The story of Bison Dele, the former NBA champion stopped by an FBI sting in which he tried to sell crack cocaine. The rise and fall of a player who many viewed as one of the most unlikely people in sports history.

The “The Bison Dele Story” is a story of the unlikely rise and fall of a former NBA champion gone rogue. The story follows Bison Dele, who went from being one of the best players in the league to an ex-NBA player that was released by his team for not performing up to expectations. Read more in detail here: nba finals winners.


The lifestyles of NBA players are interesting. It’s easy to understand why, given all the money and celebrity that comes with becoming an NBA player.

Who could ever walk away from it all, particularly after signing their most lucrative contract? Bison Dele was capable of doing so, and he did.

Bison Dele? You’ve never heard of him? That’s OK; you may never have. I’m going to tell you about him right now.

Bison Dele was given the name Brian Williams when he was born. He used his birth name for the majority of his NBA career.

Brian Williams didn’t decide to alter his name until 1998. Bison Dele was chosen as a tribute to his Native American (Cherokee) and African background.

When you think about NBA players, you think of how dedicated they must be to be able to compete at the greatest level. Many gamers even claim to play for the “love of the game.”

Bison Dele, however, was not one of them. He didn’t care about the game; it was only a means to an end for him. Dele just wanted the money that comes with an NBA career.

Let’s go back to Dele’s childhood. On Easter Sunday, April 6, 1969, he was born.

Dele isn’t the first member of his family to be recognized; his father, Eugene “Geno” Williams Jr., was a member of the Platters in the 1950s.

Unfortunately for Dele, his parents divorced in 1970, leaving him without a father figure to grow up with. Dele would no longer be the only “guy” in the family; he had an elder brother, Kevin Williams.

Brother Kevin Williams has changed his name to Miles Dabord, same to how Brian Williams changed his name to Bison Dele.

Bison and Miles were remarkably similar in appearance, despite the fact that Miles was two years older. The similarities between the brothers stopped with their physical looks.

Bison Dele was a natural athlete, but he didn’t start off as a basketball player. Dele was a strong track athlete in high school.

Dele went through a growth spurt in tenth grade, and his school’s coaches essentially drove him into the game of basketball.

Dele was first uninterested in the game, but he rapidly shown that he was a talent. Dele had established himself as a collegiate prospect by the time he was a senior at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bison Dele’s senior high school statistics are as follows:

– An average of 17.3 points per game

– An average of 12.7 rebounds per game

– An average of 2.1 assists per game

– Average of 2.5 steals per game

– An average of 9.1 blocks per game

– Field goal percentage of 57.7%

Bison Dele started his undergraduate career at the University of Maryland, where he was named the Atlantic Coast Conference Rookie of the Year.

Dele moved to Arizona after his freshman year to play for the Wildcats. Dele went on to play at Arizona for two years before declaring for the NBA Draft in 1991.

College stats for Bison Dele:

– An average of 12.4 points per game

– Average of 6.5 rebounds per game

– A total of 1.2 blocks each game

– Field goal percentage of 59.4 percent

While Bison Dele was having a fantastic athletic career, Miles Dabord was not having the same luck.

Dabord’s lack of athletic achievement wasn’t due to a lack of motivation; it was due to his terrible asthma.

Dabord was socially uncomfortable, and while his brother was achieving success, Dabord was depressed. He became an alcoholic and blamed his difficulties on his brother’s success.

Dabord’s situation became so awful that he tried suicide on many occasions.

Dabord was travelling from town to town, bouncing from job to job, while his brother, Bison Dele, was getting picked in the NBA with the 10th selection by the Orlando Magic.

Dabord would depend on Dele’s benevolence to prevent him from sleeping on the streets, which makes Dele seem like a “nice big brother,” but the siblings never got along in reality.

Rather than brotherly affection, Dele saw aiding his brother as a duty. Dabord’s out-of-control behavior will soon reveal that he wasn’t the only one.

Bison Dele spent two years with the Orlando Magic, but things weren’t always as they seemed.

During his stay in Orlando, Dele was exceedingly unhappy, and he, like his brother, sank into a profound despair.

Bison Dele’s diagnosis of major depression made him one among the first NBA players to open out about mental health difficulties.

Dele’s situation would deteriorate. Dele, like his brother, would try suicide by taking too many sleeping tablets.

Because of his illness, the Orlando Magic have withdrawn Dele off their active roster indefinitely.

