The decision to only show secure content on Windows 10 has sparked a debate among technologists, privacy experts and Microsoft’s own fans. But what is the rationale behind this change?

The “only secure content is displayed on Windows 10” is a problem that has been present for some time. Microsoft released an update to fix the issue, but Samsung TVs still have the same issue.

Only secure content is displayed on Windows 10


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9th of December, 2021

Originally published in April 2021.

  • You could assume you’re visiting a bad website if you see the notice Only secure content is shown.
  • In Internet Explorer or Edge, only secure material is shown, which is usually linked to traffic protocols.
  • Of course, Internet Explorer is a must-have. When attempting to open an infected source, a message stating “Only secure material is shown” may occur.
  • The best way to avoid security alerts is to use a trustworthy browser with the proper browser settings.



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Microsoft is always upgrading the Microsoft Edge browser, and internet security is undoubtedly a top focus for them. However, when browsing the Internet, some unexpected content-related alerts may surface on occasion.

Only protected information from Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge is shown, according to one notice. This occurs when you attempt to browse a website that has both secure and non-secure information.

Why am I seeing a pop-up that says “Only secure material is displayed”?

This does not imply that the website you’re attempting to visit is unsafe. In reality, this sort of warning comes most often while attempting to visit financial websites, such as your bank’s website.

Mixed content, which combines both safe and nonsecure material, is often shown on websites. The login form you use to access your bank’s website, for example, is secure content since it communicates with a web server using the HTTPS protocol.

Elements like as graphics and banners, on the other hand, employ the insecure HTTP protocol. Even while more online traffic has recently been diverted over the HTTPS protocol, or web browsers have begun to utilize it by default, some aspects continue to use the HTTP protocol.

The above-mentioned error occurs as a result of unsecured material or a web page gaining access to secure content.

So although this is uncommon to happen on typical websites, rogue websites may take advantage of it to get access to your personal information, which is why Microsoft opted to add this warning and only show safe material.

On Microsoft Edge and subsequent versions of Internet Explorer, blocking unsafe material is the default behavior, and turning it off poses a minor security risk.

1. Use a different browser.

Edge is an excellent and trustworthy browser in general, but if you constantly receiving error warnings, switching to a different browser is the shortest cure.

There are a lot of solid solutions that require a little amount of system resources while providing fast loading times.

We suggest that you choose Opera since it offers the finest blend of stability, security, and performance.

The user interface is straightforward and simple to use. You may personalize it to fit your needs and your environment.

You may create many folders and subfolders to keep track of your most critical web sites, and it provides simple bookmarking options.

Furthermore, Opera integrates a number of social networking services so that you may access them straight from the sidebar. Simply log in to stay in contact with your peers.

A wide library of free, downloadable add-ons is also available for the browser. Mini-games, productivity applications, translators, spellcheckers, and other tools may all be integrated.

Another point worth mentioning is that opera comes with a free built-in VPN. It protects your connection and allows you to access information that is geo-restricted.



Switch to a more solid and trustworthy tool like Opera and tweak it as needed to avoid frequent browser issues.

2. Using Internet Settings, fix the secure website problem.

  1. Type Internet Options by pressing Windows Key + S. Choose Internet Options from the drop-down menu. 1639078115_741_Only-secure-content-is-displayed-on-Windows-10
  2. Navigate to the Security tab and pick Internet when the Internet Options box appears.
  3. Then, choose Custom level from the drop-down menu. 1639078115_329_Only-secure-content-is-displayed-on-Windows-10
  4. Display mixed content may be found under the Miscellaneous section.
  5. Three alternatives will be provided to you. Choose Enable if you want to see mixed material all of the time. You will no longer see the “Only secure material is shown” message if you choose this option. 1639078116_140_Only-secure-content-is-displayed-on-Windows-10
  6. To save your changes, click the OK button.
  7. To save your changes, click Apply and OK in the Internet Properties box.

Microsoft is attempting to safeguard its users from possible threats, but that additional layer of security may be inconvenient at times, and users often turn it off.

You may now enable mixed material to be shown and remove the Only secure content is displayed message now that you understand how secure and unsecure content function.

Please let us know how well this solution worked for you. Please leave your thoughts in the box below.

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Windows 10 does not display any non-secure content. This can be a problem for websites that use unsecured content and want to show it on Windows 10. Reference: only secure content is displayed ie.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of only secure content is displayed?

A: In the settings menu of your PS4, you should be able to set a parental control that would allow this.

How do I turn on show all content in Internet Explorer 11?

A: In order to show all content in a web browser, you must manually change the settings of that particular site.

How do I enable mixed content in Internet Explorer?

I see this on my computer but I only want to run it in Schools or Work.
A: On Internet Explorer, go into your settings and under the Advanced Settings youll find an option called Enable Mixed Content. Make sure thats set at either Forbid all sites or Allow local intranet sites, depending where you intend for this setting to be applied. After doing so, click OK then Apply and restart IE after changes are made.

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