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No one can deny the influence the stars have on our lives, yet we often neglect to examine them. I believe November 23rd is a good day to start paying attention to the stars. Today, the head of Scorpio is in a position to help you solve any issues you may be having, as well as understand the truth to your questions and concerns. You can count on the Scorpio star to help you understand your deepest truths and issues.

The stars are essential to your health and well-being. The question is, how well do you know your 2012 astrological forecast? Whether you’re looking for insight into your love life, relationship with money, business, career, health, or anything else, astrology can offer a wealth of insight.


Weekly astrological predictions for all signs 23. november 2020


word-image-6541 Those who dare to earn more than they thought they could. Get the result you want to live with Work hard, Aries! This week, be a little braver and take risks, Aries. But not with my heart and not with my money! This week brings you surprises, discoveries, and most likely luck, thanks to the fabulous solution that is a freedom trine between the Sun in your 9th and Chiron in your 1st. Taking a bold step or a leap into the darkness can free you from your limitations or open up new possibilities.

Bet on your self-esteem!

In your other house of money, the 8th. House, you’re very active. Venus is here and is opposite Uranus in the 2nd degree on the 27th of this week. Against diploma. This tells you that when you negotiate something, you should start from self-worth and self-respect. From this promotion to this relationship. Ask yourself if this matches your value or how you want to be treated. Having the courage to ask for more than you have in the past can be part of this courageous step. Yes, this week is risky to some extent. Make sure you continue what you are doing and be realistic. Mercury in your 8th is also in trine with Neptune in your 12th on the 24th. And then meet Juno on the 26th. This indicates that you will live with the results of your decisions or actions for a long time. But this is a good week to make a commitment and say yes. So say yes to your truth and your true values. In a nutshell: Ready to be brave, Aries? This week, it makes sense to take a chance. It may take a leap of faith to get what you want. Or just asking for what you thought was out of reach. The results may surprise you if you do!


word-image-6542 The following may be unexpected – but it’s exactly what you need! Say yes to something new Love may not look like it should. Accept that this week may not bring the results you were hoping for. Just what you need, Taurus. Venus is in the 7th sign of your horoscope and is opposite Uranus in your 1st house. 27. On the same day, the Sun is in your sector of commerce, sexuality and superpower transformation in trinity with Chiron in your 12th house. So what you do, decide, initiate, accept, try or attempt can get you great results. But not the one you thought.

Be fresh!

Life and love can take a new, more interesting direction, depending on where (or to whom) you say yes and what comes of it. This week Mercury is in your 7th house. Trine Neptune in your 11th house. This week, starting on the 29th, Neptune moves directly. Here Neptune can lead us to dream of these goals, but do nothing to achieve them. Or we can act, but not look at the reality of what it means to have. This is of course Uranus’ main house, so be aware that he may have other ideas! So be flexible and open-minded. About what love can look like. About the results you can really use. And on what you really need in the long run, not what you think you want. Mercury and Juno also meet in your 7th house this week. House. Juno is associated with commitment because she governs marriage. It also manages all the long-term commitments that we can’t just abandon. If we are. For example, if we want to dissolve a marriage, we have to go through a legal process. If we make a financial commitment, for example. B. a mortgage or loan: we are bound for the full term or must pay the full amount if we want to get out. For example, selling our house and refinancing. You have the idea. Mercury rules contracts. Both in written and oral form. So know that what you say yes or no to this week is a commitment on some level. Inside or outside, it doesn’t matter. Imagine this future and how it fits in. Especially when it comes to love, money, or what you share. Sometimes what we didn’t expect turns out to be a decision for the future. In a nutshell: Put those prejudices aside, Taurus. By opening your mind to what love and other possibilities might look like, you’re not only putting new possibilities into your hands – they could be exactly what you need right now!


word-image-6543 Have a clear goal in mind with your career. Keep an intuition journal – and go back to it when necessary Love is called to live above us – and yours? We’re entering the eclipse period, Gemini. So start making notes to your soul when it comes to the information your intuition is communicating to you. As far-fetched as it may seem. Or if it contradicts what someone else is telling you. Write it down in a journal and remember it. It may be more accurate than you see it now. Mercury is in the sixth house. House with Juno and Venus. On the 24th, he aligns with Neptune in your career sector, urging you to stay grounded and practical when it comes to long-term career matters. Neptune comes into direct motion on the 29th. Knowing what results you want to achieve will help you now. Long term decisions can be made, and if you felt restricted in your work or career choices, you could experience a major change when Venus is opposite Uranus in your 12th sign on the 27th. On the same day, Mercury and Juno challenge you to commit to something long-term. For some, it’s just a change of habits. Or a new way of working for others.

