Funbari Chronicle is a short story/comic anthology released in Japan in 1999, and it’s been slowly but surely making its way to the United States ever since. Like many manga anthologies, it follows a theme: in this case, a group of teenage boys band together to save the world from a mystical enemy, and it’s certainly a whimsical story. In case you’re not familiar, Funbari Chronicle is a series that centers around a group of young men who must fight a evil being called Funbari. The hero is a sweet, somewhat naive high school boy named Ryuji Funabashi, and his best friend is a short, chubby boy named Gunji Funahashi.

Are you ready for your next adventure? Shaman King Funbari Chronicle is an online multiplayer role playing game being made available in the United States for the first time. It’s a new adventure that lets you explore the world of Shaman King, while fighting alongside your friends to become Shaman King! With the game based on the manga series “Shaman King”, you will be able to experience the story of Manta Oyado, the main character, challenge your friends to battles, or even challenge Shaman King himself! (It’s actually the plot of the Shaman King anime, but if you haven’t seen it, I can explain.)

Though it is still not available for pre-order, FUNimation Entertainment announced on Wednesday that the Funbari catalog, Funbari Knights, will be released on Tuesday, December 26 in a collector’s edition Blu-ray. FUNimation has released a limited edition Funbari Knights collector’s edition Blu-ray/DVD combo pack that will come with a limited edition art book. The set will include a Blu-ray and a DVD with the following special features:

Pre-registrations for the forthcoming nostalgia-infused Android/iOS app Shaman King Funbari Chronicles are now available, according to the most recent update last week.

Choose between two kinds of registrations, and oh, by the way, there are a couple more surprises tucked away in between these changes.

So Far, What Has Been Discovered


To summarize what we now know, Shaman King Funbari Chronicle will primarily include a mobile RPG system similar of today’s most popular Japan-based mobile games.

Those who have played Toji no Miko, a mobile RPG, may notice that this forthcoming game is more in line with its style, at least in terms of the way the characters are portrayed, the overall visuals, and the turn-based instructions accessible.

However, it will continue with its narrative mode in traditional comic style, which is very unusual in its presentation as a fresh new game (officially called Mangatic mode). Okay, so it won’t be very original, but compared to other mobile RPGs based on comparable popular classic properties, this will be a style that hasn’t been completely optimized yet.

It’s also worth noting that the release falls in the same year as the Japanese revival of the series. As a result of the game’s comic aesthetic, there are strong indications that it will continue the narrative of the original manga. So, if you haven’t read the original source material in years, you may notice that some of the most powerful characters are presented in a totally different light much later on.

Updates Every Now and Then


Studio Z has launched the game’s official Twitter account as well as a promotional teaser site before the official pre-registration timetable has been announced. It’s standard promotional material for new mobile games, but at the very least it generates some interest.

The teaser website acts as both a gateway for those interested about the series in general (an introduction to anime/manga details) and an organized form of all the material that has been released thus far. It also includes a lot of concept art for fans to enjoy and use to create game design and gameplay ideas.

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The teaser webpage then directs you to the game’s Twitter account at the very end. The bulk of the tweets right now are about marketing campaign updates, CG scene demonstrations, and modeling ideas, with a few segues into the currently running anime remake thrown in for good measure. The scene CGs, in particular, are intriguing since many of them include unique, new scenes, which (of course) help to create anticipation for the game’s narrative modes.

And, of course, the revival of the series has its own official Twitter account.

The Nostalgia Phenomenon Has Begun

And with that, the pre-registration period begins! Because the campaign began on August 19th, it is officially open. It kicked off with a boom, accompanied by an even more hype-inducing teaser. Which… just summarizes what we already know, but at the very least, we get to witness the forthcoming title in action!

The 3D-fied original artwork of Hiroyuki Takei truly comes to life with the trailer’s portrayal of narrative sequences, which may not come as a surprise since the teaser pictures have already revealed them. Needless to say, there would be no changeover between the anime representations since everything would run on the same engine, right down to the primary gameplay. Furthermore, the high framerate makes everything appear extremely fluid, enabling you to enjoy the visual pleasure for much longer than the usual five seconds or so that each 3D model post on its Twitter account allows.


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①②③をすべて実施で応募完了🔥 SHAMAN KING (nineteenth century)

— SHAMAN KING (@SHAMANKING PR) on June 1st, 2021

The Twitter account also announced its “W Follow Campaign” in addition to pre-registration information. Those who retweet the original official notification will be entered into a raffle for additional beginning prizes, with a total of 25 lottery winners among those who participate. It’s not as lavish as other typical mobile RPG campaigns, but hey, it’s free, and ordinary F2P peasants will get more stuff anyhow.

Other teaser content was also released on the game’s Twitter account around the time when the pre-registration campaign was announced. If you’re interested, have a quick look at these (Japanese, but has lots of visuals).

The Chronicles of Shaman King Funbari 2021 is the projected release date (no specified date) RPG with Command Progression (Japanese) Official Game Page: (pre-registration page) Official Twitter (Japanese): GAME Official 2021 Anime Page: Free-to-Play is the game’s distribution format (F2P) Android and iOS are the two operating systems available. Hiroyuki Takei, TV Tokyo, Studio Z, Hiroyuki Takei, Hiroyuki Takei, Hiroyuki Takei, Hiroyuk

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