The stars have aligned in your favor this month, and it’s time to celebrate! Have a lovely holiday, and remember, you are supported, so don’t let the challenges of the year overwhelm you.

If you want to stay motivated, you need to know what your zodiac sign is going to be for the next year. Your zodiac sign can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, and it can help you make better decisions in life — you know, just like your horoscope does every day.

Monthly Astrology November 2020 | Michele Knight By means of a full-length report, we are going to tell you all about the skies on November 1, 2020. This is a full month of the zodiac and will have a particular focus on the stars in the 8th house. This is a month for transition and change, as well as the chance to work and play. The stars in the 8th house are deeply interested in their environment and the solstices are well placed for projects that will give you a sense of purpose.


astrological month forecast for November 2020


word-image-6139 Light me up! Bold moves leave others in the dust Dare to be excellent Find your usual courage, Aries. Mars, which is directly in your sign from the 14th, will bring back this ferocity. The moment you’ve waited so long to act on may arrive. Especially when it comes to fixing something that has been holding you back for a long time. And I’m talking about the period since the end of 2017! If he shows up, don’t hesitate. Passion is back on the agenda. This also applies to courage when it comes to anything to do with love or what you love to do, Aries. In your horoscope Venus is in the 7th house. It’s about the love you feel, have, want and, most importantly, generate. The attraction of the law of attraction is love in action. It gets you moving, and yes, as a bonus, you get noticed. Hurry up! Ready to stand out? Or just be exceptional? This is your Ariana Grande moment, share it with the world: What you need is a number one – and that number one happens to be you. Of course, it’s about believing in yourself. Mars retro in your 1. The House needs to fix that. Restore lost minds when it’s done. Venus in your 7th in opposition to Chiron in your 1st asks what you wouldn’t do in the name of love? Or just find your purpose, your passion and your desire? At the beginning of the month, you can no longer stand idly by. It’s time to start your engines and shift into high gear as Mercury moves from the 4th to the 7th house. Of course it remains retro in the shadows, but it allows you to come out of the shadows and back into the light, especially when it comes to love or anything you have to do with at least one other person. How you feel, how you look, and the image you create are the vibrations you send out. Your retro rule should have allowed you to customize everything from your style to your online profile. They are no longer satisfied with fading into the background or being ignored. Expressing that and trusting you is the ultimate act of love for you right now. And if you’re looking for love, this is your startup.

Turning an opportunity into a work of art

The final conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn with your 10th house is what motivates you to take action, to stand out from the crowd and strive for something bigger, bolder and game-changing. This conjunction has been in orbit since the 7th – you should feel the energy rising from this point. But it reaches its peak on the 12th. It won’t happen for the tenth time in your life. If you feel like the doors remain closed even when you knock hard and often, this method will help you open them effortlessly. It is true that we are in a period of transition. The one that either solves a long-standing problem that may have been gnawing at you since 2017. Or what makes your professional and/or personal actions soar. It will also draw attention to you.

What defines you?

Respect these core values again this month, because you will be held to them. That’s because Mercury and then Venus are in your 8th opposite Uranus in your 2nd. Your 8th house is your other house of money and Venus is the ruler of your 2nd house. That will be on the 17th. (Mercury) and then on the 27th. (Venus) happen. Don’t betray yourself if you know something that contradicts these beliefs. And don’t be afraid to take a stand or even to ask for something you might not have dared before. The Sun also enters your 9th house on this day. characters and opens up opportunities for expansion and freedom. And no matter what is discussed between you and the other, the purpose of Uranus is always liberation. After all, we are our beliefs and our value system is literally what attracts reciprocal feelings to us. The Sun triangle with Chiron in your 1st house. House on the 27th sets the tone for an unprecedented and impossible outcome. Provided you stay true to those beliefs, Aries. The end of the month really forces each of us to say: I know this is true – for me. From the 29th, you have Neptune directly in the 12th sky. House. Neptune is a source of inspiration, but also of darkness. So one way to navigate through Neptune’s nebulous cycles is to imagine very clearly that we know this is the case. And hang in there, even in times of confusion. So when the eclipsed Full Moon reaches your third sign on the 30th, you must hold to these truths and values and place them above anything you hear or are told now. It is the house of Mercury news, contracts, internet and trade. And short trips too – both in terms of distance and duration. This goes beyond Covid, and if you plan to go anywhere under this eclipse, ask : Is my trip really necessary? Check your facts and, most importantly, be confident so you don’t feel pressured to answer. What you are told, read or heard may push those emotional buttons, but they are feelings, not facts. Collect the latter and refuse to answer only the former. Eclipses are always hiding. But truth has a way of making itself known. And if it doesn’t match the values we’ve been talking about, that should be a clear indication that it doesn’t match your truth. This month is all about what makes you an Aries. It’s not just your straight edge that gives you confidence. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop. The year 2021 is fast approaching. This month you are ready to play. In a nutshell: Start your engines, Aries. November can give you the gift of freedom from the restrictions that have held you back for too long. It’s time to stand out and breathe new life into your dreams. They will accompany you until 2021!


word-image-6140 Start something in the name of love Change is another word for freedom Move on to November! Taurus, you no longer have to sit and think about what action to take. The option review ends for you in November. If you’ve been spending too much time with your thoughts lately, that’s over too. It’s time to do something in the name of love. Venus, the ruler, begins the month in your 6th house. At home, where daily chores, routine and health. It’s not just about your physical health, it’s also about the health of your soul. Mars retrograde in your 12th house. House, which has put you in deep reflection mode over the past few months, makes you think about the long-term consequences of doing nothing about something that needs to change. But when Venus opposes first Chiron (1st) and then Mars (9th) in your 12th, it can be a moment of realization. And one that makes you want to change everything. Why? Because you want well-being – on all levels and in love. And yes, I know how reluctant you are to accept the C-word, Taurus. Would this interfere with the routine of eating? Or the comfortable routine you’ve created for yourself? It is a fact that the presence of Uranus in your 1st house is a very important factor. House tells you that change is not only inevitable, but necessary. So your choice for this Movember – in the spirit of Movember – is to act. Or give up in favor of a new direction you want to take. Because yes, you can stay in your comfort zone, but getting thrown out sooner or later is now inevitable.

You can’t fight the feeling

Mercury is directly in his 6th house since the 3rd. House and return to your 7th house from the 10th. Mars returns to the 2nd house, and Mars is again direct from the 14th. Another intense supermoon in your 7th. House the 15th, that’s Pluto and Jupiter, which is in your 9th house. It’s about releasing yourself into a new, broader and more fulfilling cycle of relationships. But it also invites you to take action to set it in motion. How do you do that? It will be very personal and individual, Taurus. According to your deepest desires, goals and needs. This is especially true for relationships and how they affect your feelings. If love is missing, go find it now. And don’t make excuses for not doing it. First, you need to lose 10 pounds. Or you can watch when the lock comes off. Or the supervisor walks out on you. When the children leave home. The list can be endless and will continue to grow until you realize it’s time for love and that you deserve to have it the way you are. Right now. So no more excuses.