Love lifts you up where you belong

Right now you desperately need something more exciting and liberating. The sun in your 7th house. House is now talking about partnership relationships. But the ones that make you shine and rise, not the ones that cover you. Before Venus arrives here and the eclipse season begins, this is a good time to ask yourself what you want from love, a life together, or even a working relationship for your future. Is it the same or something else? Not to mention love in the castle, some of you could be experiencing an unexpected development around a double this week thanks to the Sun trine with Chiron in your eleventh sign. Love can take an unexpected turn, come in an unusual form, or invite you into another form of duality, such as into a working or collaborative partnership. It’s about love, and it’s about freeing and expanding yourself – heart, mind and soul. In a nutshell: As the Sun illuminates your partnership sector now, be on the lookout for dynamic doubles and duos. It is a past, present or potential partnership. It can be a romantic love or a love of a different kind. But it will send you to heaven, Gemini.


word-image-6544 If the dream is worth pursuing, live it, don’t just dream about it. What you think is beyond your reach may be closer than you think. Shine your way This week, Cancer wants you to know the difference between inspiration and escape. Yes, dare to dream. But then act on your ideas. If not, well, they stay that way. Nor should they seek salvation through anyone else, as in the case of the handsome prince or the beautiful princess. Because, I warn you, it’s people like you! Mercury, Juno and Venus are in your romantic zone this week. You may feel creative, romantic, sensual and want to express yourself. Nothing wrong with that. I always tell people when Neptune is in transit, it’s about having your head in the stars and your feet on the ground. Fortunately, Mercury works in your 5th house. House to keep things real, as he is in trine with Neptune in your 9th on the 24th. This happens a few days before Neptune goes direct again. On the one hand, it can be a passage that opens the heart and imagination. Or you get so caught up in the dream that you lose touch with reality.

It’s time to shine!

On the 26th, Mercury meets Juno, who plays here. While Venus is in opposition to Uranus in its eleventh sign on the 27th. So, love or your children, adult children or younger generation, or your creativity, can have a huge impact on the future that is unfolding now. Again: Don’t settle for dreams. Another success story could happen this week. The one where you are recognized for your unique and individual talents, skills or experience. Or an opportunity to transform something mundane and ordinary into a better way of living and working. Trying to say I can do it, not that I should. Others may decide to take a chance and apply for a position, promotion or job they previously thought was out of their reach. This is not about evasion, Krebs. It’s a vision of what you want and a plan to get there. In a nutshell: There is a difference between inspiration and escape. Have a vision and a dream. Find a vision that inspires you to act. Maybe in ways you never thought possible.


word-image-6545 To say yes is to have freedom. Choose the long term variant Fall in love with your life This week, Leo, there is a sense of obligation all around you. For example, a commitment to where you live, your way of life, your home, your roots, your idea of family, your country or your sense of belonging. Mercury, Juno and Venus in your 4th house. House is asking you to fit in. And with Mercury forming a trine with Neptune on the 24th, then a conjunction with Juno on the 26th, it’s all about say: I like it for the long haul. Venus is also in opposition to Uranus in your career zone on the 27th. So the decision you have to make could be about your job, your partner’s career, the status of your relationship or even the decision to work from home. Juno controls long term commitments such as marriage. But they are also agreements that you can’t get out of so easily. Long-term financial arrangements such as mortgages, leases or loans are also included in this section of your card. Or an employment contract. You are asked to literally and figuratively sign on the dotted line for the near future.