The Magic had detected something was awry with Dele before the suicide attempt. He passed out for the first time in practice while defending Shaquille O’Neal. Dele’s automobile also collided with a telephone pole, which he may have done on purpose.

After being cut from the Magic’s active roster, Dele informed his friends and family that his sadness stemmed only from his dissatisfaction in Orlando. Dele would get his desire to leave Orlando the following season, signing with the Denver Nuggets.

Dele was on the move again after two seasons in Orlando, this time to Los Angeles to play for the Clippers. Dele had a career-high 15.8 points per game for the Los Angeles Clippers in the 1995-96 season.

Dele got into a contract disagreement with the Clippers after the 1995-96 season, and he was prepared to sit out the full season, which he nearly did. Dele’s contract with the Clippers was terminated, and with just nine games left in the season, one club came calling: the Chicago Bulls.

Yes, Dele’s services were sought by the same Bulls club that had won 72 games and the championship the previous season. He joined with the Bulls and appeared in the last nine games of the season.

Bison Dele shown why the Bulls reached out to him in the playoffs. In the Conference Semifinals, he had a major impact in a couple important games against the Atlanta Hawks. 

After the Hawks stunned the Bulls in game 2 by defeating them 103-95 in Chicago, Phil Jackson decided to change things up for game 3. Jackson went to Dele and prolonged his time with him, and wow did it pay off. Dele was scoreless in fewer than five minutes of action in game two. Dele scored 14 points and grabbed 5 rebounds in 22 minutes in game 3. Dele’s effect was seen throughout the remainder of the Hawks series, as the Bulls went on to win two more games and the series 4-1.

Dele played with an aggressive vigor in the NBA finals against the Utah Jazz, something the Bulls desperately needed off the bench. Even though the Bulls lost game 3, he managed to score 16 points.

As you may know, the Chicago Bulls went on to win the title, and Bison Dele became an NBA champion.

NBA Finals stats for Bison Dele:

– An average of 6.8 points per game

– An average of 3.3 rebounds per game

– Per game, 1.0 steal

– 47.2 percent of field goals made

– Each game lasts 20.2 minutes

Dele was let go by the Bulls after winning the title, and he found a home with the Pistons in Detroit. With a seven-year, $45 million contract with the Pistons, Dele became the team’s highest-paid player. Dele had career highs in points (16.2) and rebounds (16.2) in his debut season with the Pistons (8.9).

The next season was a lockout year in the NBA, and Dele’s career declined after the league resumed play. He only scored 10.5 points per game and grabbed 5.6 rebounds.

Like season, it looked that Dele had relapsed into despair. Dele attempted to open the emergency hatch aboard the Pistons team charter, according to a report by Jeff Goldberg of…

Remember how I mentioned at the start of this piece, “who could walk away from it all, particularly after signing their largest deal of their career?”

Then I remarked that Bison Dele may be able to help, which he did. That is precisely what occurred after the 1998-99 NBA season. Dele stepped away from his contract’s remaining five years and $36.45 million.

Bison Dele’s NBA career statistics are as follows:

– An average of 11.0 points per game

– An average of 6.2 rebounds per game

– An average of 1.1 assists per game

– Field goal percentage of 52.8 percent

– Former NBA Champion

Bison Dele, as previously said, did not like basketball and simply played to gain money. He earned a lot of money, yet he was still dissatisfied as a professional basketball player.

As a result, Dele accomplished precisely what he desired and retired to a life as a globe wanderer.

Yes, Dele was finally happy after retiring and enjoying the “good life.” His exploits ranged from running with the bulls in Spain to backpacking throughout Europe.

Dele would also DJ parties, play the saxophone, and was said to have dated Madonna for a while.

Dele then wanted to take his travels to the next level. He received his pilot’s license first, and then learnt to sail a boat soon after.

Miles Dabord, Dele’s brother, was homeless and hadn’t seen his family in years while Dele was enjoying “the life.”

Dele was sailing the South Pacific with his girlfriend, Serena Karlan, and skipper Bertrand Saldo on Dele’s 55-foot catamaran, Hukuna Matata.

They arrived at Tahiti on July 6, 2002, with plans to sail to Hawaii the following day. Then there was an unexpected guest… Miles Dabord was the culprit.

Dabord seemed to want to restore his connection with Dele, so he invited himself along for the voyage.

