen Tebow try to play tight end, is he right that the former Florida Gator will not succeed at the position? It is possible. The former Bama star knows this better than anyone, having seen Tebow try to play the position with his own eyes. Tight ends tend to block a lot, and it’s not clear if Tebow can do that. However, we know he was a great athlete during his time at Florida, so it is possible he will develop into a tight end. Here’s a look at what he did with his feet in college, along with his pass stats:

  • 2006 – Scramble: .469 yards and eight touchdowns
  • 2007 – Fits: 3,286 yards, 32 touchdowns and six interceptions; Runs: 895 yards and 23 touchdowns.
  • 2008 – Passing: 2,746 yards, 30 touchdowns and four interceptions; Runs: .673 yards and 12 touchdowns.
  • 2009 – Passing: 2,895 yards, 21 touchdowns and five interceptions; Rushing: .910 yards and 14 touchdowns.

Tebow used his legs a lot in school. If he’s still a little athletic, he can catch a few passes and outsmart defenders. But if he doesn’t, Urban Meyer’s job in Jacksonville could be in jeopardy. Statistics provided by Sports Reference

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