The “how to install star wars galactic battlegrounds expanding fronts” is a modification for the game Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds that adds new maps, units, and features. It also includes a new campaign.

With the release of Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, players can now enjoy a new mod that adds six additional maps to their game. These were designed by three different companies-Upper Deck Entertainment, Digital Extremes and Behaviour Interactive. Additionally, these mods provide an even more expansive campaign than what was originally available in the base game.

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds' Expanding Fronts Mod Adds Three New Civilizations In 1.5 Update

The committed modders behind Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds’ famous Expanding Fronts mod honored the game’s 20th birthday this month by releasing update 1.4.1 and sharing information about the strategy game’s 1.5 version, which is set to ship early next year.

According to its producer, the Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds 1.5 upgrade would be the “biggest feature increase to date.” The New Republic, Imperial Remnant, and Black Sun are three new playable civilizations on the way, all of which are modeled on how they appear in the non-cannon Legends universe (formerly known as the Expanded Universe).

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds' Expanding Fronts Mod Adds Three New Civilizations In 1.5 Update

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds' Expanding Fronts Mod Adds Three New Civilizations In 1.5 Update

The New Republic “boasts immense aerial strength,” to which its unique unit, the V-Wing Airspeeder, contributes significantly, owing to its cluster missiles, which allow it to undertake deadly ground attacks. In addition to its airpower, the civilization may deploy New Jedi Order Knights and Masters, as well as profit from reduced research at its Jedi Temple.

In the Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds 1.5 update, the Imperial Remnant is all about defense. They excel at fortifying their locations and have a number of Temple technologies that may be used late in the game. The Shadowtrooper, a one-of-a-kind melee infantry unit, benefits from both Trooper and Temple upgrades.

Finally, the Black Sun’s criminal tendencies enable the civilization to recruit infantry battalions quicker than its competitors. They’re backed by by Force-wielding Nightsisters and the Gladiator Droid, the civilization’s one-of-a-kind force that’s “capable of great damage.”

In the weeks running up to the 1.5 update’s expected release in early 2022, the developer will provide particular information about each of Expanded Fronts’ additional civilizations.

If you want to try out the mod right now, the 1.4.1 version, which included the multi-queue capability, fixed issues, added three new cheat codes, and made a slew of other modifications, was released in November. The whole list may be found on Mod DB.

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The “star wars galactic battlegrounds 1080p” mod for the game Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds is an expansion of the original game. The Mod adds new units, maps and more to the game.

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