To use the perks in Dead by Daylight, you must first unlock them. You can do this by completing certain tasks or buying them with Bloodpoints. Once unlocked, you will be able to choose which perk you want to use at any given time during a match.

Mikaela Reid is the newest addition to the Dead by Daylight cast. The first Boon Totem bonuses will be available in this witch-themed Survivor. These Boon Totems have the ability to alter the pace of a game and offer Killer’s something to be wary about. Let’s look at Mikaela Reid’s three distinct advantages and how she may use them to construct Boon Totems in Dead by Daylight.  


Mikaela’s first perk is clairvoyance, and the teachable form emerges on her Bloodweb at level 30. The following is how it works:  

“Whenever you cleanse a Totem, clairvoyance is activated. Hold the ability button while empty-handed to unleash your maximum aura reading potential. Within a 64-meter range, you can see the auras of exit gate switches, generators, hooks, and chests for up to 8/9/10 seconds.” 

Clairvoyance works in the same way as maps do. As a result, you may get a lot of mileage out of those ten seconds. Items have little effect on clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is not deactivated by holding or picking up an object. When you wish to use Clairvoyance, simply make sure you drop your object. mikaelas-perks-dead-by-daylight-clairvoyancemikaela's-perks-dead-by-daylight-clairvoyance

If you don’t have access to stronger aura reading perks or maps, clairvoyance is a viable option. It may be used as a backup perk for loot builds, sabotage builds, and locating generators. Clairvoyance can reveal you where the escape gate switches are if you ever get lost once the gates have been turned on. It is, however, a lesser perk, since the map can do all of the functions of Clairvoyance without using a perk slot.  

Circle of Healing is a Boon.

Mikaela’s second perk is Circle of Healing, and the teachable form can be found on her Bloodweb at level 35. The following is how it works:  

“To bless and produce a Boon Totem, press and hold the ability button near a Dull or Hex Totem. Soft chimes may be heard from a distance of 28 meters. Survivors inside the range of the Boon Totem receive a 90/95/100 percent healing speed boost and may heal without using a Med-Kit. Only one Totem may be blessed at a time. On your Boon Totem, all equipped boon bonuses are active.” 

Boon: Circle of Healing seems to be a popular benefit, despite the fact that the power of Boon Totems is unknown. Especially because a large number of Killers use the Mangled state effect to delay recovery. This perk speeds up the healing of other Survivors in a group and stacks with other healing speed enhancements. As a result, it will be in the Killer’s best interests to extinguish the Boon Totem before pursuing Survivors inside its area of influence. mikaelas-perks-dead-by-daylight-boon-circle-of-healingmikaela's-perks-dead-by-daylight-boon-circle-of-healing

I believe Survivors will begin by mending on the outside of the Boon Totem’s area of influence. This will make it more difficult for the Killer to extinguish the totem. They’ll have to disregard the healing Survivors in order to put an end to it. This will give the Survivors enough time to complete their healing and flee.  

The Killer does not always have the choice of attacking the healed Survivors. Survivors may restore each other to health during the Killer’s blood wipe animation on the PTB if they had the proper perk combination. As a result, the Killer’s attacks are ineffective. This may change after the perk goes live, though it’s unlikely given how common Boon Totems are among Killers.   

Shadow Step (Bon)

Mikaela’s third perk is Shadow Step, and the teachable form can be found on her Bloodweb at level 40. The following is how it works:  

“To bless and produce a Boon Totem, press and hold the ability button near a Dull or Hex Totem. Soft chimes may be heard from a distance of 28 meters. The scratch marks and auras of any Survivors inside the Boon Totem’s range will be concealed from the Killer. After exiting the Boon Totem’s range, its effect lasts for 2/3/4 seconds. Only one Totem may be blessed at a time. On your Boon Totem, all equipped boon bonuses are active.” 

Shadow Step seems to be a fantastic stealth enhancement. If the Killer isn’t paying attentively, the Survivor they’re pursuing may quickly be lost. Although, for skilled Killers, who pay greater attention to sound while losing sight of Survivors, Boon: Shadow Step will be less effective.mikaelas-perks-dead-by-daylight-boon-shadow-stepmikaela's-perks-dead-by-daylight-boon-shadow-step

The ability to block the Killer from perceiving Survivor auras is the true benefit of Boon: Shadow Step. For Survivors, a Killer with an aura reading perk or add-on may be the difference between life and death. Distortion is currently the only Survivor perk that can conceal auras, however it may only be used three times each game. So adding the ability for Survivors to conceal auras indefinitely until the Boon Totem is extinguished is a great feature. 

In Dead by Daylight, Mikaela Reid has three distinct advantages. Check out the video below to see these benefits in action. As players adapt to the new mechanism, the efficacy of her Boon Perks will be determined. However, they have the ability to make a significant difference throughout a game. Check out our post here to learn more about how Boon Totems operate. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and stay tuned for future Dead by Daylight tutorials.  

Mikaela Reid is a character that was introduced in Dead by Daylight. She has some perks that are unique to her, but there is no mention of where she is from. Reference: mikaela reid where is she from.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use teachable perks in dead by daylight?

Teachable perks are a type of perk that can be learned by interacting with other players. There is no way to learn them through the game, but if you want to learn one, you will need to find someone who has it and ask them how they got it.

How do you get dead survivor perks in daylight?

Dead survivors are awarded with perks that can only be used during the night.

How do I change my perks in DBD?

To change your perks, go to the main menu and select Settings.

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