Recovering permanently deleted files is a task that many people may find themselves in need of. Windows 11 makes it easier to recover these data by providing a number of tools and features. One such feature is the Recycle Bin, which stores all kinds of files for 30 days before being removed from your computer’s storage space permanently. Recover Permanently Deleted Photos in Windows 11 (Free)

The “recover permanently deleted files windows 11” is a free tool that allows users to recover lost or deleted photos from their hard drive. The program also has the ability to recover other files and documents.

Recover Permanently Deleted Photos in Windows 11 (Free)

When you remove a picture on Windows 11, it will be placed to the Recycle Bin and kept there for 30 days (the default) before being permanently erased. Furthermore, if you press Shift + Delete on a picture, it will be permanently erased without first going to the Recycle Bin. In any case, the shot will vanish from view and be lost forever.

However, just because things like photographs are wiped from Windows doesn’t mean they’re gone forever. If the files were not deleted too long ago, they might still be retrieved (if the data on the disk is not overwritten yet).

In Windows 11, how can I restore permanently lost photos?

In this guide, we will show you In Windows 11, how can I restore permanently lost photos? using two of the most popular free file recovery software – PhotoRec and Recuva. While Recuva is relatively easier to use, PhotoRec tends to be able to recover more photos and files. If you encounter more corrupted photos when recovering using Recuva, try to use PhotoRec instead.

PhotoRec can help you recover lost photographs.

PhotoRec is a free and open source multi-platform companion program to TestDisk. Digital Picture and File Recovery is another name for PhotoRec. It’s a program that can restore irreversibly erased photos and data. TestDisk is available on the following page. Download

Unzip the folder to anywhere you wish when it has been downloaded. Open the folder and run the qphotorec win.exe program (with interface).


Follow the steps below to establish the needed parameters in the QPhotoRec window in order to discover and recover irreversibly lost photographs or images on Windows 11.


  1. To begin, choose the drive from which the images you wish to recover were destroyed.
  2. Choose which partition you want the program to look for. If you’re unsure, choose “Whole disk” – this will scan the whole disk drive.
  3. Then, for the drive you’ve chosen, pick the File System type. If you’re not sure what your drive’s file system is, go to This PC, right-click the disk you wish to examine, and choose Properties. In the General tab, the file system of the chosen disk will be shown.1652179243_373_Recover-Permanently-Deleted-Photos-in-Windows-11-Free
  4. “Whole: Extract files from whole partition” should be selected.
  5. Then choose Browse and go to the location where you want the recovered photographs and files to be stored.

Optionally, pick the file types you want the software to look for and recover by clicking File Formats. Otherwise, the software will default to searching for all file kinds.


To prevent having to filter through a large number of recovered files later, it’s best to choose just the file types you wish to search for and recover. Select just the “JPG image” option if your permanently destroyed photographs are in JPG format. If you’re not sure what format your lost photographs were in, you may also pick all image-related formats like JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP.

Once everything is in place, click Search to start the search and recovery process.

Depending on the size of the partition that the software must look for and the quantity of data that may be recovered, the search and recovery process might take several hours. It will display the number of files retrieved for each file type as it searches.


When the recovery is finished, go to the directory you specified earlier – the place where you want the software to keep the recovered data. The folder will include all restored photographs, images, and other data.


Recuva may help you recover lost photos.

CCleaner, a popular cleanup program, includes Recuva. Recuva is a Windows 11 software that may search for and recover completely lost photographs or data. It’s free to use and includes a more user-friendly design and wizard. Recuva may be downloaded from the link below.

1. Run Recuva when it’s been installed. If the software doesn’t have a desktop shortcut, use Start to search for “Recuva.” When the program asks what kind of files you’re looking for, choose Pictures to search exclusively for popular picture formats.


2. Select where the software should look for and recover data – the location where the images and pictures were erased. If you’re not sure, choose “I’m not sure,” and the software will scan your whole computer for you.


Select “In a specified place” and browse to the precise area instead if you know where the lost photographs were (can significantly shorten the search time).

3. When asked whether you want to activate Deep Examine on the following page, we suggest that you do so since it will scan the disk more thoroughly for deleted photographs.


4. Allow the scanning procedure to finish. If you have a huge drive, it might take a number of hours.


5. When the scan is finished, the program will display a big list of photographs and images that it discovered throughout the search. Click Restore after selecting the photographs and pictures you wish to recover. If the software finds a large number of deleted photographs, you may choose “Switch to advanced mode” to properly arrange them.



There is no certainty that you will be able to retrieve individual images or files that have been permanently destroyed in Windows 11. If the images weren’t destroyed too long ago, you should be able to restore them in most circumstances.

If the images were destroyed too long ago, or if your drive is always full and continually erasing and writing new files, the chances of recovering the files are substantially lower, since the data on the disk may have already been overwritten.

Sharing a description: Have you accidentally erased a picture? This tutorial will teach you how to free restore irreversibly lost images or pictures on Windows 11.

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The “recover permanently deleted files windows 10 using cmd” is a free program that allows users to recover permanently deleted photos in Windows. The program can be used by anyone, regardless of their skill level.

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