Masters 2022 is an international, professional sports league set to launch in 2024. The organization has gained attention and funding from a number of notable investors including Elon Musk and former NBA superstar Magic Johnson.

The “masters 2022 leaderboard” is the list of players who have won a game in Masters 2022.

Zach Johnson’s favorite Masters outfit didn’t have a price tag attached to it.

It’s not available for purchase on the premises of Augusta National Golf Club, either in the enormous merchandising building or the members-only pro shop. In fact, just a few people have one.

It’s the most valuable object at the Masters, and it’s not for sale.

Johnson smirked and replied, “The green jacket.” “Now for the next question.”


The Masters is a one-of-a-kind event. From player invitations to a restricted amount of seats for customers, as Augusta, Georgia residents are known,

The event is held in one of the world’s most renowned and exclusive private golf courses, both for good and negative reasons. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars above face value on the secondary market, the only way to get in is to receive a weekly badge (the last time the waiting list was available was 22 years ago) or enter the yearly lottery, which allows a chosen few to buy a grounds pass.

But, because you can’t carry your camera or phone past the gates, how can you show you were lucky enough to either play in or attend the Masters? Of course, you should purchase something.

Masters merchandise, as it’s known, is only officially available during the tournament’s week at Augusta National. To get your hands on the gear, you must be a member, a participant, or have a pass during Masters week. On the secondary market, you may overpay — by a lot. From golf shirts to pullovers, gnomes to dog leashes and bowls, belts to sunglasses, cufflinks to plush animals, the emblem can be seen on practically everything. There are so many various hat styles to choose from: buckets, visors, straw, adjustable and fitted, white, blue, gray, black, and, of course, green.


Make your selections and compete for a $5,000 prize! Make your selections

Sorry, customers, but the shopping isn’t just for the fans. It’s the one event where everyone makes a point of purchasing something. For those strolling the grounds, shopping for the players is like purchasing a pimento cheese sandwich. It is something they are obligated to do.

Tony Finau is known for spending more over $2,000 every trip. Brandt Snedeker has never spent more than $1,000, although he has seen individuals spend $10,000. Abraham Ancer has paid as little as $40 on some travels and as much as $3,000 on others. The majority of the pros interviewed by ESPN for this piece said they spend between $1,000 and $3,000 each time they attend.

“Having the material implies you’ve been there,” Martin Laird said.

That’s part of the Masters’ and Augusta National’s allure. Getting inside is a challenge in and of itself. It’s an achievement just to be on the grounds, amid the dogwoods and azaleas. When one gets the opportunity to compete in the tournament, the attraction of its insignia — a red flag positioned in the southeastern region of an outline of the United States — remains unchanged.

That’s why, despite having clothing agreements that cover them from head to toe on and off the course, players make time during their Masters week to swing by the pro store and pick up a shirt, a cap, a pullover, or a sweater to indicate they’ve been there.

Augusta is on its own, according to Finau. “It is self-contained. Augusta National is a one-of-a-kind golf course.”


America’s Caddie’s Michael Collins is returning for a brand-new season. He’ll take you behind the scenes of the game, with unique access to some of the best courses, feature articles, celebrity guests, and interviews with the game’s greatest names. ESPN+ has a live stream available.

“I’m like, ‘Holy cow,’” she says. According to Streelman. “This is one of three manufactured, and it costs about $1,800. ‘I got a top-10 the week before or something along those lines, so I’m going to get this,’ I said.”

To pay for the ashtray, Streelman carried it to the counter. The lady at the cash register raised her hand.

“‘Oh, honey, I’m sorry,’” says the narrator. With a giggle, Streelman recalled what she had said. “‘That’s only for members.’”

Everyone has a wish list of things they want.

When Hahn first competed at the Masters in 2015, he didn’t spend any money. After a few months, he was suffering from severe FOMO. He needed something to wear about the home, whether it was a cap or a shirt. When he returned to the Masters in 2017, he made sure he didn’t miss out on purchasing anything. It turned out to be a good thing. He hasn’t returned since.

His FOMO these days is more about missing out on something that won’t be available next year.

“It’s comparable to purchasing Jordans,” Hahn added. “People purchase Jordans because they only create a limited number of each shoe and then discontinue it for many years until it is no longer available. So it’s the same with the Masters material I have. It’s the kind of thing they won’t have again, perhaps ever.”

Johnson has a practice of buying a tie for any visitor he comes to Augusta National, whether it’s on the Sunday before the Masters or at any other time throughout the year with a member.

He said, “That’s sort of my thing.”

Every person who has purchased anything from the Masters has a favorite.

It’s a money clip that Snedeker acquired 15 years ago.

