A judge in Texas has stopped 28 divorces with “identical” wording after a man and woman filed for divorce. The court ruled that the man and woman were not divorced because they had never been married, but rather because they had both filed identical petitions.

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Divorce petitions submitted by iDivorces were dismissed over identical wording (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

iDivorces’ divorce applications were rejected due to similar language (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto).

Hundreds of divorcing men and spouses have had their divorce petitions denied by a senior court for ‘exactly the same’ grounds.

The text for all the failed marriages was copied and pasted by a specialized online divorce business, which raised suspicion in a family court.

The company’s director has now ‘apologised profusely’ for the snafu, which resulted in the cases being sent to the High Court.

The same 145 words were used in each instance to indicate that each of the petitioning spouses claimed they were neglected on ‘approximately two days a week,’ making the marriage difficult to continue.

However, Mr Justice Moor of the High Court concluded that it was “very implausible” for each of the 28 respondents to conduct in the same manner as the other 27.

iDivorces prepared and submitted each of the divorce applications on behalf of the 28 petitioners, according to investigations.

The court has now dismissed each and every one of the applications.

 Bury St Edmunds Family Court spotted the similarities and the case was referred to the High Court (Picture: Google Maps)

The case was submitted to the High Court after the Bury St Edmunds Family Court noticed the parallels (Picture: Google Maps)

In a High Court decision, he said that the days of “no-fault divorces” are not yet here, and that spouses must still provide real grounds for divorce.

According to iDivorces, standard language was given to each petitioner with a request for any modifications, but none were made, resulting in divorce requests based on similar accusations.

‘For approximately a year previous to the separation, the respondent became gloomy without reason and combative towards the petitioner,’ according to the accusations.

iDivorces said standard wording had been sent to each petitioner, with a request for any changes to be made (Picture: iDivorces)

Standard language had been given to each petitioner, with a request for any modifications, according to iDivorces (Picture: iDivorces)

‘He/she would act in this manner at least a couple of times each week, causing a lot of stress in the household and making the petitioner’s life extremely difficult.’

‘At the same time, the respondent often ignored the petitioner and refused to contact with him.’

‘He/she would also act in this manner on approximately two days each week, causing a lot of stress in the household and making life difficult for the petitioner.’

‘For approximately a year before the separation, the responder exhibited little interest in living the life of a married woman/man.’

‘For example, he/she may go out socially on his/her own, thus excluding the petitioner from his/her life and making him/her feel depressed.’

The parallels were noticed when the matter was brought before Bury St Edmunds Family Court, and the case was referred to the High Court.

‘I make it very plain that those particulars are precisely the kind of particulars that I would expect to find in a divorce petition, and I would not have batted an eyelid,’ Mr Justice Moor stated in his decision.

‘If they are shown to be genuine, I am certain that they would be sufficient to support a divorce judgment under current law.’

The law is set to change next April to introduce 'no-fault divorces' (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The legislation will alter in April to allow for “no-fault divorces.” (Image courtesy of Getty Images/iStockphoto.)

‘However, it is implausible for all 28 responders to have acted in the same manner.’ As a consequence, I regret having to find that these petitions are inappropriate.

‘Because all of these details are similar, they cannot all be true in any of the 28 instances.’

‘If I had to offer an example, it would be astonishing if all 28 respondents disregarded the petitioners and refused to contact with them on about two days each week.’

‘As a result, I don’t have a choice except to reject all 28 of these divorce applications.’ The petitioners will just have to begin the process all over again.’

He said that an iDivorces director had “profoundly apologized” for what had occurred and that the matter will not be submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Although the legislation is scheduled to change next April under the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 to allow for “no-fault divorces,” couples must presently show that their marriage has irretrievably broken in order to get a divorce.

Mr Justice Moor said that he published his decision to “guarantee that nobody else chooses to do precisely what has occurred in this instance.”

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The woman files for divorce after winning lottery is a story that has been circulating all over the internet. A judge in Florida stopped 28 copy and paste divorces with identical wording.

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