Freedom leads you to a new path

But at the heart of this decision is freedom. The ruler of the Sun in your fabulous 5th house in Leo. A triangle to the potentially radical Chiron is also on the 27th. Changes, decisions or commitments you make this week can anchor and focus you. But at the same time, it takes the pressure off. It also fuels the fire, the passion and everything else you need. Yes, you can fall in love with a person, an idea, a goal or a project. But you can just fall in love with your own life. So choose a courageous approach in the long run, because by not tying yourself down, you free yourself at the same time. Maybe just to shine in a new or brighter environment. In a nutshell: After this week, I agree with you, Leo, there is no need to commit to anything. Long-term promises lead to the stability and freedom you dream of. Either way, say yes this week and play on interest.


word-image-6546 Your choice creates freedom Change the status quo – and your future Feel the fear – and dare to do it anyway! This week, Virgo, something is forcing you to give a clear yes or no answer. You must say whether you will be there or not. We can decide on anything: Jobs, choices, or relationships. For example, the way you drive may change. B. When you buy a new car. You can make a commitment in one way or another for a purchase, a job or a person. Everything depends on Mercury in the 3rd house. House. It is in trine with Neptune in your 7th, which begins to move on the 29th. You now have the clarity and the will to make that decision. Your administrator, who meets Juno on the 26th, asks you to sign something, whether it’s an agreement, a matter of the heart, or a decision. It was a long time coming, and don’t think it’s not in your best interest. Venus in your 3rd is also opposite Uranus in your 9th on the 27th. Uranus still wants us to evolve here too, through something that creates freedom.

Game with Paradox

It can be gripping, take you out of your comfort zone, or bring with it different decisions than you’ve made in the past. Taking the plunge, taking a step forward, or opting for something new can make you shudder in your Jimmy Choos at first. But when you do, you’ll wonder why you put it off. Or whatever it is you find so difficult. The Sun in your 4th is also triangulated with the paradoxical Chiron in your 8th on the 27th. It indicates a change, and a drastic change, in home, income, family or life circumstances. Dare to disrupt the status quo this week if you must, Virgo. This may be exactly what you need to say yes to. In a nutshell: Don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit this week, Virgo. You will be asked to make a choice or direction. Yes, it can take you out of your comfort zone. But that’s where the opportunities and the magic lie!


word-image-6547 Organize for the abundance that is coming Solutions that help you take off Something catches you off guard. The good news of the week is your ability to cut through the confusion and fog when it comes to income, budget, work, or just everyday activities, Libra. You may have hit a dead end or drift in terms of work, school, daily routines, schedules or even budget. It’s a disconnected, unrealistic feeling when you may not have even been able to pay attention to these areas, even if you consciously tried. One of my Libra clients told me that she always falls asleep when she tries to a) study or b) look at her bills. Neptune in your 6th house. This is House’s fault. What does Neptune neutralize? Mercury. Mercury in trine with Neptune on the 24th and Neptune from the 29th directs you toward clarity and, dare I say it, toward organization, leading to well-being rather than restlessness. In the long run, after Mercury and Juno are in conjunction on the 26th. Engagement is both a choice and an investment in your future – now.

Solutions lead to unexpected results

Venus is also in his second home. House. Here, Venus is always looking for more abundance on some level. It also boosts our self-esteem. On the 27th, Venus is in opposition to Uranus in your 8th house. House and set you free. Maybe by giving you more resources. And don’t forget that they can be both intangible and tangible. You may find a way to overcome something that has held you back for too long. The sun in your 3rd. House is also in triangle with Chiron in your 7th on the 27th. House. There may be some news you weren’t expecting. It also asks you to take risks when it comes to a relationship between you and another person. Whether it’s personal, professional or financial. Dare to ask, try or do this week and get rid of that seaside feeling once and for all. In a nutshell: Ship to shore! It’s time to stop wandering off and innovate in your day-to-day work. This week, Libra, you can approach practical matters in a new way.


word-image-6548 Love, intuition, imagination, inspiration – these are your super powers! Shake it to shine! Is it time to love yourself? The sun may have left your sign, but you still have plenty of planets celebrating in your first sign, Scorpio. Mercury, Venus and Juno. Use love, imagination, intuition and inspiration this week as Mercury makes a magical connection with Neptune, who will soon be back directly in your fifth house. Maybe it’s time to show you more love. Invest in your image, your look. And make an external statement about your value and what you deserve. Long-term changes in this area can be made when Mercury and Juno meet on the 26th. Make a promise to yourself and stick to it now.