Change is just another name for freedom

Venus will enter the 7th day of her reign from the 21st – the same day the Sun shines for your sector of change. Once you have made your decision, this is a good time to talk to your partner about what you have been thinking. And away with any fears you have of changing. Change is just another term we use for freedom. Jupiter and Pluto’s last meeting this month, taking place on the 7th – the day before the Sun and Juno meet in your 7th. The meeting at home – is an opportunity to find solutions and overcome blockages in the long run – forever. And join in – one way or another. This is the last time in your life that Jupiter and Pluto are in this house in your horoscope. If you have been limited or have felt limited by circumstances beyond your control, during the period leading up to the Venus/Uranus opposition on the 27th you should be able to let go or simply put behind you what has limited you for too long. It could be anything: People, situations, or even resistance within yourself that keeps you from changing the status quo. Or stop the change.

Begin in the name of love

You may surprise yourself and certainly amaze those who thought they could predict your every move when the Sun is in your 8th house. Triangle with Chiron in your 12th on the day of the Venus-Uranus opposition. If you are still unsure whether you should say or do something that you know in your heart you should do, now is the time to do it. Remember that actions or efforts taken in the name of loving you include everything from job applications to job interviews and loving yourself to long overdue changes. It is a confirmation or even a reaffirmation of this direction of love. Whether it’s a path, a person, or just something you want to do. You already have the spiritual truth about this. All Movember asks is that you take action to confirm this. Hold fast to your truth and your desire to push for change, because on the last day of the month we have a full eclipsed moon in your secondary home. Yes, stick to those values and also know what you want to get out of each negotiation. Darkened full moons put things in a different light. So be open to the perspectives of others. Gather information. Ask questions, especially of the person you are talking to or the person at the table. Whether it’s someone close to you or an institution, such as your bank. It’s time to review the information and do something with it, not react to it. Take into account the circumstances or needs of the other party. And most importantly: Listen to what you feel inside that is holding you back. There will be another solar eclipse next month. This sign is general and represents money, possessions and shared resources in your home, as well as relationships involving sex. From there you can only see part of the picture. But what you do have is your unfailing judgment and your newfound commitment to initiate the change in love you know you need. Remember that the full moon, especially the eclipsed one, is the peak of the cycle. But without it, there will be no new beginning. And that’s exactly what November promises, Taurus. In a nutshell: Keep up the good work in November, Taurus. Venus enters her 7th house. signs, and it’s about long-term love. Stop thinking and start loving. It is the action that initiates this new beginning.


word-image-6141 Lighten the load Love means letting go of what you no longer need. Prepare to be set free! This month your sign Gemini is experiencing an eclipsed full moon. While next month a total solar eclipse will occur in your opposite sign Sagittarius and in your 7th house. Bringing signs of partnership. Mercury, who rules, has been in your 5th house since the 3rd direct and Mars is again direct in his dominant sign, Aries, on the 14th and in your 11th house. The house of the future. It tells you that the future of love for you requires you to give something up. But what it is, may not be immediately obvious. Before we get to the solar eclipse on the 30th and of course the one on the 14th. December is coming, it’s time to take stock of what needs to be let go in terms of love. What it is will surprise you. But by letting them go, you let in more love – that’s the paradox and the promise, Gemini! Since the end of 2017, many of you may have felt stuck or defeated by fate! You may be experiencing changes that are out of your control. Or you wanted to change something, but no matter how hard you tried, you weren’t getting the results you wanted. In other words: They are trapped in a negative cycle or put in a lot of effort that does not bear fruit. The good news for November is that it should spare you, Gemini. And you don’t have to wait for the eclipse to experience it.

Nothing is impossible about love

First, Mercury returns in direct motion in your 5th house since the 3rd. House of Romance and Pleasure back. In addition, Mars is in your 11th house from the 14th. The house has regained all its confidence. Venus in your 5th house. will Chiron and Mars in your 11th house. House on the 1st and 9th opposite. It tells you that as far as the future – and love – is concerned, anything is possible now. The real beginning of what is a release cycle for you this month takes place from the 7th to the peak of the 12th. This is the last meeting of Jupiter and Pluto in your 8th house. House of Power. Your house of transformation, the other money, sex and what separates you and with you in this life. In other words: This is a very big deal. This is Pluto’s main house. Pluto can make us feel like we are being pulled into the underworld. After all, in mythology, Pluto rules there. He was sent there by his brother Jupiter. So, in astrology, we say that Jupiter is the superior of Pluto. Pluto must do what Jupiter says. This is despite the fact that the conjunction is in the dominant sector of Pluto. So, if you have felt limited by circumstances, sometimes thinking this is hell! or you have felt controlled, manipulated or limited by a situation or even a person, this final meeting of the two in this house of your life should set you free or lead to resolution. They probably never thought he would show up.


If you want to be freed from something or change circumstances, Jupiter can give you a get-out-of-jail-free card or provide you with a cure. Of course, you should explore all options yourself. And perhaps you have the courage to make a counter-offer or compromise, which the Venus/Chiron opposition and Sun/Chiron trine on the 27th promises. The new supermoon in your 6th. The 2nd house on the 15th of this month is also in sextile with Jupiter and Pluto. This letting go and surrendering could literally be something you’ve been feeling like a burden for a while, Gemini. And the elimination can begin at the time of the new moon. Two days after the new moon, Mercury opposes Uranus in your 12th house. House. Venus on your 6th on the 21st. The next day is also in opposition to Uranus on the 27th. Uranus is always striving to develop our soul and set us free. It also indicates that you are getting rid of something that gets in the way of love. Fears, debts, worries, questions, problems, limiting circumstances. At some point, you may feel like you’ll never be free. The next time, you’ll wonder why you put up with it for so long when the solution was so simple. But often it’s something we don’t see – it’s obvious, but hidden. And something obvious but hidden can also hide a solar eclipse. During the lunar eclipse in your 1. Plates are for dropping something. It’s often an attachment to the way things are or the way we want to keep them. It can often be relational. We can feel someone slipping away from us. And we don’t just worry about losing them, we worry about how they make us feel. So we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. This usually leads to the result we were desperately trying to avoid. Before we get to the solar eclipse on the 30th and of course the one on the 14th. December is coming, it’s time to take stock of what needs to be let go in terms of love. What it is will surprise you. But when you let go, you can let more love in – that’s the paradox and the bonus, Gemini! For this eclipse asks you to listen and above all – above all – to become a warrior – sensitive to what others may think and feel. But don’t jump to conclusions either. Ask instead. Also, share your feelings in response. Above all, don’t get stuck in resisting change. This will inevitably happen in November, due to the historic and final conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in the 8th house. Degree of Pluto. What do you need to let go of that keeps you from loving yourself, Gemini? What do you need to reset? It may not be clear. But also, if something (or someone) immediately came to mind when you read this article – hold that thought. Of course, this could be an aspect of your current relationship. But it can also be an aspect of how you love Gemini. For example, letting go of the desire to attract a certain type of person. Or the deep feeling that you don’t deserve the love you want. To get it, you have to change or become something you are not.

