The NBA Finals were played in a best-of-seven format this year, which was the first step to help attract more casual audiences.

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Daryl Morey donned a blue jacket over a red shirt with a caricature of James Harden’s face from his popular internet meme on stage inside Boston’s Hynes Convention Center in early March for the commencement of the annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

“Besides ‘Seize The Data,’ the conference’s theme is reconnecting,” said Morey, the head of basketball operations for the Philadelphia 76ers, who co-founded the analytics symposium over 20 years ago.

“I had the good fortune of reuniting with my basketball Jesus.”

On the court, Morey’s career has been characterized by two things: helping to promote the use of analytics across the NBA, and his eight-year association with Harden and the Houston Rockets.

Morey had just returned from a year-long trip to see his former MVP, which he documented with a photo taken on the tarmac next to a private plane upon Harden’s arrival.

A single trophy emoji was used as the caption.

“Our objective,” Morey added during Harden’s debut press conference a few days later, “is the entire reason why everyone on the club is truly here.” “[General manager Elton Brand] has come to win a championship.” Coach Doc Rivers is in town to win a championship.

“All of us have unfinished business….” We understood that if we were going to make a deal, it had to be for [a player] who could help us compete at a high level from the time Ben [Simmons] asked us out.

“And, given the nature of the league, you’ll need guys like James Harden to complement Joel Embiid and Tobias [Harris]. Without it, you can’t win.”

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Harden was still the caliber of player that finished first or second in MVP voting four out of five seasons during their time together in Houston, according to Morey’s opinion.

Harden’s MVP-level version, however, is no longer available.

He didn’t play in the most important game of Philadelphia’s season. Harden was a non-factor in Game 6 of their Eastern Conference semifinal against the Miami Heat, with everything on the line. He had 11 points, 9 assists, and 4 turnovers in the game. Harden and his teammates went back to the bench after his turnover with little under 11 minutes left in the fourth quarter, which resulted to Bam Adebayo’s fast break bucket.

Miami terminated Philadelphia’s playoffs with a 99-90 victory, knocking the 76ers out of the second round for the fourth time in five years.

Now the team faces another uncertain summer, this time with another major — and perhaps costly — concern.

Is Harden and the 76ers’ future bright?

A Western Conference executive replied, “This is their bed.” “They’re going to build it, sleep in it, and it’s not going to work.”

The HARDEN-EMBIID collaboration should be logical.

Harden has been an elite NBA offense unto himself for the last decade. From the 2013-14 season, when Second Spectrum started recording statistics, through the 2019-20 season, Harden had over 8,000 isolation plays, more than 2,000 more than any other player.

On those plays, he averaged 1.10 points, the most efficiency in the league. During that time, he made 734 step-back 3-pointers, more than any other player.

Harden and Embiid, probably the league’s most imposing physical force, another of the league’s finest foul-drawers, and a nominee for the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award for the second consecutive season, would form an offensive juggernaut.

The early results were promising. In each of his first four games with the 76ers, Harden scored at least 25 points on at least 50 percent shooting.

Harden and Embiid combined to hit 37 free throws in the duo’s second game together, and the big man provided up a straightforward review:

With a grin, Embiid answered, “Unstoppable.”

Those early results turned out to be anomalies. Harden accomplished both milestones four more times in his last 29 games of the season, including Philadelphia’s 12 playoff games, and only had one game, against the Milwaukee Bucks on March 29, when he hit both on the same night.


Heat at 76ers, Game 6 on Thursday, May 12 (7 p.m.) Suns versus. Mavericks, Game 6 (9:30 p.m.)

Celtics at Bucks, Game 6 Grizzlies at Warriors, Game 6* Friday, May 13

*If required | All times are Eastern

As the playoffs progressed, 76ers coach Doc Rivers and Harden’s teammates sought to reset expectations. Harden remains an outstanding playmaker and Philadelphia’s only genuine point guard.

