Netflix is a monthly subscription service that can be expensive if you want to watch as many movies and TV shows as possible. To combat the high cost, some subscribers have come up with creative ways of sharing their subscriptions among themselves by splitting the bill between them.,

The “share netflix subscription app” is a free app that allows users to share their Netflix subscriptions with others. The app also has the ability to reduce your monthly Netflix bill by up to 50%.

How to share the same Netflix subscription to pay less

You may split the cost of a Netflix membership into two or even four parts by paying half or a quarter of the total cost.

How-to-share-the-same-Netflix-subscription-to-pay-less Netflix is the greatest service for streaming movies and TV shows because of the outstanding audio and visual quality of the material, especially if we pay for the more costly membership (which unlocks 4K with HDR, a quality unthinkable for a stream streaming via the Internet).

Netflix subscriptions vary from € 7.99 to € 17.99 per month, depending on the level of quality desired and the number of devices on which simultaneous watching is desired. While the most affordable membership (SD resolution and just one connected device) may be a decent alternative for people who want to stream video without worrying about quality, the most costly subscription (4K HDR and up to four devices at once) comes at a cost. Monthly fees are € 18, which may be shared with friends or family members using devices that support simultaneous watching.

Following are instructions on how to share a Netflix membership with friends while adhering to a few basic conditions, since Netflix has altered its policy and will do all possible to prevent the account from being shared outside the house.

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How to create a Netflix account that may be shared

To create a shared Netflix account for a group of people, we’ll need to use an email address, either the email address of the group administrator (who will be in charge of collecting the necessary funds and paying the Netflix subscription on a regular basis) or a new email address; to be safe, we recommend creating one new Gmail mailbox dedicated to shared Netflix.

After creating the mail account let’s go to the Netflix siteinsert the email address in the field in the center of the page then press the button It begins. 1652375998_591_How-to-share-the-same-Netflix-subscription-to-pay-less In the new screen that will appear, we choose the most expensive subscription and provide a valid payment method to be associated with the new account. The group admin can use both a PayPal account for the purpose and one prepaid card (such as a PostePay), taking care of do not use payment methods already associated with other Netflix accounts (also used in the past at least once).

Let’s go to the Manage Profiles option on the start screen or on the Netflix website (from the menu at the top right) to establish profiles for all group members once we’ve activated our Netflix membership (given the limitations of the more expensive subscription the group will consist of 3 people plus the administrator). The setup of Netflix profiles is required in order for each group member to have their favorites and previously seen material connected with their profile.

Finally, the administrator must offer all users participating in subscription sharing with a Netflix email account and password so that they may access their profile and see the material they choose. We also avoid providing the password for the shared account’s email address: changing the security settings on Netflix (such as the access password) is necessary and will prevent the clever ones from exploiting it.

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How to tell others about your membership

In addition to sharing the Netflix account with friends and relatives, it is possible to share the account with complete strangers, using a dedicated service such as Together Price. 1652375999_754_How-to-share-the-same-Netflix-subscription-to-pay-less Together Price offers a management platform for shared accounts and at the cost of only € 4 per month, allows you to access the most expensive subscription on Netflix by sharing the expense with other passionate people. The money will be managed directly by the platform and the security system will protect users from scams.

This site was also mentioned in our tutorial on how to share the cost of Netflix or other premium websites.


If € 18 a month to watch Netflix in 4K HDR is too costly, we can choose for a cheaper membership or split the cost with friends and family by creating a dedicated account with a shared email address and password (which will obviously have to divide the expense into equal parts).

Unfortunately, Netflix has begun a genuine blocking effort against account sharing in recent years (after allowing it for the initial years of the service’s existence), combining IP and access control systems and banning accounts suspected of being shared by many users. We can’t do anything about this sort of ban since Netflix is merely trying to safeguard its profits (in the last period decreased due to account sharing as well as price hikes).

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There are a lot of ways to share the same Netflix subscription, but one of the best is by signing up for a family membership. With this, you can pay less for your Netflix subscription by sharing it with your family members. Reference: netflix login.

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