A bug in the Windows 10 October 2018 update (version 1809) prevents any GPU from going over 40% utilization. The bug was confirmed to be fixed on November 3, 2018 by Microsoft.

The “what is a graphics card” is a bug that has been present in Windows 11. The bug prevents GPUs from going over 40%.

Nast New World Windows 11 bug prevents GPUs from going over 40%


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If you’re a member of the New World player community, we’ve got some exciting news for you. We can’t deny that the game is visually appealing, but a recent issue will make gaming less pleasurable.

Players are irritated by a recent strange bug that causes GPUs to not utilize all of their resources and never load beyond 40% of use, resulting in terrible frame rates in Outpost Rush and Wars in particular.

After the recent New World Update, some players’ FPS would be sky high at times, yet their rigs would struggle to breathe while locked to 40 fps in conflicts.

There is an easy solution to this problem.

As you may recall, this isn’t the first time New World has had a hardware issue. People began to have problems with the game very immediately after it was published.

When players tried it for the first time with their PCs equipped with RTX 3090 graphics cards, their gaming settings were completely devastated.


My EVGA 3090 has been totally fried by playing the New World beta. There have been several reports of this occurring with the same card in the same game. @TEAMEVGA @playnewworld @EVGA JacobF @EVGA JacobF @EVGA JacobF @EVGA Jaco

I simply want to make certain that this does not happen to anybody else.

July 21, 2021 — Gladd (@Gladd)

However, although this new problem is not as terrible as the previous one, it will nonetheless spoil your gaming experience and make the game unplayable at times.

This occurs after upgrading to Windows 11, which is still in its early stages and will undoubtedly have a number of drawbacks before being fully optimized.

However, there is no need to panic since there is a remedy and you will be able to continue playing because it seems that some people have managed to resolve the problem.


If you’re having this problem, like we said, there is a remedy that won’t take much of your time, so follow these instructions and you’ll be done in no time.

The first thing you need do is turn off your computer’s Game Mode. This feature has been proved to influence game performance, and it’s not only on New World, therefore make it a priority.

After you’ve completed the previous step, all you have to do now is change the game’s visual options to High Performance.

All of these should be addressed now, and Outpost Rush should run at a steady 80-100 FPS. Wars have consistently hovered around 70-90, however this is mostly dependent on the equipment you’re using.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reduce GPU usage in Windows 11?

A: You can reduce GPU usage in Windows 11 by using the Nvidia control panel and enabling Prefer Maximum Performance for Rendering and Balance power between NVIDIA GPUs.

Will Windows 11 affect gaming?

A: Windows 11 is expected to have a positive effect on the games industry, but not without some drawbacks. The new operating system will most likely lead many users towards PC gaming because its an inherently more customizable and powerful platform, which has positives and negatives for all gamers.

Does Windows 11 slow down your PC?

A: There is no evidence that Windows 11 will slow down your PC.

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