I’ve been through a few Modern Horizons sets so far and I’ll be posting my thoughts on every card. So far, the only cards I’ve had to buy are the Jace, the Mind Sculptor, fetch lands, and Snapcaster Mage.

Modern Horizons is an exciting set and I think it has some of the best cards the format has ever seen. For me, it’s the set that got me into Modern. If you are looking to add some cards to your collection, here are the 11 most expensive Modern Horizons 2 cards.

word-image-832 The sequel toModern Horizons , designed specifically for modern and other timeless formats, is now available on Magic Online. The printed game will be available on the 18th. Released in June, that’s not so far. As expected, Modern Horizons 2 is a powerful and valuable game with three new planeswalkers, fetchland reprints, strong squirrel and merfolk tribal support, and many other interesting features. Currently Magic: The Gathering market has been shaken up, so it’s time to take a look at some of the most expensive cards in Modern Horizons 2. The prices indicated are those in force at the date of publication of this article: 03. June 2021.

Chatter, squirrels in general

  • Fine art award: $37.29
  • Unlimited artistic price: $49.99

During spoiler season, the cost of this card was very low, about $10 per card. But as players outgrew the squirrel label and began to really build with it, the price began to skyrocket. Chatterfang can be a very useful token generator with some extra features that will be in high demand in the Commander format. He can easily support the green token archetype with the deranged Hermit and Deep Forest Hermit in play. However, this craze doesn’t extend to the modern format, where there isn’t much room for tribal squirrel decks. Still, there are small signs that Chatterfang’s price could go up.

Dauthi Empty Transformer

  • Fine art award: $40.00
  • Arts Award Expansion: $42.99

Dauthi Voidwalker is definitely a very strong card, but it also has some weaknesses that are easy to overlook. It is now popular with Commander and Modern players. The advantages are obvious: almost no blocking due to Shadow’s ability, hates opponent’s graveyard, and gives card advantage. How can you not like it? But he can also be easily killed by something like Fatal Push, and eventually revived by Lurrus of the Dream Den for a turn or two. But that’s not enough to justify the $40 price tag, so expect them to drop to $25 each on the secondary market.

Talking to yourself

  • Fine art award: $42.54
  • Unlimited artistic price: $59.99

The Evoke card cycle in Modern Horizons 2 is a real hit. Solitude is just one volume, but it is truly far-reaching and will change the landscape of the modern format, and perhaps other timeless formats as well. It was once called Force of Plowshares, after the Swords to Plowshares removal spell, but with the mana free cost of the famous Force of Will spell. Add an ephemera spell to this combo and you have something very dangerous. The current price seems perfectly balanced for such a strong but new card. If not banned, it could grow steadily in the coming years.

Sword of hearth and home

  • Fine art award: $44.92
  • Unlimited artistic price: $65.57

The new sword cycle in Modern Horizons 2 is getting a lot of support from the EDH audience. Sword of Hearth and Home is a very good ramp card with the right size color protection, as well as a very useful flicker effect. The old Sword cycle, with the Sword of Feast and Famine at the top, is still better, but that doesn’t mean players won’t find another place for this new card in Commando. However, today’s players are not very enthusiastic and Sword of Feast and Famine may not grow as much as expected. The current price is well set unless it drops further in the coming months.

Grist, Hungry Tide

  • Fine art award: $49.99
  • Unlimited artistic price: $56.27

Grist is both a planeswalker and a creature that can be used as a commander. This combination has proven successful in various formats, but no one is sure how well it really works. This creates a sense of uncertainty in the market. Commander players will promote the card as much as possible, but the price will drop if it turns out to be just a nice card of questionable value. Since this is a brand new card that needs extensive testing, there is no clear answer as to which strategy is best to follow. We’ll have to wait and see how Grist performs in different formats before pricing.

Igneol Hierarch

  • Fine art award: $54.99
  • Price sketch: $84.99

Jund’s players must have been excited when this card was revealed. It is an immediate staple that will be used as often in the modern era as its predecessor Noble Hierarchy. Since this is the very first release of Ignoble Hierarch, the price will easily be able to maintain and maybe even increase slightly in the coming months. But if Wizards of the Coast decides to reissue it in the same quantity as Noble Hierarch, the price will inevitably drop. It is now a great investment, and probably the safest of all Modern Hornets 2.

Green Catacombs

  • Fine art award: $54.99
  • Arts Award Expansion: $86.62

The five enemy countries from the original Zendikar set return in Modern Horizons 2. Verdant Catacombs, Scalding Tarn and Misty Rainforest start at $50, while Arid Mesa and Marsh Flats start at $30. These properties are obviously very expensive, but they still have value. Several works will retain their high price, while common prints will settle around $40-50 due to the reissue factor, only to increase in price over time, as was the case with Modern Masters 2017. Investing in these lands at the time they are issued may be a good deal at the current price, but it will take a few months for the market to appreciate the true prices of these newly reissued lands.


  • Fine art award: $58.72
  • Unlimited artistic price: $79.99

Force of Negation from the first series Modern Horizons was a real success. While Dexterity isn’t as good, it still has some value in control decks that want to get rid of an early aggressive creature or planeswalker. Currently, the price is rising due to the cost of the mana free incantation, but once people realize that this effect is not as strong as it seems, the price will likely drop. It should be in the same price range as Solitude, $40-45 per card or less.

Kabal cash registers

  • Fine art award: $60.75
  • Unlimited artistic price: $79.99

This is another expensive reprint, but this time from the Torment set. This is a huge Commander card that used to cost close to $100, but with the recent release of Modern Horizons 2 , the price has dropped to $60. All indications are that the decline will continue, so buying now is not advisable. Wait for prices to stabilize, then it would be wise to buy them at $30-40 as a long-term investment. Because cards like this stand the test of time, they will become increasingly valuable in the years to come, unless Wizards of the Coast decides to reissue them, which is doubtful.


  • Fine art award: $69.92
  • Unlimited artistic price: $84.99

As with Solitude and Subtlety, the price of this card will drop upon release, and then slowly increase over time. Grief will be playable in most eternal formats, but the Commander crowd doesn’t seem to particularly like it. This could be a sign of an even bigger drop when the card hits the secondary market. But it may perform exceptionally well in both modern and older games, and if it does, the price will adjust. The question remains: How strong will this correction be?

Raghavan, the agile sawyer

  • Fine art award: $79.94
  • Unlimited artistic price: $99.99

Ragavan is practically a Robber of Riches, but for a single mana, which is a serious contender for the title of best new red card in Modern Horizons 2. Everyone loves this card in all legal formats. That is why prices are rising so fast, and there is no indication that they will fall. EDH players are already betting that this will be one of the best red cards in Commander. He should maintain his high value over the weekend and beyond. These are the most expensive cards in Modern Horizons 2. For more information Magic: ContentsThe Gathering , card lists and guides, go to ourMtG page here. Published on 3. June 2021

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