The past decade has seen a huge growth in wearable technology, with activity trackers, health monitors, and smartwatches becoming the norm. This trend is set to continue, as manufacturers begin to understand that seemingly minimal improvements in the way we live our lives will make the biggest impact on individual lives. The smart garment market has already begun to flourish, with the likes of Nike, Google, and Stanford University all developing and releasing smart jackets that allow us to track our individual heart rates and overall mood. But how can such a simple garment have such a profound impact?

There are many people that would benefit from smart clothing, but not everyone is a fan of wearing technology on their skin. However, there is a growing market of individuals that will gladly sport smart garments all for the sake of convenience and style.

On June 26th, Apple released the new Watch Series 3—the first smartwatch to feature a cellular connection—and it is already generating tremendous buzz. Just like smartwatches originally took off in the early days of mobile phones, the new Apple Watch Series 3 is expected to propel smartwatches into the mainstream and help them convince more people to wear them.

word-image-18965 A new line of luminous clothing, Lumactive, plans to enter the smart clothing market later this year. The first product they are launching is a pair of suspenders that uses acrylic fur to diffuse light and works via a small controller that attaches to the belt and contains an accelerometer and processor. When you move, the processor analyzes the accelerometer readings to determine the type of movement you are making. It then adjusts the patterns displayed on the clothing depending on what the user is doing. The company’s founder, Alex Johnson, said: We chose the shoulder straps because they hold up well when you move around a lot, they don’t overheat your body like the vest does, and they have a clear left and right side that show the directional capabilities of the electronics. There are lots of fun light-up garments, but none of them are interactive beyond a push of a button. Our garments are designed to be fully interactive, encouraging the user to move and be creative to create dazzling performances. It’s also very easy to use and responsive, so you don’t have to tinker to get it working. The company plans to market various types of equipment (vests, pants, accessories, etc.) based on its technology. In addition to the festival community, dance groups, cheerleaders and discos are among the target markets. Price and availability are not yet known.The purpose of your blog should be to educate, inform and entertain your audience, and not to sell clothes. It is therefore essential that you have a unique perspective on this topic. At the end of this blog post you will find a list of all the products we considered in our research. We hope that you will find our conclusions useful.. Read more about smart clothing brands and let us know what you think.

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