The 2022 World Cup draw is a much-anticipated event, with the winner set to earn their place in history as the first team ever to win it three times. The live stream will be available online at and on TV around the world.

The “world cup 2022 fixtures” is a live coverage of the draw for the 2022 World Cup. The draw will provide an overview of who will be participating in the tournament and which teams they will be playing against.

Follow the 2022 FIFA World Cup draw live on ESPN, beginning with the build-up to the event, which starts at 4 p.m. GMT, or noon ET.


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12.25 a.m. ET / 16.25 a.m. GMT: So that’s how the draw will go down.

– We’ll start with the strongest pot, Pot 1. A team will be assigned to a place in each group (1, 2, 3, or 4), with the exception of Qatar, who will be assigned to A1. – Before going on, we go through Pots 2, 3, and 4 and empty each one. – With the exception of Europe, each area must have just one team. There will be five groups, each featuring two European teams. At least one team from Europe must be present in each group.

12.20 a.m. ET / 16.20 a.m. GMT: It’s just a matter of time now. Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, has arrived for his pre-draw address.

Every tournament must have an official mascot, and the Qatar World Cup’s official mascot is La’eeb!

He’s bursting with energy from the mascot universe, and he’s eager to share the love of football with everyone!

Introducing La’eeb, the official mascot for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

— April 1, 2022, FIFA World Cup (@FIFAWorldCup)

12.11 a.m. ET / 16.11 a.m. GMT: So, who is doing the drawing? There are just a few soccer legends!

With six additional assistants, Cafu (Brazil) and Lothar Matthaus (Germany) will form a team. Adel Ahmed MalAllah (Qatar), Ali Daei (IR Iran), Bora Milutinovic (Serbia/Mexico), Jay-Jay Okocha (Nigeria), Rabah Madjer (Algeria), and Tim Cahill (Australia) are among the participants (Australia).

The event in Doha, presented by actor Idris Elba, begins at 12:05 ET / 16.05 GMT.

Six individuals are now encased in luminous rings revolving around the stage. After all, it’s what we all wanted.

There’ll be lots more of this before any teams are formed.

The United States, Mexico, and Canada will host the 2026 World Cup… and the presidents of the football associations have arrived to observe how it’s done. Nick Bontis of Canada, Cindy Parlow Cone of the United States Soccer Federation, and Yon de Luisa of the Mexican Football Federation, from left to right.

The Hosts of the 2026 @FIFAWorldCup

— April 1, 2022, U.S. Soccer (@ussoccer)

Looking at probable draws, how about England, the United States, South Korea, and Ghana? 11.52 ET / 15.52 GMT: After all, the United States is constantly assigned to Ghana!

Of course, the hosts, Qatar, is the perfect draw for both the United States and Mexico, who are both in draw Pot 2.

Qatar is placed 51st in the world, whereas the other Pot 1 nations (Brazil, Belgium, France, Argentina, England, Spain, and Portugal) are ranked first.

As a result, the United States and Mexico would welcome Qatar, South Korea, and Ghana.

11.45 a.m. ET / 15.45 a.m. GMT: It’s just 15 minutes till the draw ceremony begins. It’s for this that they’re all playing…

#FIFAWorldCup #FinalDraw

— April 1, 2022, FIFA World Cup (@FIFAWorldCup)

Coach Tite and icons Kaka and Bebeto are among the entourage in Qatar to see who will be assigned to Brazil’s group.

Kaká and Bebeto are also in the area! Is everyone eager to learn more about Brazil’s World Cup team? ⚽️🇧🇷

April 1, 2022 — CBF Futebol (@CBF Futebol)

11.36 a.m. ET / 15.36 a.m. GMT: Friday is a watershed moment for Qatar’s greatest event yet, after more than 11 years since they won the bid to host the World Cup. Now things start to get serious. Gab Marcotti of ESPN talks on Qatar as a surprising host country.

11.31 a.m. ET / 15.31 a.m. GMT: The United States did not qualify for the 2018 World Cup. This time, though, it is BACK! Since then, what has changed?


The 2022 World Cup draw will take place on Friday, December 1st. The draw is expected to be streamed live around the world. Reference: world cup groups.

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