Preparing to lose the mental momentum

Are you willing to give it up? Or what gets in the way of love? Have love, live love, be love? When it comes to you and someone close to you, the Sun in your 7th house can be a big influence. House of the 21st this underline. This applies to your past, present or potential partner until the Winter Solstice on the 21st. December, as in your 9th. House, a new age of Aquarius begins. So prepare to get to the bottom of things during the solar eclipse on the last day of the month. And look at what is holding you back from that greater, freer, fuller experience of love. Either in the past or in the present. And they swear it stops there. He has no place in your future, Gemini. This month is dedicated to a deep cleansing of everything that holds you back and limits you. It’s time to create an escape plan that will free you for the current era. In a nutshell: Something stands between you and the love you seek, Gemini. Maybe negative thoughts. Or the situation or the circumstances. Either way, it’s time to break free from the shackles and discover the potential of true love.


word-image-6142 It’s time to garden. Don’t just dream, dare to live! If you take care of the little things, you’ll have time for the big things. Ready for a little more adventure? You start the month off with business as usual. Whether it’s close to home or to showcase those superpowers on a professional level. There is a lot of Cardinal energy in the air in early November. Venus and Mercury are retrograde in your 4th house. Libra sign. Then the final conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn and in your 7th; and in your 10th. (Aries), Mars directly from the 14th, as well as Chiron. Chiron allows you to show your bold and outrageous side. Or apply those superpowers to an aspect of your life that you may be neglecting. The results were just unexpected. Because you’re about to use the secret ingredient. What is it? Go ahead and mix it, cancer.

You are the missing piece of the puzzle

Have you noticed what’s missing from all this? This secret ingredient is the signature of your gift of care and cancer care. They are the only cardinal sign where planets are absent. So while you focus on household and professional matters early in the month, you should also think about professional goals and ambitions that deserve the gift of devoted love from this Kantzer.

Revive Tarot

This is the energy embodied by the 7 card of the Pentacle in the Tarot. You can meditate on this card during the first half of November. Until the new supermoon in your 5th. The House appears, which I will come to in a moment. You probably know this card, and no matter what deck you use, it’s one of those cards where the image and interpretation remain the same. It represents a figure observing a plant with seven pentacles on it. The first and most obvious interpretation is to wait for something to ripen or bear fruit. But the character also cherishes his plants. Watering, pruning, tilling the soil around them so they ripen and grow so they can be harvested. This vigilance and concern is pure cancer energy. So in early November, you will be challenged to bring this form of mindfulness into your home, your family or living situation (which should be easy for you!), your work and career, or your relationships. They are both the missing piece of the puzzle and the growth factor, cancer. That said, yes, you are important. Because without you, nothing grows. Or blooming. So don’t underestimate yourself in this day and age, and don’t consider what you do as unimportant. Your time and love for things is precious, that’s another message from this card. So don’t ignore it.

solutions for love problems appear

On the 10th, Mercury re-enters your fabulous 5th, and the Sun here forms a beautiful trine with Neptune in your 9th. Romance, fun, meetings, creative projects, children, games, a much-needed break from reality or serious matters are back on the agenda. Take another look at what you’ve put your time and love into. Have you been properly evaluated? Or do you feel like one? The final meeting of Jupiter and Pluto in your 7th house. The house starts on the 7th and reaches its peak on the 12th. Many Cancerians may feel that love is hard work or a chore because the planets are only around once in their lives. This coincidence of Jupiter and Pluto will not be repeated in this lifetime. Saturn (limiting) and Jupiter will both leave this house next month, leaving only Pluto. Some of you will meet the love of your lives during this time. While others are aware of or just unable to detach from a person they thought was a big part of their life. Love may have been elusive or fleeting. Or difficult difficulties that were overcome. Expect decisions and new beginnings that will show you that vigilance and hard work have paid off. Jupiter ALWAYS wins in a Jupiter/Pluto showdown. This tells us that the only way is up.

Courage, dating and relationships

The new Super Moon on the 17th is when this bold phase will finally begin. You’ve taken care of business. This is a time to relax because it coincides with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. This could bring romance back to an existing partnership or provide new opportunities for singles looking for a new love, especially when Venus arrives in this house six days later. Social distance advice aside, this is a good time to connect and communicate if possible, as Mercury in your 5th on the 17th is opposite Uranus in its 11th ruler and Venus will do the same on the 27th. Now accept all invitations within the rules and be open to the unexpected. If you are looking for love, be open to experimenting not only with how and where you might find that love, but also with what love might look like. Maybe it’s different than you thought. This is also a time to express yourself creatively or by doing what you love. So show it in every way you can. Online, via social media or your own website. This is no time to be shy, whoever or whatever you choose. The sun in your 6th house. The house of 21 is a concentration of energy that contains the 7 map of the rooms. About your routine, the details, and what nourishes and supports you. Nutrition, wellness, exercise and other details make a difference. Like the roots of this plant, everything is connected. And the little things matter. This is your time for garden life and, most importantly, for what you need to grow and feel alive. What impoverishes or inhibits this growth? Remove it immediately.

casting a new spell in a different light

They are the sign that feels the full moon eclipses the most. The moonlight looks different on one of them. So you literally see things in a different light. Now, any type of eclipse hides things. A total solar eclipse like the one on the 14th. December (in your 6th house, by the way) means you will be in total darkness. A total solar eclipse at the time of the full moon can hide an emotional truth. We may even doubt our own feelings. Or worrying about someone else’s. However, the eclipse on the 30th in your 12th will not be complete. So you have a glimmer of emotional truth when you see an aspect of the past in a completely different light. It may completely contradict the way you were told things were or were in reality. Or what you thought was the truth. Since this is your home of the past, you may hear information from someone in this house that will allow you to see things this way. Nevertheless, trust your intuition and check the facts as much as possible. But if it resonates – even if it’s outrageous and implausible – accept it as truth. You may be reading, watching, or hearing something – a book, a TV show, or even a casual conversation that, while not directly related to you, seems to be a message that worries you. This will allow you to go deeper into the subject. However, a word of caution is in order. If someone from your past resurfaces under this eclipse and wants a second chance or a new opportunity, be careful. Take your time before you jump in. When this happens, go back to the parts card 7. This character watches and waits. The truth is like a plant. It may take some time for the flowers to emerge and bloom. Under the influence of this eclipse, think of the past. I don’t know. In November, cancer might even dare to say no. In a nutshell: Your ability to be patient and caring will serve you well this month, Cancer. Show lasting love to every area. And when it comes to partnerships, there are opportunities and solutions waiting for you in November!


word-image-6143 The unofficial birthday season is upon us! Rays to attract It is a solution to improve your wellbeing that remains The ruler of the Sun will start the holiday season early, entering your 5th month on the 21st. Signs of entry. The focus is on you and your ability to attract Leo. You should already know that, along with your birthday cycle, the arrival of the Sun in Sagittarius – which represents the element fire – is the unofficial season of your birthday. After all, the Queen has an official birthday. So why not, as a sign of royalty, an extra holiday cycle? But first, we have the retro setbacks. Mercury becomes direct in its third house on the 1st and returns to your 4th house on the 10th. House. Mars finally enters your sector of expansion on the 14th. This will give you the confidence to go out again. To strive for something. Now you, Leo, must breathe new life into the great goal or dream that is within you. And you have all the tools you need to do it.

