Windows 10 supports the idea of “network drives”, which allow for the easy sharing of files over a network. These can be mapped on a computer running Windows 10 as a network drive to be used for file sharing. Depending on the network drive, this feature is called something different. Examples of network drives include: NTFS, FAT, and Linux.

You can map a network drive in Windows 10, but you won’t find a way to do it in the GUI at all. You have to use the command line, and even that requires a little work. In this tutorial, we’ll show you two great command-line drive mapping tools, and how to use them to map a drive on a Windows 10 computer.

I have a desktop with Windows 10 on it and I want to make a network drive between it and my tablet so that it can share files between them. In order to do this I followed the steps found in the following Microsoft Answers forum post .  The instructions in this post work fine for me, running Windows 10 on the desktop and Windows 10 on the tablet. However, the instructions in the forum post lack important information and do not work for me.

You can quickly access information physically residing on a separate computer by mapping a disk. You may also create a shortcut to another disk or folder on your network that maps to that destination. Furthermore, while mapping a network disk on a PC. Then, in File Explorer, it will appear as a new drive under This PC.

As a result, it makes it easier for you to access shared files when you need them. Similarly, if you were to utilize your local hard disk. Mapping a drive is useful for storing data when your PC is full, accessing files from a tablet, backing up data, and sharing access with many people.

As a result, the instructions below will show you how to create network drive shortcuts in Windows 10.

In Windows 10, how do I map a network drive? 

Step 1:

To begin, click the File Explorer icon on the taskbar or in the start menu. 

Step 2: 

Second, from the left pane, open This PC.

Step 3:

Drop down in the ribbon menu at the top and choose Map Network Drive. Select ” Map Network Drive” from the drop-down menu.

map network drive windows 10

It’s worth noting that the Map network drive option may be found under the Computer tab. When you go to This PC, it should open.

Step 4:

Select the drive letter you wish to use in the network folder from the drive list. Then press the browse button.

how to map a network drive

Step 5: 

If you get an error message after performing the preceding action, you must enable network discovery. To do so, go to the control panel and then to Network and Sharing Center. 

After that, you must choose Change advanced sharing settings. It will show in the left corner of your screen. From there, choose Turn on Network Discovery. Then make a note of the modification. 

Step 6:

Go to the folder you want to map and double-click it. After you’ve selected it, click OK.

Step 7:

After that, you must confirm your choice. And last, tap on the end. 

Because the folder is always accessible, you may choose to reconnect it anytime you wish to sign in. Additionally, you may link the folder with a different user account if necessary.

Step 8:

When the procedure is complete, the new drive letter should appear under This PC. You’ll be able to access its contents just like any other folder. If you wish to disconnect the network drive, right-click on it and choose disconnect from the menu.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about Network Drive Mapping on Windows, along with detailed answers.

In Windows 10, how can I locate my network map?

To view a list of all network drives that are mapped in your windows. Open the Network and Sharing Center by searching for it in the Start Menu. This will enable you to examine how your computer is linked to the internet. Now, to view the whole network map, choose “Access Full Map.” You will be able to see the entire network map of your system without any difficulty.

What is the best way to access a network drive?

To access the network drive in windows you needed to navigate to the File Exporler > This PC > Map Network Drive. Here you will find all the map drives of your system.


You may map a network drive in Windows 10 by following the instructions above. By mapping the position of another disk or folder that is shared on your network, you may easily create a shortcut to it. If you can’t connect to a network disk or folder, it’s worth noting.

Then there’s the computer you’re attempting to connect to. It’s either switched off or you don’t have the right permissions. You should attempt to contact your network administrator in such situations. You may also map a network disk with Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista. In Windows XP, as well.

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When you install a new piece of software, it may ask you to map a drive to a drive letter, so you don’t have to keep typing out the full path to the files you want to use. This is usually done by double-clicking the icon for the program, then clicking on Options, and then Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings.. Read more about how to map a network drive windows 7 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manually map a network drive in Windows 10?

You can use the command prompt to map a network drive. In order to do this, you will need to know the IP address of your computer and the name of the network share.

How do I manually map a network drive?

You can map a network drive by going to the Network and Sharing Center in Control Panel, clicking on Change advanced sharing settings.

How do I find my network drive in Windows 10?

To find your network drive in Windows 10, you can use the search bar on the taskbar.

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