If your PlayStation 5 game or app won’t start, here are some troubleshooting steps to fix it.

“ps5 says can’t start game or app” is an error that might be happening to you. Here are some fixes that will help you fix the issue.

PS5 Can’t Start Game Or App? Here’s What To Do To Fix


You sit down to let off steam and prepare to play a PS5 game or two, only to be irritated by an error message and a game that refuses to start. Unfortunately, this is something that many PS5 gamers have seen from launch, and although it isn’t always convenient or simple, there are a number of methods to prevent these particular warning messages. 

This is a problem that has to be repaired if your PS5 can’t launch a game or app and you’re receiving an error message. The following are some of the most typical solutions for the “can’t start game or app” error:

  • How to Restart Your PS5
  • Transferring games to your computer’s internal storage
  • Getting rid of your external storage
  • Update the program on your computer.
  • PS5 should be cleaned.

While these aren’t the only methods to repair your PS5, they are among the most effective. Thankfully, these methods are not only doable by yourself, but they’re also basic enough for the ordinary person, so fixing your PS5 shouldn’t be too difficult as you read on.

Error Code-Producing Games

While there aren’t any particular games that produce the “can’t start game or app” problem message, there are a few games that seem to have more troubles than others and are often the games that create the error messages. The following games are notorious for displaying error messages:

  • PS4 Disc Modern Warfare
  • Battlefield 2042 is a game set in the year 2042.
  • NBA 2K
  • Tsushima’s Ghost
  • Any PS4 game that has been saved to external storage

Despite the fact that these games do not have any special issues, they are the most prevalent causes of the error message. While reinstalling the game or moving it to internal storage is usually the answer, there have been a few instances when a more complex solution is required. 

The error number merely indicates that the PS5 is unable to launch the game or program. The error code just informs you that it cannot be launched, regardless of the cause. You may solve this problem by going through a succession of solutions in a process of elimination. 

The Causes Of The Can’t Start Game Error And How To Fix It

There are a variety of reasons why your PS5 won’t launch the game or app, but worry not; we’ve compiled a list of all the problems and remedies in one spot. Some of these remedies may need trial and error, particularly if you aren’t sure what’s causing your issue; nevertheless, the majority of them are straightforward fixes with clear instructions that will assist even the most inexperienced user. 

It’s possible that the PS5 will need to be restarted.

In some cases, your PS5 may give you an error that it can not open a game or app and it may just be because your PS5 needs to be restarted. While How to Restart Your PS5 seems incredibly simple, there are a few things that are important to do in the restarting process. 

To restart your PS5, follow these steps:

  • Turn the PS5 off until the power indicator turns off entirely.
  • Remove the PS5 from any external connections, including the electrical outlet socket.
  • Before turning the power back on, let your PS5 in this mode for 3-5 minutes.
  • Only attach your PS5 controller to the console.
  • Before you attempt to play the game that gave you the problem notice, make sure your PS5 and all applications are completely loaded.

While this may not solve all problems, it should typically resolve immediate difficulties if your game’s files aren’t damaged or missing. 

Updates and Software

No gaming system, or piece of technology, is flawless, which is why new updates are released on a regular basis to address bugs or make changes. As a result, a problem with the coding of your PS5 software, storage, or even the game itself might be the source of your error code. The best part is that you don’t need to know where the issue is to solve it. 

After first making sure you are connected to the internet and that your PS5 is connected to a trusted power source, checking for a software update, or any update for your games is as simple as going through the menu as follows: Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update > Settings > Update System Software. 

If there is a new update available for you to download, do so and follow the on-screen instructions. 

File Is Corrupted Or Missing

A missing or corrupt system file is another reason you’re getting the error code. You won’t have to find out which file is missing or corrupted, but you won’t have to prove it either. 

The simple fix for a File Is Corrupted Or Missing in a game is to delete the game from your PS5 storage and then re-download it. Deleting a game is simple, but it can be confusing for some, so you can delete a game by following the instructions as follows:

  • Navigate to the PS5’s settings menu.
  • Scroll down to discover and access the PS5 storage.
  • Open the applications and games area after the storage has finished loading.
  • You can check all of the applications and games on your PS5 and locate the ones that aren’t working.
  • After you’ve checked all of the games you wish to get rid of, go to the bottom right corner and press the delete button.
  • The PS5 will ask whether you want to remove the games, and if you say yes, the games will begin to disappear from your PS5.
  • Make sure you don’t switch off your PS5 until all of the games have been erased and a confirmation message has shown.
  • You may restart your PS5 after you’re confident everything has been removed.
  • You may re-download the games when you switch it back on.

To avoid a game having a File Is Corrupted Or Missing, ensure you are connected to a reliable internet and power source, or your PS5 may stop the download process and cause issues. It’s recommended not to connect your PS5 to the public internet or try to download anything during a storm or inclement weather. 