Feel it, be it, put it

Venus in your 1st. House supports this approach and reminds you that if you want to attract something, you have to feel it first. On the 27th, he is in opposition to Uranus in your 7th. House. In this way, you get rid of what is outdated, limiting, or just doesn’t match who you really are anymore. The Sun is now in the ruling sector of Venus – your 2nd house. And Trine Chiron in your 6th. House of Daily Life. Your work (paid or unpaid), your studies, your habits and routines. Changes in this area require changes in all other areas. It can be not only about showing a new self, but also about breaking a routine that has become tiresome or discovering a new, radically positive way of working or making money. This week, Scorpio, take a trip to the naughty side. And that means you’ll look new and outrageously good. In a nutshell: This week, Scorpio, is inspiration for you. But don’t forget to address it to yourself. As an actor in a role, you need to look and feel appropriate. So be creative this week and present yourself in the sign of self-love.

Magnetic switch

Is what you promised in the past still true? Work on your image It’s time to step out of the shadows and back into the spotlight! We are approaching the time of the solar eclipse, Will Robinson. And that’s your dangerous signal. If that’s not the danger, your inner Robbie is definitely warning you now to be on your guard. Especially since you still have a large number of astro factors in your 12th house. House have, who are connected to all that is hidden. The past or something that has held you back, troubled or destabilized you can become a feature. But if you stay in touch with that inner voice, you can see it for what it is. The conjunction of Mercury on the 12th with Neptune in your 4th can point you in the right direction for home and life issues on the 24th. Solve these problems in a practical way, as Neptune becomes direct on the 29th. Mercury arrives in your 12th on the 26th. House on Juno. Juno rules marriage and all long-term commitments. That you can’t get rid of so easily. But maybe you are already looking for it or considering it. If so, understand that it’s over. Venus opposition to Uranus in your 6th house. The house on the 27th indicates that you need to free yourself from something that has become a chore, a difficult job or a treadmill.

Get ready for a close-up

The best aspect of the week is the Sun trine with Chiron in your 5th house. House. It can take you from backstage to the spotlight in no time. Imagine being the understudy to a star and suddenly being told you’re going to play the lead. Here you can take a risk if you are offered something. It could be your appearance, image, brand, style, behavior, social media profile, photos, videos, posts, etc. So don’t succumb to stage fright, whatever you do. Prepare to meet this week. Free yourself from what has held you captive for too long. In a nutshell: Pay attention to what you’ve committed to in the past and make sure that this week, Sag, you can be sure of the future. There is no point in continuing if it has already outlived its usefulness or is worn out. It’s time to focus on yourself again. So try to prove yourself, by all means.


word-image-6549 Stick to the facts You can trust your truth Let yourself be guided by your energy This week, Capricorns, ask yourself what you hear. And continue this process in the coming year and beyond. Above all, do not jump to conclusions and always ask for the source of the information. Keep your word, even if the people around you don’t. You will find that your truth is a truth you can trust. And be ready for some revelations. Mercury in your 11th house is in trine with Neptune in Mercury’s 3rd house. Remember, Neptune is fuzzy and confusing. He goes direct again from the 29th, but don’t forget that next week there is a solar eclipse in another house of Mercury – your 6th. Therefore, we must wait for new facts to come to light. Try to avoid gossip and speculation during this time. Or to be dragged into it. The check didn’t arrive in the mail. There is a possibility that there is no conspiracy. Or that person didn’t do or say what others said. They want facts and nothing more.

