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A local online auction service is selling the belongings of an Atascadero woman convicted of embezzlement.

ATASCADERO is a Spanish word that means “ascending.” A local online auction site is selling the ill-gotten earnings of an Atascadero woman convicted of embezzlement and sentenced to jail, with many of the pricey jewelry, sports, and rock ‘n’ roll artifacts possibly worth tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s the first time the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office has held an auction in an effort to get compensation for a crime victim, according to Deputy District Attorney Eric Dobroth, who has worked for the office for roughly 15 years. 

DAs-auction-diamond-necklaceWhen acquired using embezzled funds, this 18K white gold, 2.37-carat diamond, and 48-carat Tanzanite Crown of Light necklace cost over $85,000. The SLO County District Attorney’s Office has put it up for sale online. Photo by Contributor

Authorities seized the goods on the SLO Cal Estate Auctions website, which is owned by Doug and Jennifer Little of Morro Bay, from the house of Joy Noel Wilde, who was 43 at the time of her felony embezzlement conviction last year. 

We’ll make it through this together, Atascadero


According to a press release from the District Attorney’s Office, Wilde pleaded no guilty to 18 counts of embezzlement, two acts of forgery, and one case of embezzlement of a local construction firm. On March 3, 2021, she was sentenced to ten years and four months in state prison. 

Wilde was accused of stealing nearly $500,000, an admission that the District Attorney claimed “needs Wilde to spend her term in State Prison, rather than County Jail.”

According to the press release, the DA’s Major Fraud Unit examined the case and revealed that Wilde took $877,123 from her former company, Greg Wiemann Construction, during a three-year period when she was the bookkeeper and office manager.  

“Ms. Wilde participated in the theft plan by passing 64 counterfeit checks and attempted to pass three more,” according to the press release.

Judge Jesse Marino remarked on the “outrageously massive quantity of money” seized by Ms. Wilde, and ruled that the decade-long jail sentence was necessary, “because to its sheer bulk,” according to the press release. 

According to the press release, the victim and company owner, Greg Wiemann, was present during the sentencing “and described the tremendous effect of Ms. Wilde’s theft in a letter to the court.” Wiemann had put a tremendous degree of faith in Wilde, and Wilde’s deception was “the most painful component of this case” for the victim, according to Judge Marino.

So, with a conviction and sentence in hand, the District Attorney’s Office focused on her hefty reparation order. According to Dobroth, the objects that ended up in the auction were confiscated, and the proceeds would be transferred to Wiemann and used to Wilde’s reparation order. 

The things confiscated were assessed, and the victim was allowed to retain anything he wanted, according to the court ruling, which names many items Wiemann opted to keep. The appraised value was deducted from her overall reparation, with the auction revenues included in as well. 

Wilde will be accountable for repaying whatever money the auction falls short of. Dobroth is hoping that the auction will bring in close to the genuine worth of the things, and that the victim will get as much as possible.

A court document on April 4, 2022 established the deal. Wilde consented to the deal and gave up control of everything. The paper also gave the go light for the auction, which began on May 5.

While such auctions are relatively unusual, according to Dobroth, they are “one option to sell ill-gotten wealth and get the victim some money back.” Items obtained with dirty money – mostly thefts and drug trafficking — are often confiscated by law authorities, and commonly include luxury automobiles.

According to Dobroth, his office determined that this was the best method to get recompense for the victim. He pointed out that embezzlement cases, of which there have been numerous in the county in recent years, are particularly difficult for victims who feel betrayed. 

“A bookkeeper is like part of the family for these small businesses,” he said. The treachery they feel is one of the most difficult aspects.”

DAs-auction-49ers-jerry-rice-jerseyThe District Attorney’s Office is holding an online auction for a commemorative No. 80 49ers jersey signed by Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerry Rice. Photo by Contributor

Wilde allegedly “laundered” the money she stole by purchasing high-end luxury accessories. The following things are for sale:

• A HUBLOT 90 facet cushion cut,.5 carat Crown of Light Diamond “Big Bang” Aero Watch, which Wilde acquired new for $43,450, according to a purchase receipt included with the item’s advertisement. 

• An initial purchase price of $104,000 for a custom-designed and ordered platinum bracelet with 11.5 carats of cushion cut and emerald diamonds.

• An $85,067 “Crown of Light” necklace made of 18K white gold with a 2.37-carat diamond and 48-carat Tanzanite.

Mini footballs and helmets autographed by former Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten and San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice are among the sports memorabilia on display. (Whitten is also on his way to the Hall of Fame.)

There’s an electric guitar signed by Keith Urban, an acoustic guitar signed by Demi Lovato, two autographed tour cards signed by members of Kiss (from their “End of the Road” World Tour, which is still going on), concert set lists signed by members of Metallica, and more among the music-related items.

There’s also a range of opulent bespoke shoes in various designs, including gold-leaf high-top sneakers, snakeskin Christian Louboutin stiletto heels, and many pairs of Louboutin knee-high sneakers. There are also a number of high-end handbags and clutches available.

The auction will continue until 7 p.m. on June 9, when bidding will begin to close. The auction will end at 8:15 p.m. on June 9th.

SLO Cal Estate Auctions is a conglomeration of numerous local auction houses that operate under one roof. Individual auctions are run out of Visalia and Fresno, Arroyo Grande, SLO, and down to Orcutt and Santa Maria, according to Jennifer Little, who stated the auction software is leased from SLO Cal Estate Auctions.

As estate auctioneers, the company’s clientele are mostly the heirs of someone who has passed away and left behind a lifetime’s worth of acquired items, including antiques, fine art, antique furniture, clothes, tools, and just about anything else. Family members often have no idea how much items are worth or how to get rid of them.

One Morro Bay customer, according to Jennifer Little, was left with a home full of useless goods. However, sifting through drawers and hiding places revealed rare silver and gold coins, as well as gold jewelry worth tens of thousands of dollars, all hidden in furniture the family planned to donate to Goodwill.

For additional information, to create an account and bid on goods, or simply to satisfy your curiosity, go to “San Luis Obispo County, Office of the District Attorney Property Seizure Sale” is the name of the auction of Wilde’s ill-gotten wealth.

If the DA’s auction of Wilde’s belongings is successful, it might lead to the sale of additional ill-gotten riches in the name of justice and compensation for crime victims in the surrounding area.

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