Sonos released its new wireless speaker, One. For the first time in Sonos history they are able to pair two speakers together and create one big sound with 360-degree placement of sound.

The “sonos one spec” is the latest addition to the Sonos family. It has a new speaker with Alexa built in, and it’s available for pre-order today.

Sonos Gets Just Smart Enough


Despite continuing component and shipping difficulties, Sonos’ unit sales increased by 13% in the calendar year 2021.

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When it came to competing with big tech’s smart speakers, Sonos SONO 14.26 percent used to say, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” The growth of that mindset may reveal more about the industry than it does about the firm.

Late Wednesday, Sonos announced a new voice-control function for its compatible speakers that would be available next month as part of its fiscal second-quarter results. No audio or transcript files are transferred to the cloud since the program handles requests on the device. It’s essentially Sonos’ in-house answer to Google and’s voice assistants, which are also accessible on certain of the company’s gadgets. However, unlike other systems, Sonos speech technology will not be able to check the weather forecast, plan a meeting, or get toilet paper.

That is, after all, the purpose. Amazon’s first smart speaker, released in late 2014, was first derided as a gimmick, but it proved to be a surprising success, crimping sales of Sonos’ higher-end speaker line. However, because Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are meant to interact with their parent firms’ huge cloud-computing networks to deliver an all-encompassing variety of services to customers, privacy concerns have grown over time. Sonos started selling speakers that worked with such voice assistants in 2017, but two years later released an option that didn’t. In the same year, the business made a modest purchase with the intention of developing its own voice-control technology for its speakers.

To be sure, many individuals continue to trust big tech’s all-encompassing speech platforms. According to market research company Omdia, Amazon and Google each sold more than 20 million smart speakers in the United States alone last year, more than three times what Sonos sold internationally during the same period.

Despite continuing component and shipping difficulties, Sonos has been on a roll, with unit sales up 13% in the calendar year 2021. The new functionality will make Sonos more appealing to consumers who desire the convenience of voice control without the intrusion of big tech. It also fits nicely with the company’s objective of diversifying its products while retaining its premium sound leadership. The business recently announced a lower-cost addition to its TV soundbar array, which might help it gain market share in a segment that is benefitting from the increased popularity of home video streaming.

The fresh products came as Sonos reported sales for the March quarter of $399.8 million, up 20% year over year and above Wall Street expectations. Late last year, the business announced price hikes that enabled it raise its average selling price while staying ahead of inflationary pressures. Following its recent release and results, Sonos stock soared 14% on Thursday morning. The premium speaker manufacturer is hitting the perfect chord in a tough industry.

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Sonos has been around for a while, but the company is finally getting just smart enough to compete with other companies. Reference: sonos s13.

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