Rajon Rondo was recently quoted as saying that Cavs rookie Evan Mobley has a chance to be “one of the best point guards in this league.” If the veteran is right, then it would seem like there’s an old LeBron James-style dynasty on their way. What might Cleveland do if they are crowned Eastern Conference champs?

The “cavaliers record” is a basketball team that has been struggling in the Eastern Conference. Rajon Rondo’s recent praise for rookie Evan Mobley could be foreshadowing for the Eastern Conference’s worst nightmare.

Rajon Rondo’s Scary Praise for Cavs Rookie Evan Mobley Could Be Foreshadowing for the Eastern Conference’s Worst Nightmare

When the first few names in the 2021 NBA Draft were announced, fans knew the league would be in strong hands. They probably had no idea how excellent these players would become so rapidly, particularly Cleveland Cavaliers big man Evan Mobley.

Mobley has been precisely what the Cavs have been looking for. For someone his age, his adaptability in the position is unequaled, and it has even piqued the interest of a seasoned great. Rajon Rondo, a potential Hall of Fame teammate, recently praised him, and Rondo’s words might be a harbinger of the Eastern Conference’s worst nightmare.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Evan Mobley has been a standout player.

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Evan Mobley was the third player selected in the NBA Draft in 2021, but he has shown to be the greatest thus far.

This season, Mobley has been outstanding for the Cavaliers, averaging 15.0 points, 8.1 rebounds, and 1.7 blocks per game. In addition, he’s shooting 50.8 percent from the field. 

However, his figures do not convey the whole picture. Cleveland’s starting lineup, which has three players under 7 feet tall in himself, Jarrett Allen, and Lauri Markkanen, has benefited greatly from the USC product’s presence down low. Former NBA player Kendrick Perkins even called Mobley and Allen “the finest defensive duo as far as bigs in the NBA” because they have made it almost difficult for opponents to score in the paint.

With 2.5 defensive win shares, Mobley ranks ninth in the NBA and tops among rookies, indicating the expected number of wins he provides to Cleveland with his defense. He also has a 1.8 defensive box-plus-minus, which is a measure of the defensive points he produces over the average NBA player per 100 possessions, which ranks him 14th in the league and first among rookies.

Simply said, Mobley has been a force on both offense and defense, and Rajon Rondo has taken note.

Rajon Rondo praised the Cavaliers youngster.

Cavs big man Evan Mobley and guard Rajon Rondo.

Cavs big man Evan Mobley and guard Rajon Rondo. The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Evan Mobley (left) and Rajon Rondo during a game against the Portland Trail Blazers on Jan. 7, 2022. | Getty Images/Soobum Im

Rajon Rondo, a four-time All-Star point guard, was acquired by the Cavaliers through trade from the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this month. However, he has previously shown his admiration for the talented Cavs rookie.

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, Rondo remarked, “I believe he could be the most skilled rookie I’ve ever played with, being able to influence so many things on the floor even without scoring the hoop.”

As Mobley evolves and develops over the next several years, the sky may be his limit.

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, “things you can’t train or teach, he has those skill sets.” “It’s only a matter of time until he matures… When you reach the age of 24 or 25, the physical component of your body becomes a little bit stronger. Once he becomes a little more physical, those games will be even more elevated and controlled.”

Rondo’s praise is undeniable, and considering his illustrious history, it’s possible that Mobley is on his way to being the Eastern Conference’s biggest nightmare.

Evan Mobley has the potential to turn into the Eastern Conference’s worst nightmare.

If Evan Mobley is already the most talented rookie Rajon Rondo has ever played with, he has a potential to become a long-term force in the Eastern Conference.

Rondo, who is in his 16th season, has logged a lot of minutes on the court. and has seen a large number of young athletes. However, Mobley seems to be the greatest, and the figures indicate that he has a potential to become a major player.

Most rookies are exceptional on one side of the court or the other, but Mobley has already shown to be exceptional on both. In the occasions he has guarded Jayson Tatum this season, he has kept him to 3-of-8 shooting. In addition, he has restricted Bradley Beal to 1-of-7 shooting and Trae Young to 2-of-7 shooting, demonstrating his flexibility on the perimeter.

Clint Capela, who has a lifetime shooting percentage of 62.1 percent, has only hit 4-of-15 shots against Mobley. Earlier this season, Anthony Davis went 2-of-5.

The Cavaliers as a whole are a youthful team. Mobley, Jarrett Allen, and Darius Garland, their three biggest talents, are all under the age of 24. So, if Mobley, 20, can develop alongside those two and become the player he’s currently shown to people like Rondo, the Cavs might be a dangerous team in the East for a long time.

This season, Cleveland has already demonstrated that it can compete with the best in the East. If Mobley continues to develop into one of the league’s finest big men, he and the Cavaliers will cause difficulty for the East for many years to come.

Basketball Reference and NBA.com provided the statistics.

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