How do you feel?

First, make sure your home is tidy. You can make decisions about the land, the house, your apartment or flat, your roommate if you have one, your lifestyle and living arrangements. Your well-being will also suffer greatly, as will your work, your course or your routine. Many of you have problems with your home, moving house, landlord, council, mortgage or anything else that affects your general wellbeing and safety. Especially if, like many Leo’s, you have Cancer factors in your horoscope. (You should check it out!). The good news, like so much in November, is that there are solutions. Break free from routine, whether it’s work or routine – or maybe both. The solution to this difficult work-life problem. Feel good and get rid of that lack of energy. It’s time to be as organized as possible to get the most out of the Jupiter/Pluto alignment in your 6th house. The house must be ready as of the 7th. Day opens the door to possibilities and solutions in this regard. This energy will peak on the 12th, just before the New Supermoon on the 14th, which also coincides with this conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto. This is the last time in your life that this encounter will take place in this area of your horoscope. Jupiter is ALWAYS superior to Pluto. So it’s about freeing yourself and finding a sustainable and enjoyable solution to one of the above problems. Let’s say something has been holding you back or blocking you for too long. Between now and the 21st century. December – get ready to break free. And what a pleasure!

Out of the spotlight

You should feel renewed and aligned, as the Sun is in your 5th house. The house starts to warm up again on the 21st. Be careful what that glow gives you, Leo. And today, it can take many different forms. Show and tell. What can you be proud of? Maybe it’s just the way you survived the hard times. It’s time to prove yourself. Show and tell. Your love life (or lack thereof), your past, present or potential partner is also highlighted. Especially in anticipation of the new age of Aquarius, which will begin in your 7th house. The month begins! Venus is also in motion. He’s also coming to your 4th on the 21st. Home to. Again, this could indicate a definite easing of restrictions and a realization of the hard work you’ve been saddled with since 2017. Venus favors all real estate transactions here, and if you’re under Venus transit in your 4th house, it’s a good time. moving, you’ll probably have to unpack for a while. The end of the month brings an eclipsed Full Moon in your friendship and future sector. Is there a particular friend or acquaintance that comes to mind? They are one of the signs that have learned to work with eclipses as a boss, along with the neighboring sign, Cancer. That’s because your intendant is always involved, whether it’s a solar or lunar eclipse. Next month there will be a strong and total solar eclipse in your 5th house. House. So you know you are in total ignorance about something related to your children, your loved one, your youngsters, or even a creative project. At this time, the last day of November brings the so-called penumbral eclipse. This happens when the Earth blocks only part of the sunlight that falls on the lunar surface. But as with all lunar eclipses, emotionally we see something in a different light. You can suddenly see friendships or even group relationships very differently. Since the Earth and Moon are not perfectly aligned, this may mean that you no longer feel the previous resonance. Or you find that you’re not as committed to your goal as you once were. Full eclipse moons always mark the culmination of something. And we should see it as a completion (or something that will soon be revealed), so that we can move on to something new. You reach a goal, then you set a new one. Acknowledge that the connection is exhausted and open yourself to new connections. Therefore, do not mark anything as the end. You, like all signs, know that eclipses take time to reveal the truth behind them. And this one is no different. It’s also now the unofficial birthday season. A new beginning is part of this gift. So are the choices, Leo. In a nutshell: Traditionally, every year there is the season of unofficial birthdays. This happens when the sun enters your 5th house. Sign it, Leo. November presents solutions to long-term problems. And lasting freedom.


word-image-6144 A little confidence – in yourself Work with this talisman Your secret superpower? Intuition! Mercury, who rules, raises the barrier of communication again as he begins to move into the third house. House right in your 2. Virgo, you’re back in business, and not just any old one. When it comes to business, negotiations, results and your money, don’t hesitate to propose an agreement, compromise or just put your cards on the table. Of course, it may take longer than Brighton. But the outcome could be positive and turn into something you can count on, thanks to Venus facing Chiron (1st) first and then Mars (9th) in your other house of money. Mars has also been on the move since the 14th. And that should bring back that all-important sense of power. And may I say sexy? The two are usually intertwined. Yes, your spirit has returned, Virgil! So let’s also talk about loved ones, children, parenting, creative projects (children of your imagination and talents), and how safe you’ve felt in their presence lately. Chances are, at the beginning of 2017, you are struggling with difficult issues in one, some or even all of these areas. Perhaps you are exhausted, drained and unsure of what you are doing. The conclusion you may have drawn (wrongly) is that everything you have done so far is just plain FAILING.

Solutions reflect your confidence in yourself

And some virgins may face a double dilemma: they are dealing with a person in their life who has contributed to the way they feel. Everyone from the executive father-in-law to the hypercritical boss or partner to the so-called expert or Instagram influencer. Did you know that of all the social media platforms, Instagram is the biggest contributor to self-esteem issues and depression? On the 10th, Mercury enters your third position. As your 5th day arrives and Jupiter and Pluto make a significant alignment in your 5th, look at what outside influences – that person, that social media feed – might be contributing to your self-doubt. It’s time to put this behind us. This is the last meeting of Jupiter and Pluto in your 5th house. Signs in your life. Jupiter always wins over Pluto. So think of it as a healing transformation. Jupiter offers solutions and opportunities. It’s also a home where you can shine. So, with the alignment of Mars, this encounter restores your faith in yourself. From the 7th, see how solutions emerge and doors open. The alignment will be accurate on the 12th.

Believe in yourself again

On the 10th you will also benefit from a beautiful trine between the Sun and Neptune, and on the same day Ceres re-enters your 7th house. And you’ll find that you and your partner are back on the same page. You find a new way to communicate with this teenager. And you attract a new lover who’s totally on your wavelength. You gain the confidence to tell the micromanaging parent or loved one that you do things your way, thank you very much. With renewed confidence in your abilities, you apply for a new job to let your boss know where you can leave your work and your criticism. In whatever form, it’s about breaking free for good from what for too long seemed like hard work or a chore. This month’s new super moon in your 3rd house. The sign also suggests emotional release and contentment, as it also forms a sextile with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, which is still in orbit on the 15th. The 15th-17th is a two-day period for important conversations related to the above, unexpected news or appointments, connections, free fun or encounters! Now be prepared for the unexpected. The Sun’s arrival on your 4th 21 may mark a moment of satisfaction with what you have accomplished so far. But don’t think that means staying home to watch The Home Edit. Venus, which is in your 3rd house, on the same day. The sign is all about self-expression, improving what you say, and encouraging connections in work, business, and love. Concentrate on conveying your feelings. Speak your thoughts instead of suppressing them.

