Netflix is one of the most popular TV shows to watch on your computer, phone or tablet. But what about Vizio Smart TVs? Although some Smart TVs are compatible with Netflix, many models aren’t supported yet. This article walks you through how to watch Netflix on a Vizio Smart TV.

The “how to get netflix on older vizio tv” is a question that has been asked many times. Netflix is now available on most smart TVs, but you may need some help getting it installed. Here are the steps you will need to follow in order to watch Netflix on your Vizio TV.

How to Watch Netflix on Vizio Smart TV [Complete Guide]

Netflix is one of the internet platform’s trend-setters. It has a vast library of video material, including movies and TV shows. Netflix is releasing more originals and documentaries. It also provides a streaming app for all smart devices, including smartphones, PCs, streaming devices, and smart TVs, to view all of these media. If you have a Vizio Smart TV, you can easily download and utilize the Netflix app.

One of the most popular smart TV manufacturers, Vizio, comes with various pre-installed applications. A smart TV comes pre-loaded with popular applications like Netflix and YouTube. You don’t need to manually install the app; just launch it and connect in with your Netflix ID. Netflix subscriptions are divided into three categories: Basic, Standard, and Premium.

How to Use Netflix on Your Vizio Smart TV

There are multiple methods to access the Netflix app depending on whatever Vizio Smart TV model you have. There are four distinct methods to go into the app on your Vizio Smart TV.

Using the Netflix Button on a Television

(1) Take the remote from your Vizio Smart TV and turn it on.

(2) On the remote, look for the Netflix button.


(3) Select Netflix from the drop-down menu. It will launch the Netflix application on your television.

(4) Select Sign In from the drop-down menu. If the Sign In button does not appear on the Are you a Netflix member? screen, touch the Yes button.

(5) Tap the Sign In button after entering your Netflix account details.

(6) The Netflix screen will appear, with all of the movies and programs available.

(7) Select your preferred video to watch.

Using the Netflix Icon on the TV

(1) Turn on your Vizio Smart TV and wait for it to boot up to the home screen.

(2) The pre-installed applications will appear on the home screen. Select the Netflix application.


(3) The Sign In screen will appear. If not, go to the Are you a Netflix member? page and choose Yes.

(4) The Activation Code will appear on the screen.

(5) Log in to your Netflix account on the Netflix Activation page.

(6) To activate the Netflix app on your smart TV, enter the Activation Code.

(7) Select and watch your favorite film.

Using the V Button on the TV Remote to Get Netflix on a Vizio Smart TV

(1) Take the remote from your Vizio Smart TV and turn it on.

(2) Locate the V button on the remote control. The Vizio Internet Apps button is the V button.


(3) To access the applications area, press the V button.

(4) Select the Netflix app from the list of applications and press the OK button.

(5) Tap the Sign In or Yes buttons, as in the previous procedure.

(6) A code for activation will display. On the Netflix Activation webpage, enter the Activation Code.

(7) Turn on your smart TV and activate the app. You can catch up on your Netflix shows.

If you wish to sign out or sign in with a different account using any of the three options above, press the remote buttons in the sequence shown below.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up,

Select Sign Out, Start Over, or Deactivate from the options on the screen. Then, to sign in with the account, repeat the process.

How to Update Netflix on Any Device is Related

Smartcast Technology allows you to watch Netflix on your Vizio Smart TV.

Most Vizio Smart TVs have Smartcast technology, which allows you to cast video from approved Android and iPhone applications.

(1) Go to the Play Store or App Store and download the Netflix app for Android or iOS.

(2) Join the same WiFi network as your Vizio smart TV using your smartphone.

(3) On your smartphone, launch the Netflix app.

(4) In the upper right corner of the screen, tap the Cast symbol.


(5) Your Vizio Smart TV should now be visible. It should be tapped.

(6) After that, choose any of the video titles to view.

(7) Your Vizio Smart TV will display it.

Netflix is only accessible on Vizio Smart TV in the United States and Canada.

How to Install Disney Plus on a Vizio Smart TV

Discontinued Vizio Smart TV Models on Netflix

The Netflix app has been deleted from Vizio Smart TV models built in 2013 and before. The Vizio Support Page has a complete list of discontinued models. If your model is on the list, you’ll need to utilize a third-party streaming device like a Firestick or Roku.

On your Vizio Smart TV, you may utilize the Netflix app in a variety of ways. You do not need to manually install the app since it is already installed. It’s also worth noting that the Netflix app on your Vizio TV cannot be uninstalled or deleted. Please post any questions you have for the above tutorial in the comments area.


[1] Is Netflix available for free on the Vizio Smart TV?

The Netflix app is available for free download from the Vizio App Store on the Vizio Smart TV. Some Smart TVs come with the app already installed.

[2] How can I fix my Vizio Smart TV’s Netflix problem?

You may use the simple remedies if the Netflix app won’t launch or is stuck on a black screen. You must ensure that the Netflix app is up to current, which you can do through the Vizio App Store. The internet connection must be confirmed. You may also attempt to reset the Vizio Smart TV by powering it down and restarting it.

[3] How can I remove Netflix from my Vizio Smart TV?

You may look for the Netflix app in the Vizio App Store. To delete the Netflix app, go to the More option and choose Uninstall or Delete from the drop-down menu.

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