Windows 10 has some awesome new features, but the best part of it is that it lets you choose which sounds to play with. But sometimes, that can be a problem. For example, you may have a sound that is playing all the time, like your Windows 10 computer beeping when you receive a notification, but you don’t want it to. Here is how you can troubleshoot it.

Have you ever experienced an issue where you can not hear any sounds on your desktop? Perhaps you do not hear any noises when a game is playing, audio background music is no longer playing, or you are not hearing any ringtones or notifications from your phone. Sounds are one of the most important elements of the Windows operating system, and you can not have any noticeable audio when they are not working as expected.

If you are experiencing issues with your PC where you hear system sounds but no music, you may have to troubleshoot the volume settings. We will guide you through the steps to troubleshoot the volume settings on Windows 10.

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While hardware difficulties may sometimes create audio problems, it is most frequently the software that is to fault. Major Windows 10 upgrades, for example, offer a slew of new capabilities while simultaneously introducing new issues. A patch may create issues with older audio drivers or the software that came with your sound card.

If your Windows 10 computer’s system sounds aren’t functioning, go through these procedures one by one until the sound is restored.

What causes the system noises in Windows 10 to stop playing?


Affected Windows 10 users, according to numerous reports, are unable to utilize system sounds. The issue usually arises after installing the most recent Windows update or as a result of damaged system files. While the majority of hardware problems are critical for PC users, bugs or software flaws may also degrade the user experience.

Some malicious third-party applications may also create issues with system operations, resulting in performance, display, and even sound issues.

It’s also conceivable that the Windows system sound scheme has been deactivated, which may create issues. Turning on the computer’s dampening function at the same time may also create this issue.

The issue may potentially be caused by a clash between the system sounds and the Adobe Flash Player registration key. In this situation, you should use the registry editor to restore Flash Player on your Windows 10 machine.

How can you fix Windows 10’s unplayable system sounds?


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Start the volume mixer.

  1. In the taskbar, right-click the Windows volume icon.
  2. Choose “Open Volume Mixer” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Check that the volume control is set to 0 and that mute is turned on under “System Sounds.”

Check out the “Sound Scheme” section.

  1. Click the “System Sounds” icon in the previously opened “Volume Mixer” box.
  2. Click “OK” after ensuring that “Sound Scheme” is set to “Windows Defaults.”

Configuring the Registry

  1. Open the search function and type Regedit in the dialog box that appears by pressing the Win + R key combination or opening the search function and typing Regedit in the dialog box that appears by using the Win + R key combination.
  2. HKEY CURRENT USER is the registry key to look for.
  3. Check that the Data (default) field on the right side says “(value not set)”.
  4. If anything other than “(Value not set)” appears in the “Value Data:” area, double-click on (Default) and delete any content that appears.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions




If you have ever experienced a system sound failure on any of your Windows 10 PC, what would you do? Many of us would search in the web, to see if any of the Windows 10 Troubleshoot Tips would be applicable.. Read more about why does my computer suddenly have no sound and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my sounds not working Windows 10?

This can be due to the fact that your sound card drivers are not up to date. In this case, you should update your drivers to the latest version. Q: Can you add songs to Beat Saber for PS4? Unfortunately, Sony does not allow users to add in custom

Why is system sound not working?

It may be that youre using a Realtek sound card. You may need to install the Realtek High Definition Audio drivers for your system. Q: Can you use a controller in Beat Saber? Yes! Beat Saber supports the use of controller. Q: Can you

Why does my PC suddenly have no sound?

There are many reasons why your PC may have no sound. The best way to fix this is to update your sound drivers. The drivers are the software that translates the information your sound card is picking up into a format that you can understand. The process of updating drivers is called driver installation. Q

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