“Everyone anticipated the Houston James Harden since we acquired him,” Embiid remarked after Game 6. “But that is no longer the case. He’s more of a creator of opportunities.”

Even Harden has hinted that his style is changing from the one-man show that helped the Rockets win three consecutive scoring crowns.

After Game 3, Harden stated, “I’ve always been the communicator, the organizer, trying to get players in the correct situations.” “I believe that is the case today more than ever.”

Harden has been a driving element for Philadelphia’s offensive success in these playoffs. The 76ers offense averages 114.7 points per 100 possessions while he’s on the floor, which puts them comfortably in the top five in the league during the regular season.

When he leaves the game, Philadelphia’s offensive rating drops to 101.5, certainly the lowest in the NBA.

The Sixers were without Embiid in Games 1 and 2 against Miami, but both games were winnable because to the Heat’s lackluster play without Kyle Lowry. Harden, on the other hand, went 11-for-28 from the field, including 3-for-12 from beyond the arc.

After Philadelphia’s Game 1 defeat, 76ers coach Doc Rivers stated, “It’s not about James.” “It’s about them all.” We’re a group, and we need to work together more. It’s not going to be one player that picks up the slack from not having Joel.”

However, the idea for trading for Harden was to get just that.

Harden’s postseason performance in 2022 exemplifies how difficult his eventual free agency will be to handle for all parties involved.

MOREY AND THE 76ERS EXPECTED TO END THEIR SEASON IN A DIFFERENT PLACE THAN THEY DID LAST YEAR WHEN THEY TRADE FOR HARDEN. Instead, it produced the same conclusion, but with various issues along the road.

Last year’s playoffs concluded with Philadelphia’s All-Star point guard giving up an easy dunk in the waning seconds of Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals at home against a lower-seeded club.

Philadelphia’s playoffs concluded with their All-Star point guard shooting 4-for-9 in Game 6 on home floor against a Miami club that was without Lowry for the fourth time in the series’ six games.

There are certain exceptions, the most notable of which being Embiid’s injuries. This defeat, on the other hand, is about Harden. Morey said that he was the last piece of the jigsaw, the move that had to succeed.

Morey explained the necessity of nailing any Simmons deal in a radio interview two weeks before acquiring Harden at the deadline.

“And if we simply execute a minor deal that’s basically sideways because it’ll make us all feel better to have names on the floor, it would cost Joel, the 76ers, and our whole roster in the long run more than if we’re patient.”

This summer, Philadelphia is in risk of being wounded once again.

Why? Due of Harden’s precarious contract position.


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Harden’s playoff history is filled with failures. In Game 6 of the 2017 Western Conference playoffs, he went 2-for-11 as the Rockets were thrashed by the Spurs on their own floor, as Kawhi Leonard stood outside in street clothes. Harden and the rest of the Rockets missed 27 consecutive 3-pointers in Game 7 of the 2018 West finals against the Golden State Warriors, then flamed out the following season against an injury-depleted Warriors club.

From Dwight Howard to Chris Paul to Russell Westbrook to Kevin Durant and Irving, he’s had his share of squabbles with his teammates.

However, his presence in Philadelphia provided an opportunity to alter the story. And for a city that had grown tired of the Simmons controversy, just having Harden on the field was enough to win him plenty of fans.

But then came another disappointing postseason run for this team, culminating with Harden’s mysterious disappearance in an elimination game. Harden was disengaged in the second half of Game 6, taking and missing only two shots and ending with nine for the game.

Harden remarked after the game, “We ran our offense.” “The ball just did not return to me.”

After one last bucket by Jimmy Butler, Rivers called timeout to withdraw his starters with 68 seconds left, the clock running out on the 76ers’ season as fans spread about the arena’s bowl shouted a final strong wave of boos.

At his first news conference, Harden remarked, “I’m in a spot where I can be the greatest James Harden I can be on the floor.”

Harden’s best isn’t what it used to be, which is an issue for both him and the 76ers. Three months after they were brought together in what seemed to be a beautiful long-term relationship, their futures could not be more bleak.

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