British singer Jessie J is accusing her tour security of turning a blind eye to Covid on the grounds that they are “with” somebody. The singer alleges in a post, which has since been deleted, that she caught one member of their team doing drugs at last night’s concert and another having sex with two women backstage.

Jessie J believes she caught Covid at her last concert in LA. She posted a picture on Instagram of her with Covid’s manager, and explained that the “Covid” is what they called their security guards.

Jessie J believes she caught Covid at last concert in LA

Jessie J

Jessie J claims to have seen Covid-19 on a recent program (Picture:Getty)

Jessie J has stated that she contracted coronavirus as a result of her recent show in Los Angeles, which she feels was the source of her illness. 

The 33-year-old singer shared a series of images from her gig at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on December 15, showing her on stage singing and posing with other artists backstage. 

‘I got covid at this concert BUT the crowd could clap in time,’ she captioned the photos. Balance.’

The Price Tag actress did not say when she tested positive, but it was over two weeks ago during the performance she suspects she caught it at. 

It comes after Jessie disclosed in November that she had a miscarriage after opting to have a family on her own. 

‘Yesterday morning I was joking with a buddy saying “really though how am I going to get through my show in LA tomorrow night without announcing the whole crowd I am pregnant,”‘ she said on Instagram with a picture of herself holding a pregnancy test. 

Jessie J miscarriage

Jessie recently revealed that she had a miscarriage (Picture: Instagram)

‘By yesterday afternoon, I was terrified about making it through the performance without collapsing… ‘After my third ultrasound, I was informed there was no longer a heartbeat.’

‘This morning,’ Jessie said. I have the impression that I have no control over my emotions. It’s possible that I’ll come to regret sharing this. I’m not sure. Actually, I’m not sure. What I do know is that tonight I want to sing. I’m singing tonight not to escape the sadness or the process, but because I know it will heal me.

Jessie J

The singer has made the decision to have a family on her own (Getty/@jessiej/Instagram).

‘I’ve only done two gigs in the last two years, and my spirit is in desperate need of rest.’ Today, much more so. I’m sure some people will believe she should simply call it off. But there is one thing on which I am certain right now. 

‘I began singing for pleasure, to feed my soul, and self-love treatment when I was young, and that hasn’t changed, and I have to handle things my way.’

Jessie explained that she was revealing her desire to have a kid on her own as well as her anguish over the pregnancy loss so she wouldn’t have to conceal her feelings. 

Jessie J’s Biography

‘I want to be honest and sincere, and not disguise what I’m feeling,’ she ended. That is something I have earned. I want to be as authentic as possible right now. Not only for the sake of the audience, but also for myself and my tiny baby, who gave it her all. 

‘I know myself, and I know I’d say something on stage about it because that’s who I am.’ So, instead of a sad dramatic speech attempting to convey my enthusiasm, I’ve decided to do something else. This feels more secure.’

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Jessie J ‘cries herself to sleep,’ says a source. After a devastating miscarriage


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Jessie J believes she caught Covid at last concert in LA. The singer was performing at the Staples Center on October 8th when a fan ran up to her and threw something onto the stage. Covid then jumped into action, but Jessie J had already seen him coming and started singing “I’m sorry” before he could get to her. Reference: jessie j age.

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