Cleaning Your PS5 Is Necessary


Another reason your PS5 can give you the error number is if it’s dusty or if things, dirt, or debris are blocking the air vents. This might cause your PS5 to overheat or have difficulty working smoothly, resulting in error codes. 

The easiest way to PS5 should be cleaned. is to use compressed air or a vacuum. If you use compressed air, you gently blow off the dust and debris around your vents and the rest of the PS5. If you use a vacuum, you can gently use the suction to clean the dirt and debris from off of the air vents. 

You have to be careful to not allow too much pressure from the air, or too much suction from the vacuum so as to not damage any internal parts. Once you PS5 should be cleaned. it should run better and you should be able to play and run whatever games or apps you want. 

Failure of a Storage Device

Another reason you may be seeing the “can’t launch game or app” problem message is because one or both of your secondary internal SSD or external storage devices may be failing. If your external storage fails, you won’t be able to play or launch any of the programs or games that are stored on it. 

If your program or game isn’t functioning because it’s on an external storage device, try moving it to your internal storage to see if it addresses the issue. You may relocate your game or software to the internal storage by doing the following:

  • Go to Settings > Storage
  • Locate the USB extended storage device, as well as the game and app categories.
  • Depending on what you need to transfer, you may choose “move PS4 or PS5 content.”
  • Choose the game you want to play and then “move.” 
  • Wait until the procedure is complete before starting the game on your PS5.

If your external storage continues to not allow you to open or play apps and games, you may need to replace your external storage to fix the issues. Before Getting rid of your external storage, you do need to move all of your games and apps to your internal storage so you don’t lose your games or saved data. 

Cache Or Full Internal Storage

If you’ve done everything to repair the error message and still can’t, you’re probably looking at a full cache or internal storage. If one of these problems exist on your PS5, you may not have adequate storage to execute your games or apps, resulting in the error. 

You have two possibilities for resolving this. Clearing the cache is a good place to start, but it’s not an option in the conventional PS5 settings panel. So, in order to delete the cache, you must do the following:

  • Hold the power button down after turning off your PS5 until you hear two beeps.
  • This will put you in safe mode, allowing you to only use a controller with a USB connection.
  • You may pick “Clear cache and rebuild database” after your controller is connected.
  • Wait for your PS5 to finish the procedure, and it should run smoother with no issues.

Now, if you want to address your internal storage issue, you may follow the same methods since your PS5 will rebuild the database, allowing it to restructure all of the data and free up space by removing superfluous files. If you routinely have a significant number of games and data, though, it’s almost certainly a better idea to invest in a permanent backup external storage device. 

This will enable you to save games or programs, whether you intend to use them often or just want to save the data. It will keep the excess capacity off your internal storage, allowing your PS5 to function faster and reducing the number of error messages you get. 

Experts from Sony are available to assist you.

If you’ve tried all of the easy remedies but your PS5 still won’t let you play a game and you’re seeing the “can’t launch game or app” error message, you may need to contact Sony for assistance. 

At the very least, you may phone or talk with a professional who can walk you through basic troubleshooting procedures. In the worst-case situation, they may request that you submit your PS5 to the warehouse to be inspected and troubleshooted. 

If your PS5 is still under warranty, all repairs should be covered as long as it isn’t severely damaged or has been exposed to fluids. If your PS5 isn’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll have to pay a cost, but your PS5 will be serviced. 

Even if you spend a lot of time attempting to repair your PS5, chances are it will be less expensive than buying a new one. While these systems are great for improving quality of life, they all have flaws. 

Last Thoughts

While many PS5 owners have not gotten an error code, some have. Even if the error number isn’t a major red flag, figuring out how to solve it is highly unpleasant and complicated. 

Even if you end up receiving an error code on your PS5, you can fix the problem and get around it. Whether it’s simply How to Restart Your PS5, or completely rebuilding the database, you can fix the problem and play games seamlessly on your PS5 with minimal effort. 

The “ps5 can’t start game or app far cry 6” is a common problem that many PS5 players have been encountering. If you are experiencing this issue, the following steps should help fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix game or app error on PS5?

A: When a game or app crashes on your PS5, it will most likely show an error message. Here is what you need to do in order to fix the issue…
1) Unplug any devices plugged into the same port as your PlayStation 5 console (unless they are compatible). This includes HDMI cables, external hard drives, and other USB devices that may be connected into ports 2-4 on the back of your console.
2) Attempting restarting via holding down both power buttons for 10 seconds until all 4 LEDs stop flashing at once.
3) Unplugging from power source and waiting 15 minutes before plugging back in again with no device attached to the port. If this does not work then proceed with step 1 above*.
*If still having issues after trying these steps please contact Sony support!

Why is my PS5 not working?

A: Your PS5 is not working because the power surge from your 6 outlet surge protector fried all of the electronics on your Playstation.

Why is does my PS5 keep saying cant load?

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