In this guide, I will be focusing on how the fusion system in Persona 5 could affect gameplay. My goal is to give you a detailed introduction into what it’s like levelling-up and classing up within the game so you’ll know what your options are when deciding which character to fuse with.

The “persona 5 royal fusion calculator” is a tool that will help you calculate the amount of time it will take to complete your persona 5 fusion.

Persona 5 Fusion Guide 2021 –

There are many of ways to pass the time in Fusion Guide for Persona 5, but there’s one aspect of the game that many players overlook: Persona fusion. Fusion seems to be difficult, unrewarding, and useless on the surface, yet mastering it may provide you an advantage in and out of combat. These persona fusion strategies will have you fusing like a pro in no time, whether you want to progress the Twin Wardens social connection or just combine the greatest personalities for combat.

The following is IGN’s Fusion guide for Persona 5. IGN’s Persona Fusion chart is also included below, which will assist you in creating Personas depending on the arcana of the two utilised.

Fusion Guide for Persona 5Fusion Guide for Persona 5

Combining Personas is a great technique to increase your strength. While there are a few Personas who can do practically everything, they are usually always extremely high leveled, difficult to get, or need fusion. But don’t be concerned! Fusion isn’t at all random.

The Process of Persona Fusion

When it comes to persona fusion, one of the most perplexing aspects is the sheer number of possibilities and forms of fusion accessible, particularly as you go through the game and level up the Twin Wardens and Prison Master confidants. Here’s what each of them does:

  • The simplest type of persona fusion is normal fusion (dyad guillotine). It asks you to select two personalities and then tells you the outcome. When you don’t care about the outcome and just want to get rid of some low-level personalities, this is a good option.
  • Advanced Fusion (group guillotine): The group guillotine creates a single outcome by combining three or more identities. This isn’t something you’ll utilize very frequently, not least since advanced fusion is designed to create strong high-level personalities.
  • Fuse by Result (guillotine search): The most handy option, guillotine search allows you to view all of the personas you can create using your presently equipped personas, and even order them by level. When your inventory starts to fill up with personas, you should utilize this option to clear space in your inventory while ensuring you receive fresh and valuable personas in the process.
  • Network Fusion (public execution): This late-game option allows you to send one persona every day into the ether to merge with another player’s randomly picked persona. It’s a risk, but it might lead to some tremendous fusions. It’s not always effective, but it may be entertaining to attempt late in the game.

Persona 5: Persona Fusion is a guide to Persona 5: Persona Fusion.

Before you begin fusing Personas in the Velvet Room, double-check that you’ve registered all of the ones that aren’t already there. Once you’ve fused a Persona, it’s gone for good, which means that if you unintentionally fuse it away, you might lose it forever.

Furthermore, recording Personas that you meet in the compendium will assist you in retrieving them if you wish to use them in the formation of a strong Persona or just want to return them to your hand. You should also maintain one Persona of each Arcana on hand at all times. As the Confidant Social Link that you desire to establish, having a Persona of a matching Arcana in your hand will let you level that Confidant up much quicker.

Persona 5: Persona Fusion is a guide to Persona 5: Persona Fusion.Persona 5: Persona Fusion is a guide to Persona 5: Persona Fusion.

Personas should not be clung to.

It’s tempting to cling to a Persona you enjoy for the duration of a game, but since Personas level up slower than your character and party, it’s frequently more helpful to fuse that Persona away to create something more powerful. You may also choose which abilities to ‘inherit’ from the other Personas if you wish to carry over a specific talent from one of them. The quantity of abilities you may carry over is proportional to your Social Link level, which corresponds to the Arcana of that Persona.

Fusion Guide for Persona 5 Strength Confidant

Inside the Velvet Room, leveling up the Strength Persona grants you some fascinating new abilities:

  • You’ll get the Group Guillotine at level one, which allows you to merge three identities at once.
  • Solitary Confinement will be available at tier three, allowing you to leave a Persona behind to enhance their resistances to particular attack kinds.
  • You’ll obtain the Guillotine Booster at level five, which allows you to merge four identities at once.
  • You’ll receive Special Solitary Confinement at level eight, which boosts the resistances earned through Solitary Confinement even further.
  • When you reach rank 10, you will be granted Special Treatment, allowing you to create Personas of any level, even ones greater than your own.
  • It won’t be simple to appease the twins, and you’ll have to put in some effort. The twins are on the lookout for extremely particular combos and will not compromise.

Satan Fusion Guide for Persona 5

In Persona 5, Satanael is one of the most strong Persona. He is Arsene’s fully awakened form, as well as Joker’s last Persona. He is the culmination of Joker’s whole network of social confidants. Joker may be unlocked if you have leveled up your Strength Confidant to at least 5. The biggest issue in summoning Satanael is obtaining the necessary funds and ensuring that the contract has been fulfilled.

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