These three stones are by far the most interesting of all Skyrim’s shrines. Standing Stones in general cover an area with special powers, but these particular ones provide you with magical blessings that make your life easier when adventuring in Skyrim. The discovery of this location is one to remember!

The “skyrim best standing stones” is a list of all the locations and blessings for each Standing Stone in Skyrim. The list includes their location, what they do, and how to get them.

Skyrim Standing Stones: All Locations & Blessings

In Skyrim, finding and obtaining the blessings of the standing stones may be quite beneficial in a variety of scenarios. This guide will show you where all of Skyrim’s standing stones are located and detail their blessings. No Dragonborn should pass up the chance to pick up a set of great talents, particularly if it’s for free.

In Skyrim, there are 11 sites but a total of 13 standing stones since three of them are in the same area. You may get all of them by completing the main questline or by devoting time outside of the plot walkthrough. It’s all up to you!

Blessings and Standing Stone Locations in Skyrim


The Apprentice Stone is the first standing stone.

  • Blessing: 100 percent Magicka regeneration, 100 percent Magicka Weakness

The first stone may be discovered on a tiny island northwest of Morthal, a city in the Drajkmyr Marsh, in the Hjaalmarch hold.

With the aid of the Restoration wards, the blessing’s magical penalty may be removed.

The Atronach Stone is the second standing stone.

  • Blessing: 50 Magicka points; 50% Absorb spells; -50 percent Magicka regeneration

This standing stone may be found in the Eastmarch Hold, which is situated east of Darkwater Crossing, a miners settlement on the Darkwater River.

This stone is virtually the polar opposite of the Apprentice Stone in that it provides magic resistance while also removing part of your own magic.

The Lady Stone is the third standing stone.

  • Blessing: Increases the pace of health and stamina restoration by 25%.

This stone may be found in the Falkreath Hold, west of Riverwood settlement, on the lake. The stone is situated on a little island in the middle of the lake.

The Lord Stone is the fourth standing stone.

  • Blessing: Damage Resistance: 50 points; Magic Resistance: 25%

The Lord Stone is located in the Hjaalmarch hold, on top of a mountain east of Morthal.

This stone may be used to increase your physical and magical resistances. This blessing is essential for those who want to create the best tank possible.

The Lover Stone is the fifth standing stone.

  • Blessing: +15 percent improvement in speed for all skills

When you arrive in the Reach hold’s city of Markarth, proceed east and look for this stone in Kolskeggr Mine.

The Lover Stone will come in handy for players who want to make quick advancement while using a variety of builds in one character.

The Ritual Stone (Standing Stone #6)

  • Gain the power to call the undead to battle for you as a blessing.

Outside of the Graywinter Watch cave, immediately above its entrance, situated southeast of Battle-Born Farm in the Whiterun hold, the Ritual Stone may be observed.

When preparing to battle a boss, this type of skill may be highly valuable. This blessing may be used once per day.

The Serpent Stone is the seventh standing stone.

  • Blessing: For 5 seconds, you’ll be paralyzed, and you’ll take 25 poison damage.

This stone may be found on the top of a drifting iceberg in the Sea of Ghost, east of College of Winterhold.

The Shadow Stone is the eighth standing stone.

  • Blessing: 60 seconds of invisibility

This standing stone may be found outside the cave of Nightingale Hall, south of Riften.

To find this stone, you must first begin the “Trinity Restored” quest, which is offered by Karliah, a Dunmer thief.

The Steed Stone is the ninth standing stone.

  • +100 Carry Blessing Weight gain; equipped armor is weightless.

In the Haafingar hold, you must journey to the Ironback Hideout village. The Steed Stone may be viewed from Meridia to the north of Statue.

This blessing would be ideal for players that wear a lot of armor.

The Tower Stone is the tenth standing stone.

  • Gain the power to open any expert level lock as a blessing (one per day)

This is one of the game’s greatest hidden stones. It is positioned on the crest of the towering cliff that separates Dawnstar from Winterhold.

The ideal method to utilize this blessing is to get out from jail, although it may also be used to open chests.

The Guardian Stones (Standing Stones 11-13)

Three Guardian Stones may be found in Skyrim, all in the same place: on the roadside southwest of Riverwood, Whiterun.

The following are the three standing stones:

  • The Mage Stone (increases the speed of Magic Skills by 20%)
  • The Thief Stone (+20 percent improvement in Stealth Skills speed)
  • The Warrior Stone (+20 percent faster combat skills)

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The “skyrim standing stones id” is a list of all the locations and blessings for the Standing Stones. The Standing Stones are a set of structures that can be found in Skyrim. They contain special powers, such as blessing weapons with elemental damage or increasing your maximum carrying capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are all of the standing stones in Skyrim?

A: I dont know what you mean by standing stones in Skyrim, but if its referring to the stone circles that appear on your map, then there are eight of them. These can be found just north of Whiterun and south-east of Morthal. Additionally, there is a ninth circle located west-northwest from Dragon Bridge.

How many standing stones are there in Skyrim?

A: There are nine standing stones in Skyrim.

What are the 13 standing stones in Skyrim?

A: The 12 standing stones in Skyrim are the following:

  • skyrim standing stones achievement
  • skyrim stones of barenziah locations
  • skyrim ritual stone location
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