Insight leads to success

Especially if you are in front of the eclipsing full moon in your 10th month. As the last day of the month approaches, follow your intuition. Yeah, they say there’s no room for emotion in business. Here lies your career, your reputation, your status and your public image. But there is always room for intuition. This should not be ignored now. Darkened full moons put the situation in a different light. We see different shades and nuances that we didn’t know we had before. Take it into account and, with your intuition, act accordingly. Above all, be careful about your public image and what you say and post. Also, don’t take everything you hear or what you are told for granted. This month is dedicated to restoring self-confidence. So stick to that when something is unclear, Virgo. And know that this feeling you have is the right one. In a nutshell: Have you been feeling unhappy lately? Are you worried about uncertainty? Watch your confidence return in November. In addition to dealing with long-term dilemmas, Virgo.


word-image-6145 Play with the power of impossibility Decisions set you free At the end of the day, it’s just little things! Nothing is impossible in love this month, Libra. It is a past, present or potential partner. Accept that all the odds are off and play with the improbabilities. The more scandalous, the better. Venus is in opposition to Chiron in early November, as is Mars retrograde on the 9th. November. You will also have a major trine between the Sun and Iron that will take place on the 27th, after the Sun enters your 3rd house. Since Mercury is also direct in your 1st from the 3rd, and Mars finally rises again when he also goes direct on the 14th, this tells you that things can and probably will happen regarding partnership opportunities. Taking a risk, choosing something or someone new and untried – you can impress yourself with what you are trying to do in the name of love. Or something you like. 2021 now rings the doorbell and asks if he can come in. There is just over a month to go before the new Aquarian Age begins. For that, solutions can be found regarding the home, living arrangements, family, roommate, Airbnb, or even issues with the place, the community, the country of origin. There is a sense of freedom from limitations. About opening doors when they’ve been slammed in your face constantly since late 2017.

In the end, it’s just little things

First of all, and I can’t stress this enough, take care of the little things, and if you do, you’ll soon see that in the end, it’s still little things. That great and constant question that lies like a dead weight? A systematic, strategic and practical approach is what works, Libra. Don’t let your emotions rule you. It’s not about who you are. They’re more than that. When you judge yourself for putting yourself in this or that situation, realize that you are the only one doing so. So let go of any emotional worries about money, career, house or possessions. Make an action plan. Make it count, and if it comes down to someone or something else, take the same approach and don’t be afraid to make an offer or compromise. From the 7th to the 11th, the final alignment of Jupiter and Pluto takes place here. This will happen exactly on the 11th, but you will feel the energy of this event starting on the 7th. The solutions to the long-term constraints and problems can and will emerge now. This is the last time these two will meet in this area of your horoscope in your life. Jupiter always beats Pluto. And what you get is permanent relief or a solution to all the difficult problems you’ve been struggling with since 2017! This month’s super moon indicates a new cycle regarding finances, abundance in all its glorious forms, and self-worth. In fact, the new beginning, the possibility or liberation that I mentioned may be caused by this. It sextiles both Jupiter and Pluto, which are still in the 4th house of your horoscope. Again: When it comes to your money, you have to think laser. If you do this for a month on any problem area, you will not only make real progress, but you will also see the area you are focusing on improve. Try it and see for yourself. The sun enters your 3rd house on the 21st. Sign – the same day Venus enters its 2nd sign. You are now going to explore the connection between your money and communication. Just like communicating your values. On the 17th, Mercury is in your second house. House the Uranus in your 8th. House across the street. And Venus will make the same angle with Uranus on the 27th. On this day the Sun is in your 3rd house. Triangle with Chiron in your 7th. When it comes to your salary, paycheck, share, loan, mortgage or any other financial obligation, choose what is important to you and don’t be afraid to state your terms. This can help you meet all (or at least most) of the requirements. An eclipsed full moon in your ninth house. House completes the month. Because of Covid, most of us are not traveling at this time. This is your home away from home. If you’re going somewhere during the full moon – even for a short trip – check everything from the itinerary to the actual reason for the trip before you go. Eclipses hide, so you have to wonder if this trip is really necessary. Also study carefully anything you are told or educated about. If you feel like you don’t have all the facts, wait. Check everything you send now. This is your home of education and science, law and media. With this full moon, something that is far away can seem very close. People abroad may be able to help, but again: You may not have the full picture. During a lunar eclipse, it is common to see something in a different light. It is both a high point and a new beginning. The end of limitations and a new direction are both your end and a new beginning this month. In a nutshell: Love can take a surprising turn. Even if you see something in a different light, it will serve as a trigger for an exciting beginning. Are you stuck? The decisions have finally been made. The year 2021 is calling you, Libra.


word-image-6146 Speak and be heard What seems unreal brings you to a new reality. A 24-carat relationship is what you deserve! It’s time to say yes, even if only to an improved version of your future this month, Scorpio. You could repeat something or give something back – but this time with an eye to the future. Chances are, if something or someone is coming your way, you’ll feel it before it manifests, thanks to Mercury and Venus in your twelfth sign. Mercury and Mars, your former ruler, are both in direct motion this month. Mercury on the 3rd and Mars on the 14th. Stay in touch with these premonitions and feelings. Because there’s a good chance they hit the nail on the head.

Say yes to freedom

Your current ruler, Pluto, is involved in the biggest event of the month, from the 7th to the 12th. This is the last meeting between him and Jupiter in your 3rd house. Characters. You can feel the energy building from the 7th, peaking on the 12th. This is the last meeting between these two in this house of your theme in your life. This, of course, is Mercury’s main house, and he will re-enter your main house on the 10th. Entering the house – just in time for the main event. Also, the Sun and Juno are together on the 8th, and on the 10th the Sun forms one of the best attraction angles of the year with Neptune in your 5th house. Where’s it all going? News that brings obligations or decisions, but is both liberating and relieving for you. In other words, a game changer. It’s about getting rid of the feeling that you’re going in circles or not moving forward. An endless conversation that never ends with a decision. The topic can be internet, publishing, studying, writing or business. There may have been times when you felt like you couldn’t do anything else. But now send it in the direction you want. Whether the decision is positive or negative, the result will be the same. You come out of this cycle. To wait. The 15th is your time for new beginnings and a fresh start. Not just any new moon, but a new super moon will be in your 1st year. It will appear in the 2nd house and coincide with the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto, which will still be in orbit. This is an opportunity to reset an important area, or at least regain control and move your future in the direction you’ve been waiting for. Probably from 2017. This is a rebirth, baby. And so it should be. Unlike other signs (I would say the signs with less depth), you are comfortable with Pluto’s energy. You know it’s sacred. Black is the color of emptiness, from which all things flow. The potentials are as follows. We can’t talk about what’s in your first. The house unfolds without touching your opposite house – Taurus and your 7th house. Love or any partnership – even that of the past, as well as that of the future – is part of the new that flows to you. Like knowing you have to let go of the void to start over now. The Mercury/Uranus opposition of the 17th is followed by the Venus/Uranus opposition of the 27th. Venus enters your 1st from the 21st – the same day the Sun enters the 2nd and Venus rules. It is love that reflects your worth. A love you can count on. Love of 24 carats, Fort Knox. Or another relationship that you know that person supports you.