Communicating the truth

And pay close attention to whether someone is just saying a word and not doing anything. Do they promise something but not deliver? It could be anyone: the boyfriend who keeps disappointing you, the employer who keeps promising you a promotion or advancement, or the lover who says he’d love to break up with you but has too much to do right now. Mercury meets Juno in your 11th house. and asks you to watch out for long term promises that are not kept. And also your own promise to your future. Venus is also in your 11th house. House in opposition to Uranus in your love sector. Is it time to let others know that one day you no longer belong? The Sun in your secret sector of spiritual freedom underscores all the truths involved when it trines Chiron in your 4th house on the 27th. It’s about knowing what (or who) you need to give you that all-important feeling of belonging, grounding and safety, Cappy. Some of you make a promise to move on. Especially if you thought you never would. This includes moving or simply removing energy from people and situations that do not support you. This is radical living at its best – and support. In a nutshell: It’s time to check your facts, Capricorn. Nothing more than accepting the truth. This week, it’s about asking others – and yourself. You don’t need any promises. Now you need words to be connected.


word-image-6550 Set the direction and specify your conditions Connections open new possibilities to achieve goals Discover a new way to get to your destination Aquarians have a clear idea of what they want to achieve in terms of income, career or long-term path. This week you have awards, recognition and status in the stellium of the 10th. When Mercury and Juno meet here, it indicates a decision that will allow you to move forward or strengthen your long-term efforts. In a way, it signals what you can accomplish, because it’s your public image house. Mercury crosses Neptune in your house of money starting on the 24th, just before Neptune goes direct. So you need to know what your value, your price or your benefit is. Venus in your 10th house. House strengthens your professional image and reputation. He is opposite your ruler Uranus in your 4th house on the 27th. Home and tells you that changes in your home, household, relationship dynamics or work bring a double benefit – freedom and security at the same time. Yes, they can and often do go together.

Thinking outside the box when it comes to achieving a goal

The Sun in your 11th, in conjunction with Aquarius, is in trine with Chiron in your 3rd on the 27th. The connection can bring radically new possibilities. You can change direction when it comes to achieving a goal. Is there another, different, but perhaps more interesting way to do this? Others get noticed, go viral, or are the subject of much discussion because they put something online. Get your message out in every way possible this week. It could become a higher cosmic order. In a nutshell: Are you willing to take a new and perhaps radical approach to getting what you want? Or even where to go? Stand up, say what you want, and don’t be afraid to be seen now. The brave ones achieve their goal, Aquarius.


word-image-6551 Bring this understanding ashore Aim for something more What is far, far away is closer than you think. This week, Neptune becomes ruler direct. Come back down to earth with the wisdom you’ve gained, Pisces. Messages or thoughts can seem to come from afar thanks to Mercury in your 9th house. Current house on the 24th, forms a perfect trine with Neptune. You can also consider these ideas now. One of them may take you further than you think. As long as you use it. Without a doubt, intuition is your compass this week, so follow it. Although the sun is now in your 10th year. House of status and career, you still have much planetary focus in your vast House of vision and consciousness.

How far can the road take you?

Foreign affairs, studies, publications, podcasts, big ideas, law, recreation in nature, belief systems, places far, far away that you want to connect with spiritually or visit – there is a desire and commitment around these topics. When Mercury and Juno meet on the 26th in your 9th house. When the two signs of the 2nd house meet, you begin to commit to something greater or embark on a journey (real or metaphorical) for your future. Venus is in opposition to Uranus here on the 27th, and unexpected news or revelations could set you on a new path. For some, this may have to do with work and career, as the Sun in your 10th is in trine with Chiron in your 2nd. This week, Pisces, you can look at the world in a new way. Either by what you discovered during Neptune’s resting period, or by the world knocking at your door and inviting you to explore it. Like Bilbo Baggins, the journey may be unexpected. But they also offer adventure and freedom. In a nutshell: This week, Pisces, you could be dedicated to a path, study, idea or item on your to-do list. This could be the first step towards something bigger. So don’t be afraid to take it now. This is where the journey begins. year at the first day of the new month, an astrological chart is created for an individual by combining their personal star signs (a.k.a. Sun/Moon sign) and birth data (a.k.a. month and day) into a single chart. The chart is based on the ancient Hellenic system of astrology, and its primary purpose is to show the exact timing of important dates (e.g. wedding dates, job opportunities, etc.) for those individuals born under the influence of the corresponding star sign.. Read more about scorpio horoscope month and let us know what you think.

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