The football world is in a state of flux. There are many new rules that have been implemented, and one of them is the ‘tactical foul’. This rule allows players to win back possession from the opposing team if they commit a foul that prevents their opponent from playing or scoring.

In football they call it a tactical foul is a quote from the World Cup. It was said by German manager Toto Wolff, who is currently worth $4.2 billion.

MONZA (Italy) – Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team director, claimed Max Verstappen’s collision with Lewis Hamilton at the Italian Grand Prix was the equivalent of a “tactical foul.”

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On lap 26, after losing a place in the pit stops, Verstappen tried to overtake Hamilton at Monza’s narrow first chicane, putting the two title rivals out of the race.

In the first section of the chicane, Verstappen positioned his vehicle on the outside of Hamilton’s, but as they approached the second part, he ran out of space and was propelled over the inside kerb.

Verstappen’s vehicle collided with Hamilton’s, the right rear wheel of his car colliding with the Mercedes driver’s helmet.

Before the stewards judged Verstappen “predominantly to fault” and handed him a three-place grid penalty for the following race, Wolff remarked, “In football, they call it a ‘tactical foul.’” “He presumably understood that if Lewis stayed ahead, he could win the race.”

When asked whether he believed Verstappen was solely to blame, Wolff explained his position.

“No, I didn’t say he was entirely to fault or pass an absolute judgment on the event,” he said. “What I meant was that one might view it as a tactical foul with the prejudice that everyone of us must recognize.” “We don’t want to be in a scenario where one loses a position and the only option to keep the other from scoring is to take him out in the future.”

The crash knocked both Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton out of the race. AFP/ANDREJ ISAKOVIC/Getty Images

“Both of them must make room for each other, race each other aggressively while avoiding collisions. It’s been a lot of fun up till now, but we’ve seen Halo save Lewis’ life today, and Max had a big crash at Silverstone, and we don’t want to end up in a position where we have to interfere because someone is really injured.

“It’s ferocious and furious. They need to figure out a method to compete against one other.”

Hamilton dived out of a similar position with Verstappen on the first lap at the second chicane, when he, too, might have put both cars out, according to Wolff.

“On lap one, I believe Lewis provided a lot of room in Turn 4 and avoided a collision,” he added. “Perhaps I’m more unsportsmanlike than Lewis since I would have finished the race there [for both drivers], at the very least we’d have had less engine mileage.”

“What occurred was the opposite, but with no attempt to avoid touch. Taking each other out strategically because you know you’ve lost the position is something we need to avoid in the future.”

Christian Horner, the Red Bull team principal, disagreed with Wolff’s position, claiming Verstappen would not have had enough time to commit a tactical infraction.

“I don’t believe he’s thinking about passing the vehicle ahead of him coming through Turn 1 into Turn 2,” he added. “I’d be upset if Toto proposed that, but it’s disappointing for me because we had a strong vehicle today and wanted to beat them on the circuit.”

“We had a tough pit stop due to a mechanical problem, and he was kept far longer than he should have been. So he shouldn’t have been near Lewis, and then Lewis had a problem and should have stayed clear of Max, putting them in a position where they had to race one other, so they’re both going for it.”

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