Real or unreal?

It may be a partnership in the past, present or future. But remember that Uranus always wants to free us to evolve. It is the planet that orders surprises and surprising truths. It opens our eyes to the reality of things as opposed to what we would like them to be. After the arrival of Uranus, one cannot escape the truth. It’s connected to the Tower card in the Tarot. Yes, I know most people don’t like this card. But it represents Uranus’ ability to shock, as opposed to catastrophize. The figures falling from the tower are carved in ivory. It wasn’t really to begin with. So whatever revelations Uranus has in store for you, reality will bite you one way or another. You need to hold onto this at the end of the month when we have an eclipsed full moon in your sector of money, commons and marital property, and yes, even relationships where sex is important. It’s like being back home where you feel comfortable with the energy. A darkened full moon casts a different light on the situation. Or a relationship. The emotional truth behind something calls you to transform it. In this way, the situation or even you can be reborn. Say yes to the new in November. In a nutshell: This month is the time to make important decisions and commitments – one way or another, Scorpio. You have a glimpse of a new reality. Or that it could be all about love. Don’t take anything but the real stuff.

Magnetic switch

Decisions lead you to move beyond the status quo Karma needs time for love Happy birthday, Sag! Happy birthday, Sagittarius! Even before the Sun enters your sign on the 21st, you can feel positive changes. Your ruler Jupiter is at work right now. Paving the way for the 2021 era. It offers solutions and opportunities. You, of all signs, know that Jupiter is always inviting. We have to register in advance. Capturing your future direction is what this month will look like. Are you ready to say yes? We are currently experiencing unstable weather. This means keeping up with the pace of change while staying organized. Why? That’s because the missing mutable sign is Virgo. A sign of completeness, dedication and well-being. So you need to be flexible, but at the same time have a plan, a schedule or a system that you can rely on. And taking care of yourself, which means making time to be healthy and support your body. You can’t enjoy what the coming era has in store for you if you’re not comfortable in your own skin, Sag. Unexpected meetings or people from your past can color the first week of the month. Venus in your 11th is opposite Chiron in your 5th and Mars in your 9th. You may be called upon in unexpected ways, especially when Mars becomes direct from the 14th. Whether it’s personal or for your talents. Or maybe both. Mercury again goes directly into your 11th from the 3rd and returns to your 12th on the 10th. The sun and Juno are here too. A return to or acceptance of the past is now likely. This includes important decisions about your life, home, family and security, thanks to a beautiful trine between the Sun and Neptune and Ceres in your 4th house. House will reappear on the 10th. Think and plan for the long term.

Silver exact

The biggest event of the month, apart from the arrival of the sun on the 1st day, is the sun. On the 21st day, it is the final meeting between your ruler Jupiter and Pluto in your money zone. This is the last time these two will meet in this area of your horoscope in your life. So, yes, it’s very important. The transit begins on the 7th and reaches its peak on the 12th, when both transits are exact. This is how you feel the energy of the 7th dimension. As 2017 comes to a close, many of you are struggling with money, abundance, or even self-esteem issues. Or maybe a combination of all three. For example, you may have had to work twice as hard for less than you are worth. Or they had to learn to deal with limited resources while keeping the dream alive. We had to be creative with what we had available. And some of you have experienced direct losses and limitations. The problem is that Saturn is also in this house, which weakens Jupiter’s ability to give you more. The good news is that this cycle is over. The best news is that this recent conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto could offer you a solution to all the problems you’ve been struggling with for the past few years. As always: Jupiter helps those who help themselves. And we must say yes to the opportunities that come our way. But something tells me you’ve been waiting for this moment, Sag. So – don’t hesitate if it comes up. In the middle of the month, on the 15th, a new super moon appears in your house of past secrets and hidden possibilities. It will be aligned with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, which is still in orbit. This may result in you being asked again for something you have done in the past or become famous for. Either the opportunity returns, or your understanding of what is to come is confirmed. Your intuition plays an even more important role as December approaches. This time it’s about your partnerships – whether they be romantic, professional or work relationships, your best friends, past, present or potential loves, soul contracts, karma or even that person you just can’t stand.

Love has its time

The unstable weather I mentioned at the beginning of this forecast is largely due to the presence of the North Node in your 7th house. Karma has been here since 2002. If you’re old enough, check out the questions about duets, double acts and partners in crime from back in the day. If you got married or entered into a long-term partnership during this time, you have come full circle with the karma of that relationship. Likewise, if you have a long-term union with the North Node in your 7th. House, after 19 years, the karma you created with that person will return. Some of you could get unexpected news from someone from your past, or a new love interest could pop up around the 27th when the Sun is in your 1st house. Triangle with Chiron in your 5th. The last day of the month brings us a total lunar eclipse in your 7th house. House. We all know eclipses are hiding something. His true feelings? Those who belong to the other side? So don’t jump in too quickly when you start something new. It doesn’t matter how sexy or intriguing you are to a potential partner. Full moon eclipses make you see things differently. He’s a bit of a mystery, but opaque at the same time. In other words: We expect clarity. Your intuition can tell you about an existing relationship, for example. So use this energy to get closer to your partner and ask him how he really feels. Or share yours. Don’t think they know automatically. We return to the non-existent variable energy of the components. This includes the details of these feelings, Sag. The new era is less than a month away when Saturn and then Jupiter move into your third sign and meet. The Internet, writing, publishing, short-distance travel, business, trade and study will be your playgrounds in this coming cycle. The same goes for the extended social circle. In the meantime, take care of your own affairs of the heart. And say yes to opportunities when they arise. In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Sag! The steward of Jupiter is ready to offer you solutions to your limitations and shortcomings. It’s time to let go of what you missed. The year 2021 is still ahead of us. And your birthday gives you a taste!


word-image-6147 Rebranding + Revitalisation = Results Transferring conversions Reconcile the way others see you with the way you see yourself. It may not be your birthday season yet. But this month, it’s all about you, you, you, Cappie. In particular, your image, profile, brand, reputation, credibility, behaviour, style, appearance and personal message. And how it is seen and perceived by others. Are you ready for the ultimate makeover or expansion of your brand? November offers a global perspective.


