Sometimes we go to ALDI for the home goods, but sometimes we go to ALDI for the food! We’re here to show you the best keto foods to pick up from this supermarket store, so you’ll be stocked up on all the staples you need to make your keto lifestyle a reality.

I love ALDI. I like their low prices and their delicious food. They have everything you need for a low-carb diet. They also have some of the best keto foods you can buy right now. These foods are all keto approved and will help you get into ketosis.

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In the NFC, there are many contenders and pretenders, but which club is ready to make the leap from the latter to the former?

These clubs didn’t have the year they expected in 2020, and they’re now eager and ready to show they’re ready to take the next step toward a playoff spot—and perhaps a Super Bowl appearance.

The New Orleans Saints are a professional football team based in New

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton on the sidelines against the Chicago Bears | Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel photo

The Saints are usually a contender, but with Drew Brees’ retirement, they may be on the fence this year because of their quarterback predicament. For the first time in a long time, head coach Sean Payton must select who will be behind center.

Will it be Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill? According to NBC Sports, Payton believes both quarterbacks are up to the task at hand.

“I believe both of the players we’re discussing have benefited from training with him, as well as being in his meeting rooms and seeing the daily grind. And I believe that’s where we’ll go from there.”

“Clearly, our team has a high bar to clear…. And I believe that both of those men will rise to the occasion. They’re both aware of the significance of the repetitions we’ll get in the next training camp. And there is a bit of a standard, and it’s very high, so that’s fine.”

The Saints’ expectation has always been to win the Super Bowl or go home, and anything less, even reaching the playoffs, is a disappointment for the team’s supporters.

Making the NFC Championship Game would very certainly be regarded a failure, therefore one of these quarterbacks must show he is up to the task.

Vikings (Minnesota)

The Vikings are either destined for greatness or on the brink of disaster. They went bankrupt last year.

They faltered down the stretch, losing to the Chicago Bears,  Saints, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They also hardly didn’t have much cap room to bring in new faces who could help the team, according to Fansided.

They did draft quarterback Kellen Mond out of Texas A&M, but it will be interesting to see if the Vikes will leave him at that position or move him someplace else. As of now though, the Vikings might be pretenders depending on how the quarterback situation shakes out with the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, and Detroit Lions.

Ironically, the Vikings may be the only club in their division to have their starting quarterback, Kirk Cousins, return from last season.

Cowboys of Dallas

Is this going to be another year when we guess which Cowboys team will show up?

Will it be the club headed by quarterback Dak Prescott, who has reached the playoffs three times?

Will this be the same Cowboys squad that crumbled last year following Prescott’s injury and couldn’t stop anybody on defense?

The Cowboys have been struggling even before Prescott’s injury. At the very least, they had a chance with him. They have a chance to win again now that he is expected to recover from the ankle ailment that interrupted his 2020 season.

Is it possible for the Cowboys’ defense to revert to its pre-2020 form? The Cowboys will almost certainly be favorites since the NFC East is arguably the weakest division in football. Can they now take advantage of the situation and emerge as a contender?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aldi have low-carb items?

Aldi is a German supermarket chain that specializes in low-cost items. They have many low-carb options, but they are not always labeled as such.

What are the top 5 Keto Foods?

The top 5 keto foods are as follows: 1. Avocado 2. Salmon 3. Cauliflower 4. Butter 5. Eggs

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