The plot takes a gloomy turn at this point. Dele used to be in constant radio communication with his family and friends as he cruised the ocean.

Three satellite calls from the Hukuna Matata were received during the following two days. Serena Karlan was one of the last people to call. “Everyone was smiling and having a fantastic night,” she informed the caller, who was Dele’s financial adviser, Kevin Porter.

The Hukuna Matata would no longer call after the second day. In fact, until the boat was discovered, there would be no indication of it.

July 16.

The Hukuna Matata is expected to arrive in the Phaeton Bay Marina at Taravao, which is located on Tahiti’s southeastern coast. The yacht, however, had been renamed Aria Bella.

Witnesses said they saw a guy who matched Dabord’s description, but that was all. There was no one else aboard the boat.

On closer inspection of the boat’s name, it was stated that the traced outline of the name Hukuna Matata could be seen.

On July 20, Dabord returned to the United States alone. Authorities kept a close watch on him, but there was nothing they could do to stop him. With Dele’s erratic schedule, it wasn’t unusual for him to disappear for extended periods of time.

Dabord was seen at Moorea’s port on July 8, but it wasn’t publicized until later. He spent a week there with Erica Wiese, his girlfriend.

Dabord allegedly informed Weise that Dele and Karlan were on another island, and that Saldo was at Moorea with pals.

Until Sept. 5, 2002, there was little information about Dele, Karlan, or Saldo’s disappearance. A guy posing as Bison Dele entered the Certified Mint, a coin business in the Phoenix region.

Bison Dele’s passport and credit cards were in his possession. The dude resembled Bison in appearance. Miles Dabord, to be sure.

Dabord had phoned the mint a month before in an effort to acquire $500,000 worth of gold coins.

Dabord, impersonating Dele, purchased $152K in gold after considerable haggling. A cheque was sent to the mint from one of Dele’s bank accounts, where it was deposited and cleared.

Dele’s bank called Kevin Porter and stated that the address of the cheque had been altered, which instantly aroused red flags.

In addition, a phone number other than Dele’s was offered. As a result, Porter dialed the number and listened to the voicemail. The voice didn’t sound like Bison Dele’s.

On September 5th, Porter alerted the authorities, who were already waiting at the mint. Dabord was held there.

Miles Dabord was prepared to explain himself. He said Dele had purchased the coins and had sent Dabord to get them. The police had no option but to release Dele since he didn’t have any evidence to back up his allegation.

The public learned about Bison Dele, Serena Karlan, and Bertrand Saldo’s disappearance few days after Dabord’s release.

The narrative of Dabord steering the boat back into port was discovered by authorities. Dabord was on the run as law authorities closed in on him.

In San Francisco, he reconnected with his lover, Erica Weise. He explained his side of the story there.

Dabord informed Weise that he and Dele had gotten into a fight aboard the boat.

Karlan tried to separate them but was pushed to the deck by Dele, who struck her head on a boat cleat. She died as a result of the injuries.

The brothers continued to fight after Saldo informed them they had to return to port and report Karlan’s death to the police, according to Dabord.

Dele then killed Saldo by pounding him with a wrench, according to Dabord. Dabord snatched Dele’s revolver and shot him to death, fearing for his life.

What occurred next is what makes Dabord’s account incredible. Dabord informed Weise that he discovered weights aboard the boat and fastened them to the corpses of the victims.

Dabord then threw the corpses into the sea, never to be seen again. First, it doesn’t seem like something you’d do if Dele had murdered the other two people and you were acting in self-defense.

To make matters worse for Dabord, FBI evidence revealed that he purchased $200 worth of weights from a sporting goods shop not long before the boat voyage.

Dabord went to Mexico after telling Weise his account, while Weise informed the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department, who called the FBI.

Miles Dabord was the subject of a large manhunt, and he was discovered unconscious on a beach near Tijuana.

Dabord took too much insulin. He was flown back to a hospital in the San Diego region after crossing the border.

Dabord was taken off life support two weeks later, while still in a coma, on September 28.

Miles Dabord’s death meant that the world will never know the truth about what occurred out on the broad sea.

Bison Dele, aka Brian Williams, had a difficult existence. But there were two brief moments when he felt really happy.

He was a part of the Chicago Bulls for many years before retiring and traveling the globe.

It’s unfortunate that we’ll likely never know the truth about what happened to Bison Dele, but what he taught us while he was here was to live a happy life. Go ahead and live it.


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