How do you see yourself? How do others see you? Is there a hole here? If so, close it this month. You’re not so much on the ladder of success as you are on a fast elevator, Capricorn. It’s time to align what you feel on the inside with what you radiate on the outside to get the results you want. And you probably want to be taken seriously. It doesn’t matter if your audience is one, few or many. Your partner, your employer, or the world at large. So change your public image or persona, your social media feed, your resume, your website, or even the language you use as we begin the month with Venus in your sector of success facing Chiron on the 1st and then Mars on the 9th. Mercury is here too, he’s getting direct from the 3rd. And Mars returns to your 4th from the 14th. Not only will it give you the green light to get back to your work and career, but it will also initiate changes that you feel are necessary to change the way you are perceived. Those whose influence matters. First and foremost, create an image that indicates you are taken seriously. Whether it’s your boss, your partner, or other people you’re meeting right now. You’re no lightweight, Capricorn. There’s nothing superficial about you. And don’t waste anyone’s time. So don’t settle for anyone or anything that wastes your power. Because you have so much to do and so much potential to play with. Serious pursuit of a goal can be one of them. The Sun and Juno meet on the 7th in your 11th house. Mercury does the same on the 26th, and the Sun and Juno are in trine with Neptune in your 3rd house. House. This indicates that you are saying yes to a goal or dream that is more than wishful thinking. If you take it seriously, it becomes real.

Get ready for privacy

However, the point of change is between the 7th and 12th. This is your reboot time. Especially when it comes to partnerships – past, present and potential. And how you will be seen and perceived by others from that point on. Capricorns, make sure your appearance and behavior tell everyone what you think about yourself. And inwardly, any adjustment to your inner attitude will bring powerful results in the outer world, now that Jupiter and Pluto are aligned for the last time in your 1st house. Line up the house. This will not happen again in your life. You’ve been working with intense and very heavy energy for the last few years. This is because Pluto, the ruler of Saturn at that time, is here. Jupiter didn’t come into the discussion until last year. But her ability to open doors and bring about positive changes and opportunities for you and your key relationships is limited by the presence of two other planets here. Change may have been slow, difficult, or instead of a fresh start, you may have had to face the end. This final meeting between them marks the end of this cycle. And your rebirth, Capricorn. Saturn, then Jupiter will leave your sign next month, leaving only Pluto. By the time both return to your horoscope – Jupiter in 12 years and Saturn in about 29 – Pluto will be far behind you. That’s why you’ll never have to go through this again. At this point, however, the 12th should provide you with an opportunity or solution to avoid being seen in a certain way, or to remove obstacles that have limited you for too long. Go from the seventh. The conjunction will be exact on the 12th, but because both planets move fairly slowly, they will remain in orbit, giving you a large window of opportunity. This includes the timing of the new supermoon on the 15th. This happens in your house of the future – in your 11th house. House. It is in sextile with Jupiter and Pluto on that day. Concentrate on projecting yourself for something else now. Don’t be a hermit! New, interesting and even influential connections can be made. Reload everything from your resume to your Twitter feed. Show the world who you have become – and who you plan to become.

Love is the engine of reinvention

Venus enters this house on the 21st. Just remember that this is usually your friends’ house. Venus is therefore associated with love between people of the same age rather than romance. For this news, however, you must remember that in your case, love is the driving force behind reinvention. Thanks to your planets in the 11th. House and Venus, which is in conjunction with Uranus in your 5th on the 27th. faces of the house, you can attract the attention of a lover like no other. At least the friendships that begin now will last thanks to Juno in this sign. The Sun enters your house of the past from the 21st – your 12th house. You now have exactly one month left before the Age of Now, which for all of us really begins with the beginning of your birth time – the Solstice. If you still need answers to the big, deep questions about what changes to make or what it will do for you, be assured that you will get them somehow in the next month.

The truth resounds

Answers can come in mysterious ways. Through dreams, symbols, something read or heard, or a coincidence that is not a coincidence. Just be open to its meaning. Even if it’s not what you want to hear, you know it’s true. Especially the timing of the full moon eclipse in your sixth year. Room on the last day of November. It’s your work (paid or unpaid), your routines, your habits, your diet, your exercise, or anything else that affects your well-being – body, mind, and spirit. How you feel is related to how you look and how you present yourself. Darkened full moons make us see something in a different light. For example, you may suddenly notice a connection between what you do or who you communicate with and how that affects your energy. Or even how you feel or work in the long run. As soon as you become aware of this, between now and the beginning of the Age of Now, do what needs to be done to fix it. Somehow. What you feel says everything about who you are. And how others see you. Don’t waste any more time with what doesn’t fit your soul, Capricorn. In a nutshell: It’s time for a new start, Capricorn. Jupiter and Pluto in your 1st. The House will meet for the last time this month. This is a great opportunity to beautify yourself. And change the way others see you. For the better.


word-image-6148 Playing for fun Grow to succeed The inner promise brings the change you want to see in your world. The changes that will affect the neighboring sign of Capricorn will likely be obvious and noticeable, Aquarius. Those who influence you this month may be on a deep and hidden level. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be deeper. This month you may have to make important decisions about your career, your relationship, your home or anything else that will have a lasting impact. The doors of opportunity can open unexpectedly. This is partly because Venus in your 9th opposes Chiron in your 3rd, as does Mars in the 1st and 9th. We also have Mercury, who is in your 9th house. (3rd) house advanced, and Mars rules in Mercury’s house from the 14th.

Increase this capacity

All the planets in your 10th house. House – the Sun and then the re-emergence of Mercury from the 10th house. House – affects Juno, the ruler of marriages and unions of all kinds. Your 10th is not only what you make of yourself, but it also determines your relationship status and that of your partner. When a new person comes along, remember that they have a lot of potential. Others may take their existing relationship to a more serious level and decide to get engaged or move in together. The same goes for a union. You accept a new job or promotion or sign a contract. Now you’re in it for the long haul.

Internal promise causes external change

Juno is about the promises we make that we can’t easily break. We have to think long and hard before we get into the game. And if we want a divorce clause, it usually also involves a lot of thought and often legal intervention to intentionally end the marriage. So we don’t take it lightly. Or they shouldn’t. Therefore, to make the right decision for us, we must look to our past and our experience. And this is the month when a big change will take place for you. Below the surface. Invisible. There’s a lot of potential in him. But you can take your time with her. Or what is really going on is not clear to others at first. Next to the Sun and Mercury, and at the end of the month (the 27th), Venus is in opposition to Uranus in your 4th house. In the 2nd house ruling your Uranus, which indicates long term decisions and security versus freedom, the most important event in the sky for all of us is the final meeting of Jupiter and Pluto. This is happening in your 12. House between 7th and 12th. Stack. This is the last time these two will meet here, as Jupiter and Saturn will both be in your 1st house next month, at the start of the new Aquarian Age. Yes, your name is on it! The aspects of this month focus on being ready for a new era. So in this important decision and inner transformation, it’s all about what you take with you – because it will be there for a long time. And what should remain in the past.

