The NFL draft is a yearly event where the 32 teams of the National Football League (NFL) select new talent from college football. The first
selection of these players takes place on day one, which includes only 256 selections for each round and lasts about three hours. It will take many years before this process can be fully automated due to its complexity, but there are some signs that suggest it’s possible in as little as five years. If an entire industry were to use blockchain technology like Madden does now with their Ultimate Team mode, then a huge disruption would occur within sports content production just like what happened in esports when Fortnite was released.

The “NFL draft 2022 order” is the process of selecting eligible players for a given professional football league’s annual event. The NFL has yet to release an official date for their 2020 draft, but it will likely take place in April 2021. Read more in detail here: nfl draft 2022 order.

As the NFL draft in 2022 approaches and clubs complete their quarterback rankings, I’d want to take a look at what distinguishes the best signal-callers in this class. No, it isn’t as talented as the class of 2021, which included five first-round picks. However, this is still a fascinating bunch, and I wouldn’t be shocked if one of them made the top five.

Let’s look at the most important characteristics of each of the top six quarterbacks in this class. These quarterbacks can check the crucial characteristics required to perform as starters in the NFL, from great arm talent to a fast, compact release to the ability to go through full-field reads. While this may not be the case for all six in 2022, each offers something that clubs like. We’ll also offer six video clips that demonstrate these characteristics and explain how each quarterback may attain his maximum potential.

We’ll go over the quarterback rankings in order of my ESPN draft colleagues’ consensus rankings, outlining what each player excels at. Let’s start with a super-talented thrower who may be a great player with a little work:

Corral | Howell | Pickett Ridder | Strong | Willis | Corral | Howell | Pickett Ridder | Strong | Willis


Height: 6’0″ | Weight: 219 lbs. No. 1 in a poll of experts.

Willis’ strongest quality is his ability to use his arms.

Willis has the natural arm skill to attack the field at all three levels. He has the ability to make every throw. Last season, he scored 12 touchdowns on passes of 20 yards or more, and the ball seems to burst out of his right hand on video. Willis can rip the ball up the seams on middle-of-the-field stretch concepts and can drive it from the pocket, exploiting boundary gaps in Cover 2. On deep ball throws, he can really dial it up (see video below).


6-feet-3-inches tall | 217 pounds No. 2 on the consensus list

Pickett’s strongest quality is his ability to isolate and remove ideas on a full-field basis.

Pickett’s arm has enough power to make third-level passes and hit out-breaking routes, as seen by the clip. He also layers the ball on multiple concepts and has the mobility to go out of the pocket and generate plays that aren’t on the clock. But it’s his ability to go through his progressions that enables him to distribute the ball with both time and anticipation that’s his best quality.

Pickett shown the ability to read plays quickly and identify the matchup or open window after throwing NFL-style route concepts at Pitt and taking an aggressive approach to vertical concepts (video below).


6-feet-3-inches tall | 211 pounds No. 3 in a poll of experts.

Ridder’s finest quality is his poise and calmness.

Ridder is a pace-and-touch pitcher with the ability to create velocity when needed. He also possesses precise and effective footwork. When you look at his lower-body mechanics, it’s clinic-worthy. When I examine his footage, I concentrate on his poise and calm, which coaches will tell you is a vital component of playing the position. This is the ability to shift and reset the throwing window calmly in the face of edge/interior pressure (see video below). In the pocket, the eye level. Patience and foresight to go through his readings while anticipating coverage gaps.

I’m working on a story for ESPN on quarterback prospects, with an emphasis on crucial characteristics.

Desmond Ridder plays the position with poise & composure. See it on the tape. @NFLMatchup #Cincinnati

— March 25, 2022, Matt Bowen (@MattBowen41)

Ridder’s physique is small, therefore he’ll most likely be used as a situational runner in the league. However, he has the necessary mobility attributes to assault the boot’s edge. To develop and generate more consistent ball position, his lengthy release and low arm angle will need to be adjusted. However, I envision Ridder as an eventual starter in a schemed passing game with play-action aspects, based on his play style and mentality.


6-feet-2-inches tall | 212 pounds No. 4 in a poll of experts.

The finest feature of Corral is his quick, compact release combined with short to intermediate arm strength.

Corral is a high-RPM thrower who can put a lot of zip on the ball in the short-to-intermediate passing game. He’s a steady quarterback who can pass with pace and touch at the third level, and he gives his receivers plenty of chances to score after the catch. On in-breakers — crossers, shallows, and over routes — he throws a “runners ball.” Grasp and flee (see video below).

Throwing a “runners ball” is a skill. That’s something you’ll notice a lot with Corral on the video.

Catch & run opportunities on shallows, slants, overs. @NFLMatchup #OleMiss

February 22, 2022 — Matt Bowen (@MattBowen41)

Corral wasn’t expected to go through consistent full-field reads in the Ole Miss system since throws were dictated by the play idea. Resetting his window in the pocket and throwing with better placement while moving to the edges are two things he can work on. Corral can produce in a pro system that contains spread aspects because of his rapid release on quick-game and play-action passes, as well as the tenacity he offers as a ball carrier.


Weight: 218 pounds | Height: 6 feet 1 inch No. 5 in a poll of experts.

Howell’s finest quality as a thrower is his aggressive approach.

From inside or outside the pocket, Howell possesses the arm ability to assault down the middle of the field. He also shows sandlot-ball tendencies, as he tries to create as a runner and a thrower on second-reaction plays, with the ability to deliver the ball from a variety of platforms. Because of his aggressive approach, Howell can work progressions and looks to the third level early in his readings. Even if you’re prolonging the game, take the shot when it comes your way (see video below).


6-feet-3-inches tall | 226 pounds No. 6 on the consensus list

Strong’s finest qualities are his drive and speed.

As a pure thrower, Strong has unique characteristics. His arm strength is impressive, and he can change the pace of his throws. This enables him to unleash lasers within the numbers or touch passes over the top of second-level opponents. And he has the ability to test every aspect of the game. Strong tosses the ball from several platforms on the film, and he makes some monster throws. He can pound seams or assault coverage with passes from the other hash (see video below). That’s when we see his true ability to drive the ball with velocity.


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