The Matrix was the first movie to make use of bullet time by slowing down everything around Keanu Reeves. The Wachowskis recently revealed their own “bullet time” would be in a new trilogy, but won’t come until after they finish work on Jupiter Ascending

The Matrix Resurrections poster has Neo’s crew ready for a new cyber war. The line up is impressive, but there are some notable absences from the series’ first trailer–Agent Smith and Trinity. It may be teasing the return of two fan-favorite characters or it could also mean that these two have been killed off in the rebooted storyline..

The “matrix resurrection” is a poster that has Neo’s crew ready for a new cyber war.

The Matrix Resurrections is rapidly approaching cinemas and streaming, and we have the new poster to prove it! As the legendary Matrix changes around the squad, Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus command the group. The creators shared the graphic on Twitter, captioning it with, “With this new poster for The Matrix Resurrections, you can step back inside the Matrix. This Christmas, see #TheMatrix in cinemas and on HBO Max*.”

With this new poster for The Matrix Resurrections, you can go back inside the Matrix. This Christmas, see it in cinemas and on HBO Max*.

November 17, 2021 — The Matrix Resurrections (@TheMatrixMovie)

The fans are ecstatic about the upcoming episode, to say the least.

— November 17, 2021, Good Life (@GoodLife Games)

Silenzio shouts, “I’m really looking forward to this! Just plug me in and send me on my way; it’s been a long time!”

I’m really looking forward to this! Just plug me in and return me home; I’ve been gone for far too long!

— Bruno Silenzio! 17 November 2021 (@seaoftrash)

This one, I believe, speaks for all of us.


November 17, 2021 — Atlas (@VisitAtlas)

When Keanu Reeves’ response to the film was disclosed, we were all sold on the sequel. Lana Wachowski, director and writer, characterized our hero’s response to the final edit as follows: “We presented the movie to Keanu, and he was blown away by it, and he said something very Keanu-like, which is extremely smart. And he’s just sitting there, and you’re not expecting some tremendous epiphany from him at that time, like Keanu’s genius just kind of slides off his shoulders. ‘Twenty years ago, you presented a narrative in which you outlined the future twenty years and the challenges of the nature of digital, virtual existence and how it was going to effect us and how we think about it, and you provided us a frame to think about it and speak about it,’ he says. And you took the same persona, the same storylines, and the same material and stretched it out over the next two decades.’ ‘How did you accomplish that?’ he inquired.”


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