Free yourself from what is holding you back

Take all the time you need, Aquarius. You will make the right choice, you can be sure of that. Pay attention to what you have learned in your past that you know will remain relevant to your future. Your decision, along with Uranus’, will set you free. And don’t forget that it can be a mental/karmic freedom. You can literally decide to break free from the long-standing cycle that was holding you captive or holding you back. If you find yourself overwhelmed by regret during this process, don’t be too hard on yourself. Instead, see it as a learning opportunity and move on. The Jupiter/Pluto alignment peaks on the 12th, but will remain in orb for a few more days on either side. So he’s always in your 10th house during the new super moon. House of 15. This is the time to set your course for the future. It’s also your home where you grow up. Make your own way. So make a mature decision now, Waterman. Especially if part of that process has made you realize that others can’t be there for you in a mature way. Maybe you should feed that inner child now. Don’t doubt that going ahead and defending your decision will pay off for you. Venus entering this sign on the 21st improves your public or professional image. Expect to increase your reputation or attract the attention of the right people. Dress to impress, because you will be in the public eye in one way or another next month. On the 21st the Sun also enters your house ruled by Aquarius – friendship and the future. You can focus on this goal or simply reinvest in your social circle – even with some social distance. Just as Venus is opposite the ruler of Uranus in your 4th, the Sun in your 11th is also in trine with Chiron in your 3rd. Exciting news, an invitation, or even a new friendship can open a new path for you. This may come as a surprise to you. Get ready to say yes! The month ends on a cosmic note. We eclipsed a full moon in your fifth year. House. This is your home of parenting (what did I say about parenting when you need it?), children, offspring, your creativity, fun, enjoyment, vacations (remember before Rona?!) and of course – lovers. Eclipses are always hiding. Lunar eclipses also present a very different picture. Again, this may mean that you have made an inner decision, but are not yet ready to express it. Don’t rush when you go out under this eclipse. This lover may not be who he seems to be. Or you’re not sure how they feel or what you’re doing with them. If you are unsure of your abilities, it is a sign to slow down and turn to your inner wisdom. This does not only apply to something new, but can also relate to a previous or current partner. Be careful of innuendo in any conversation, especially with young people or your children. He’ll tell you all the things they won’t tell you. The deep changes within us always precede the great changes in our outer world. Just accept that all the internal changes this month will only do that, Aquarius. Even if you have to wait for the next issue of New Age to see it. In a nutshell: Aquarius, you are at the beginning of the current era, which begins next month. It’s time to make decisions about who or what goes home with you. Make this inner promise and see how the effect manifests in your outer world.


word-image-6149 If you build a dream, others will help you. Discover the power of these needs Get ready for something bigger. Great engines of change, Pisces! This month you take a big step and commit to a new promise for the future. And that’s what will take you on a new and exciting learning journey. Your resources, your money, what you share with others, your salary, your benefits, your possessions are all part of the big picture. Some of you may be able to solve a difficult cash flow problem. Now there may be a new source of income or a way to make more money. Venus, in your other house of money, is in opposition to Chiron (1st) and Mars (9th) here. Additionally, you have Mercury going direct from the 3rd. Mars, which gives you both confidence and drive, will be in your second house from the 14th. Direct house. All of this leads to acting to get, earn and have more. To have or experience something more, of course, fish!


At the end of the month, Neptune becomes direct again. The sun and Juno in your 9th house. The 2nd house forms beautiful angles, freedom promoting, with Neptune on the 10th and 13th. These are the kinds of commitments that really lead to our freedom. Maybe the freedom to worry. Or the dedication to the dream. This may be due to delayed gratification. In other words: You give up something for the short term and save for something better and more meaningful. It may even mean giving up something to make room for it. For example, a relationship that you know in your heart will not get you what you want in the long run. It’s time to really evaluate a company’s potential. And can you live without those dreams. Or try it yourself. This suggests that you, Pisces, have a long way to go.

Field of Dreams

Ceres enters your sign on the 10th. So making compromises or giving up something to get something better should be easier for you now than usual. However, the highlight of the month in the sky will be the final meeting of Jupiter and Pluto in your eleventh house. If you remember the prediction I made to you late last year, when Jupiter entered this house, you will remember that I advised you to make not one, but three wishes. And expect at least one of these objectives to manifest while Jupiter is here. Evolution may have been slow. Or are you still waiting, thinking about What Love? and wondering why Jupiter couldn’t bring you joy. It’s your old rule, after all. The reason magic manifested so slowly had a lot to do with Saturn. Saturn slows things down. This is the last meeting of Jupiter and Pluto in this house in your lifetime. It starts on the 7th, reaches its peak on the 12th, and spins around until the new supermoon on the 9th. House at 15. The house ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter means last minute rescues, opportunities and solutions. In your 11, it works through people you know, a collective or people you meet. This tells me you’re not alone in this. If you build it, they will come. That’s a line from the movie Field of Dreams, if you haven’t seen it yet. And I’m talking about your dream. Jupiter still has an advantage over Pluto. So it can provide the friend, the person or the contact who will make that dream come true. If you watch the movie, which I recommend you do, you’ll see that Kevin Costner’s character didn’t accomplish this dream alone. He had help. Sometimes we just need someone to believe in us – and in what we dream about. Additional help in realizing this great love can come when Venus enters your 9th house on the 21st. On this day, the Sun will also be in your 10th house. The house appears. Right now we have highly volatile weather and you are a volatile sign. I ask all changeable characters to be very organized and know exactly what they want to accomplish next. And be very clear about what they plan to do and how they plan to do it. Especially if they really want to succeed. Or just to fulfill a dream. So for the next month, create the aura of a person who knows what they want and where they want to go. And how they plan to achieve their goals. Networking with important and influential people who can open doors for you is part of this process. Therefore, your image and intention are of utmost importance. Unexpected help or an opportunity to improve your reputation could encourage you to be bold and assertive on the 27th, when the Sun Chiron is in your 2nd house. Venus conjunct Uranus in your 3rd house. It’s all about the presentation and the message. If you must, fake it, Pisces.

Strong warriors feel the need!

The month will end with a Full Moon eclipsed in your 4th house. The house is reaching its peak. This is the house of the Moon, so it is likely that latent insecurities and deep emotions will be awakened. Understand that you have the right to be vulnerable. But that doesn’t mean you’re not strong too. This eclipsed Full Moon wants you to understand that strong people ask others directly for the emotional support they need. It doesn’t need to be manipulated. They also don’t assume that the other person automatically knows how they feel, and then get offended when the other person doesn’t respond as they expected. They talk openly about their needs. Being open about it does not mean being needy. We only become needy when we don’t recognize that need. Then it rots and grows. They also understand that if someone doesn’t respond or can’t respond in the way they want, that doesn’t mean the next person won’t respond. Under this eclipsed Moon, you will also be extremely sensitive to the moods of others. Remember, eclipses hide, but lunar eclipses also allow you to see things differently. And adjust your answers accordingly. Don’t jump to conclusions. If someone is distant, let them know you’re there for them – but don’t automatically assume that if something is wrong, it’s because of you. This month you have a journey to make your dreams come true. Before you get there, of course, you have work to do. But now the way is clear. This includes a path to inner truth and what you really need and want, Pisces. Here’s what the coming era has in store for you. In a nutshell: That big dream, goal or experience may become attainable this month, Pisces. Maybe you’ve given up on your future. But the future will show that she hasn’t given up on you yet. lot of people are interested in the future, and they want to know what it’s going to bring. We all get the same horoscope at the same time, but what if you got a different one for each month, or even each week? That’s what Monthly Astrology is all about.. Read more about star chart astrology and let us know what you think.

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