The Central Coast Craft Beer Festival was a phenomenal success, with more than 2,000 people visiting the event. The beer festival is organized by the Central Coast Brewers Guild and features breweries from all over California. Some of these are major players like Sierra Nevada and Stone Brewing Co., while others are relatively new to brewing expertly crafted ales, lagers and IPAs – beers that can be enjoyed even without tasting them first.

The “san luis obispo brewery map” is a free map that shows the breweries and their locations in San Luis Obispo, California. This festival was attended by thousands of people.

This year’s Beer Fest included 63 brewers, cideries, wineries, and other enterprises.

ATASCADERO — ATASCADERO — ATASCADERO — The 4th Annual Central Coast Craft Beer Festival drew 2,000 people to the Sunken Gardens on Saturday, March 26. The Beer Fest, which was last hosted on Oct. 23, 2021, was rescheduled for March this year.

“It was a really quick turnaround.” Many individuals still had vouchers from 2020; when that event was canceled in 2020, customers had the option of getting a refund or keeping their tickets and using them in 2021 or 2022. As a result, nearly 100 ticket holders from 2020 used their coupons to join us this year. “It was really great to see that individuals from 2020 were still coming this year,” said En Fuego Events’ Andres Nuno.

The City of Atascadero sponsors the Central Coast Craft Beer Festival, which is organized by En Fuego Events in collaboration with the Central Coast Brewers Guild.

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The Beer Fest included 63 brewers, cideries, wineries, and other hard-alcohol companies. In addition to food trucks and merchants from the street fair. This year, a number of the participants were new to the Fest.

“We’re constantly searching for fresh folks to welcome.” New breweries are continuously springing up. Anytime it occurs, it’s simply an extra plus for us to have them out there,” Nuno said. “There was one called the Santa Barbara Brewing Society,” says the narrator. It’s a Santa Barbara-based homebrewers’ group. They traveled all the way up to this point. We do have some of those sorts of folks who don’t have their own breweries come out, since that’s where a lot of these guys start. It all begins with homebrew clubs. We’re big supporters of having them on site and sampling their beers, so seeing them was great.”

Wordsauce, Ghost Monster, and DJ Hecktick performed live at the Central Coast Craft Beer Fest, and spectators were treated to DJ Hecktick’s performances. There are also lawn activities such as cornhole and a giant version of beer pong.

Terrie Banish, Atascadero’s Deputy City Manager, remarked, “It had a wonderful crowd, excellent weather, and outstanding ticket sales.” “A lot of individuals from the Central Valley, the Bay Area, and Southern California are coming out.” I believe I’ve spoken with folks from all over the world… and that’s exactly what we want. We want these events to attract visitors to our city and provide them the chance to buy in our businesses, dine in our restaurants, and visit our breweries. It’s a win-win situation.”

The Central Coast Craft Beer Fest included more than simply local brewers. Pizza Port from San Diego made an appearance at the Fest, while Sierra Nevada from Chico made an appearance for the first time this year. 

“Those are both huge breweries, and the fact that they want to travel to Atascadero to join the Guild at their event says a lot about how important the Central Coast beer festival is,” Nuno said.

On Friday night, around 100 people attended the Brewer’s Party, which is held the night before the Festival. It was held this year at Wild Fields Brewhouse, which was also a part of the Beer Fest.

“This event is usually well-received by the community.” All of the breweries, restaurants, motels, and craft beer bars like Raconteur Room and Ancient Owl, for example, are very hospitable to these brewers. And, since they are there all weekend, I believe the brewers make it a point to stop by and support local companies,” Nuno added. 

In March 2023, the Central Coast Craft Beer Festival will return.

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