Onsite campaigns have been a staple in the loyalty industry for decades, but off-site rewards are becoming increasingly popular. Off-site programs offer retailers more flexibility because they don’t rely on brick and mortar locations to drive engagement, while providing customers with access to exclusive benefits as well.

Onsite and offsite campaigns to work on loyalty, with Tidart, Retail Rocket and Skeepers

Tidart, Retail Rocket, and Skeepers collaborated on onsite and offshore loyalty programmes.



On this week’s show, we resurrect one of the NEXT Loyalty event’s round tables. We talk about how to target marketing strategies focused at increasing loyalty, whether they’re on the website, via media, or off the website.

We talked with the following people:

Tidart’s CEO is Carlos Molina. Retail Rocket’s marketing automation CRM is Pol Gomez. For Skeepers, Yeray Fragalead sells Iberia.

Doofinder is the program’s sponsor.

Ordering optimally from a catalog of 70,000 goods is in a different league. You must stand out by being able to customize search criteria, increase filter navigability, and index through API so that everything is ultra-fast and always up to date in real time. We’ll just tell you one thing: 21% of people who utilize the Doofinder search engine wind up purchasing something. Doofinder is available for a free 30-day trial at doofinder.com.

ccampaigns to develop loyalty at a round table

03:30 Let’s set the scene. What is the purpose of each of your initiatives, and how do they relate to loyalty management?

yaray: Skeepers is a shop that sells a variety of service solutions, all of which are SaaS-based and aimed at enhancing consumer-brand relationships. In terms of loyalty, it’s part of one of our business verticals, Skeepers Customer Experience, where we provide eCommerce with the ability to do a qualitative study of their audience. In other words, it provides the ability to understand what people desire and feel in order to establish loyalty based on that knowledge.

Retail Rocket is an all-in-one software that focuses on e-commerce customer retention management. We work with Big Data and strive to personalize the user experience. This allows for more effective and stable relationships to be built between a brand and its audience as a result of the communication process.

Carlos: We are a media firm at Tidart, and when people think about loyalty, they think of mailing campaigns, push alerts, and so on. They mostly relate to retargeting and prospecting marketing, but we concentrate on re-engagement activities, which are sometimes overlooked.

14:30 What data architecture does an eCommerce store need to handle all of these campaigns?

pole: In this example, I’d make a distinction between two sorts of data structures that are required. The first is dependent on navigation by the user. A set of data that can be saved and used to help people comprehend what they’re seeing.

On the other side, there is data from actual purchases, which adds more depth to the campaigns and allows for a better understanding of their influence.

22:00 What are the most successful campaigns in the past?

Yeray: The most effective advertising right now are those that allow customers to grow. P For this, multiple chances for discussion must be provided throughout the buying process and user experience, such as text boxes where consumers may convey their opinions. It is feasible to create an analysis based on this.

pole: I’d think it’s something unique to each eCommerce site. At the user level, we deal with a lot of transactional data. Because they are all part of the same system, strategic strategies may be established. Later, find and execute the most effective ways of putting them into action.

30:15 We are now in the midst of a cookie apocalypse. What impact does this circumstance have on you?

Yeray: In our situation, it isn’t anything that has a significant impact on us. As I previously said, we strive to conduct surveys at certain points throughout the user experience. As a result, the information we get from customers is stored in our CRM and not in third-party cookies.

pole: We employ first-party cookies in our instance, so we’re OK.

Carlos: It is a reality that relies on us. In essence, it is dependent on a company’s or project’s primary source of traffic. Similarly, we must be aware that cookies do not vanish as a result of European law. We’ve previously seen how Google has postponed its “removal” if it isn’t in line with their requirements.

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