When Justin Thomas plays at home, he purchased a stand bag.

Every year, Louis Oosthuizen purchases a tumbler.

Every time Rickie Fowler plays in the Masters, he receives a Masters ornament, as well as a sweatshirt if the store provides one he wants.

Thompson purchased a set of rocks glasses as well as a whiskey decanter with the names of each hole engraved on it.

Corey Conners purchased a belt as well as wine glasses.

White dress shirts with the Masters insignia were purchased by Ancer.

Sebastian Munoz has a Masters-branded football.

Kevin Kisner, who grew up 21 miles from Augusta National, keeps his valuables in a bag he purchased approximately ten years ago.

Meredith Scheffler, Scottie Scheffler’s wife, would want to purchase his Masters gear.

“That way, she can select something she loves and I can wear it,” he said, “because if she doesn’t like it, I can’t wear it.”

However, the Scotty Cameron limited-edition putter with the year etched on it is one of the most popular goods among golfers.

They cost about $700 apiece and have become a popular method for athletes to remember their performances. Finau has a total of four or five. The Streelman’s are still in their original packaging. Tyrrell Hatton once walked away with five, according to Kisner.

“It’s distinct and unmistakable, and it’s such a wonderful area that sticks out from the others,” Conners added.


Access Each year, the PGA TOUR broadcasts 4,300+ hours of live coverage from 35 tournaments, including four days of coverage at 28 events with four streams each day. You’ll also get access to replays, originals, and more. ESPN+ has a live stream available.

After deciding on a strategy, each player takes a different method to purchasing Masters merchandise.

Hahn refuses to purchase clothes or caps since they are soon worn out, preferring instead to carry a leather purse.

Munoz only buys items that don’t have a prominent branding, such as a brown hat with a brown logo.

Players got the opportunity to stroll into the retail building for the first time in November 2020, when the Masters was played without crowds. For the first time, they witnessed the type of devastation that a credit card and all that Masters gear can do.

That logo is all over the place. And everyone wants to take it home with them. EPA-EFE/Shutterstock/MATT CAMPBELL

“I couldn’t believe the setup and everything,” Oosthuizen said, “and you end up going out there with two large bags and you have to have a nice week [to pay for it].”

“It was one of those things where you had a chat with [my wife] that evening, but sure, it was a two, three grand the one time. ‘Hold on, honey,’ you say as you go out with two large bags.”

The Masters, even in regular years, is the one event where a player may go through the merch tent without trouble, according to Fowler. Patrons are not permitted to use their phones, and they are not permitted to request signatures. That, he believes, makes it simpler for a player to leap into the goods building’s structured chaos.

“I believe we can do it there,” Fowler said, “partly because the customers are, I feel like, quite courteous.” Fowler has only been in the goods building before or after hours, never while it is available to the public.

“But that’s just one location. I don’t believe that would be a problem simply because kids aren’t meant to beg for things. ‘Hey, what’s up?’ it’d be like. How are things going for you? How are you doing today? Take pleasure in your beer. We’ll catch up later.’”

The players, for the most part, have their families handle the majority of the shopping, which means they’re the ones fighting the crowds and standing in enormous lines that rival any mall Christmas season. The new merchandise structure, which debuted in 2018, is double the size of the former tent and contains 64 check-out stations.

The week of the Masters, a lot of Christmas lists and birthday presents are completed. Laird buys a lot of Masters gear for his kids, and his wife does as well. Stewart Cink’s wife receives a list of items from pals, which she purchases and then reimburses them.

It may save time and tension for the players, but there’s a danger of bringing in family members with credit cards in hand.

Fowler said, “I haven’t actually seen the bill.” “I also make an effort not to look at it.”

Players are seldom seen wearing clothing from particular courses or events. Shirts are given out during check-in at certain tournaments, such as the WM Phoenix Open. The Masters, on the other hand, does not. Most players, like Cink from Calusa Pines, will wear clothing from their home courses, while others, like Oosthuizen from The Open, will purchase something at the larger, more prominent events.

Augusta National and the Masters, on the other hand, are unique, or at least in a league of their own. The exclusions are Winged Foot, Olympic, Seminole, Cypress Point, and Kapalua.

The Masters and Augusta National, on the other hand, are unique.

The prestige, exclusivity, uniqueness, and, for some, the dread of never returning are all factors.

Fitzpatrick added, “I purchased a lot of goods from the store.” “It’s impossible to get enough of it. You never know when it will be your final time.”

The “the masters 2022 wiki” is a website that has all of the information about the Masters tournament in 2022. The site also has links to other important tournaments like the US Open, Wimbledon and more.

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