Sony has been experimenting with technology that lets players hear their surroundings in games. This innovation may have a major impact on gameplay, but does it have the potential to compromise player privacy?

The “sony linkbuds review” is an interview with Sony on how they created the LinkBuds. The article talks about how these headphones let you hear your surroundings and what they can do for you.

Sony interview: How LinkBuds let you hear your surroundings

With the LinkBuds, Sony has gone in a completely different path, focusing on letting noise in while wearing them rather than the more conventional characteristic of keeping it out.

The donut-hole ring on these earbuds produces a steady, clear sound, making it simple to wear them in your ears as you converse to people, listen to your flights at the airport, or work out outdoors. And, although they may not be for everyone, they’re worth considering if you value hearing what’s going on around you as much as sound quality.

You can read our entire evaluation of the LinkBuds here, but I talked with Hiroshi Nakamura, head of Sony Corporation’s HES Business Group’s mobile product business division, to better understand where they sit in the greater audio landscape. Here’s what he had to say about how the concept came to be and how you may use this cutting-edge technology in the future.


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Nakamura explains, “I intended to build a new form factor of headphones to establish [a] new lifestyle.” “The key is to connect online and offline,” says the author, “and then the issue is how to do it.” LinkBuds do, in fact, have a distinct design that sets them apart from other earphones on the market.

As a consequence, a physical hole with a ring-shaped driver has been created to gently let offline noise in. But, apart from the freedom that this always-on sound transparency provides, Nakamura was eager to speculate on what type of technology these earphones may be capable of in the future.

Sound AR (augmented reality), which has the ability to overlay internet sounds into the actual world, is one of the experiences Sony is especially enthused about, according to Nakamara. “For example, while using Apple Maps or Google Maps on your smartphone for navigation, sound AR will enable the sound to emanate from the right side of the headset when it indicates to turn right.”

This might be tremendously useful for city inhabitants and visitors, particularly when layered on top of the LinkBuds open sound environment. You’ll not only be able to hear things like traffic, but you’ll also have that extra sense of direction if you’re not paying attention (like most of us, most of the time). Sound AR might also aid persons with vision and hearing impairments in terms of accessibility.

Another example mentioned by Nakamura was gaming, notably Niantic’s Pokemon Go, a game that overlays Pokemon onto the actual world via your phone. Because LinkBuds have gyro-sensors incorporated into each bud, you can better identify where the characters are coming from. Using these sensors, developers may construct comparable spatially aware experiences.

It’s not Sony’s first attempt at positional audio; 360 Reality Audio, a different standard from Apple’s Spatial Audio, does the same thing. Drums on the left and behind you, for example, but voices on the right and in front of you. To some extent, it’s mathematically combining the sounds and distributing it around you, much like a surround system.

Is it possible for LinkBuds to grow?


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The idea for LinkBuds originated from Sony’s WH-1000XM4 over-ear headphones, which include a speak-to-chat function that magnifies outside audio once you start chatting, according to Nakamura.

In our testing of the 1000XM4s, we discovered that the earcups enabled us to clearly hear a variety of ambient noises (such as people conversing, a knock on the door, or even a wandering robot vacuum). It’s essentially a smart transparency mode that was activated when we began talking.

But how does Nakamara view LinkBuds’ future and the possibility for this technology to be expanded into other areas?

“We’ll remain concentrating on the idea of connecting online and offline, therefore we’re searching for the optimal form-factor for this notion, particularly with always-on,” says the company.

It’s not a given that we’ll see over-ear headphones with a comparable hole in the earcup, but it’s evident that Sony is interested in this market.

Finally, LinkBuds aren’t designed to be a replacement for Sony’s existing earbuds; rather, they’re intended to be a new choice for customers to consider. They’re priced at $179.99 and are designed to help you hear the world around you with clean, rich audio in a comfortable, lightweight package. While they are less expensive than the 1000X series, they are more focused on outstanding sound and equally great noise cancellation to shut out the outside world. The $279 WF-1000XM4 earbuds and $349 WH-1000XM4 headphones are the best in their category, according to us.

Sony LinkBuds are the polar opposite of noise canceling earphones, according to weeks of testing. They feature the unusual ability to provide an always-on transparency mode, which is ideal for folks who like hearing their surroundings. They provide great audio and rapid connection, much like the rest of Sony’s portfolio. The main feature is clearly transparency, and we’re excited to see how Sony and its partners bring these AR-like experiences to life.

We won’t be utilizing smart navigation for the time being, but with LinkBuds in, we can securely stroll at night and hear our surroundings, work from home without fear of missing a knock on the door, and still rock out to some nice songs.

Sony has released a new product that is meant to let you hear your surroundings, the “sony linkbuds release date” was announced on June 27th.

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