Want to know how to make a turtle shell in minecraft? Here are five easy steps! This will be relevant for those who want their turtles to live longer and have fun doing it.

The “how to get scutes in minecraft” is a question that has been asked over and over again. This article will provide you with 5 easy steps on how to make a turtle shell in Minecraft.

How To Make A Turtle Shell In Minecraft? 5 EASY Steps [2022]

Do you want to stay underwater for a bit longer?

The CPU Guide is here today to teach you How to Make a Turtle Shell in Minecraft with step-by-step instructions and photographs.

Turtle Shell is a new armor item in Minecraft that offers you +2 armor points. It aids you by extending the amount of time you have to breathe underwater. It may also be used as a brewing component.

Let’s take a look at everything you’ll need to make a turtle shell in Minecraft.

Platforms that are available:

What You’ll Need to Make a Turtle Shell in Minecraft:

Scute is all that is required to build Turtle Shell in Minecraft. However, it is not readily accessible. When a Baby Turtle matures into an Adult Turtle, it drops Scute. There are, however, a few stages to obtaining Scute. The steps are as follows:

  • Look for Sea Grass.
  • Turtles to breed
  • Keep the eggs safe.
  • Gather the Scute
  • In Minecraft, create a turtle shell.

You can simply construct Turtle Shell in Minecraft if you follow all of the procedures. The instructions for How to Make a Turtle Shell in Minecraft were as follows. Let’s look at each stage in more depth now.

Step 1: Search for Sea Grass

Collecting Seagrass is the first step in How to Make a Turtle Shell in Minecraft. Turtles like eating sea grass as a snack. Seagrass is a non-solid plant block that may be found in all seas except frozen ones. Seagrass grows alongside Kelp in ocean biomes, as well as in underwater caverns and swamps, rivers, and replaces ice and planks.


Seagrass may also be grown using bone meal on a non-transparent block of earth, coarse dirt, sand, red sand, or gravel in Java Edition. However, there must be two water blocks above the block where the bone meal is being utilized, with the lowest one being nonflowing water, in order for this to function.

To cut seagrass, you’ll need shears; otherwise, it won’t drop anything. It drops 1-2 seagrass when cut with shears. 0-2 turtles may also be used to gather seagrass. The maximum number of potential seagrass drops is increased by 1 each level by the looting enchantment.

The first stage in our tutorial on How to Make a Turtle Shell in Minecraft is finished. Let’s go on to the next phase.

Step 2: Turtles to breed

Our second step for How to Make a Turtle Shell in Minecraft is to Turtles to breed. Turtles can be found in Beach Biome usually swimming in water or walking along the sand, and you need two turtles to breed. You have to build the wall to keep the Turtles from running away. Now with the seagrass in your hand, feed each of the Turtles one at a time.

1642794695_819_How-To-Make-A-Turtle-Shell-In-Minecraft-5-EASYSeagrass is a great way to attract turtles.

You’ll see red hearts over Turtles’ heads after feeding them seagrass. The red hearts will vanish after a while, and one of the Turtles will begin digging in the sand. It will deposit eggs of various sizes when it has finished excavating, up to four eggs.

1642794696_609_How-To-Make-A-Turtle-Shell-In-Minecraft-5-EASYFollowing the feeding of the turtles.

Now that we have the eggs, we must safeguard them before moving on to the next step. In Minecraft, here’s how to make a turtle shell.

Step 3: Keep the eggs safe.

Our third step for How to Make a Turtle Shell in Minecraft is to Keep the eggs safe.. You need to immediately build a fence around the Eggs to Protect them from being stomped by the undead mobs, you can also build a Turtle farm. You can also use a silk touch pickaxe to move the eggs to a safer place.


The eggs took many days to hatch; however, you may speed up the process by increasing the random tick speed. The default tick speed in Minecraft is 3.

You may raise the tick speed by issuing the following command:

/random /gamerule 50000 ticks per second

All you have to do now is wait three times for the Turtles’ eggs to hatch.

  • The first time it craks, you’ll hear a “crack,” see green particles, and see some little brown craking on the eggs.
  • When it cracks the second time, you’ll hear a “crack” sound, green particles will erupt, and the brown crack will widen.
  • You’ll hear a “crack” sound the third time it cracks, and the young turtles will hatch from the eggs.

1642794697_729_How-To-Make-A-Turtle-Shell-In-Minecraft-5-EASYTurtles have hatched and are now available for adoption.

Set the tick speed to default now that the eggs have hatched.

/random /gamerule 3 ticks per second

Your game will act weirdly if you don’t change the tick speed to default.

We’re coming close to completing our project! . Let’s have a look at the following stage for In Minecraft, here’s how to make a turtle shell.

Step 4: Gather the Scute

Collecting Scute is the fourth step in our How to Make a Turtle Shell in Minecraft guide. To hasten the development of the Baby Turtles, feed them 10 seagrass.

1642794698_677_How-To-Make-A-Turtle-Shell-In-Minecraft-5-EASYFeed the Turtles’ Young

When the Turtle reaches adulthood, it will drop a Scute. To make a Turtle shell in Minecraft, you’ll need at least 5 scutes, so repeat the procedure with a few more turtles.

1642794698_402_How-To-Make-A-Turtle-Shell-In-Minecraft-5-EASYGather the Scutes

Let’s create Turtle Shell now that everything is finished and we have our major component for How to Make a Turtle Shell in Minecraft!

Making the Turtle Shell (Step 5)

Our last step for How to Make a Turtle Shell in Minecraft is to place the Scute in Crafting Table. Now that you have collected the 5 Scutes, you just have to place them in the crafting table according to the following order as shown below to In Minecraft, create a turtle shell.. Your Turtle Shell is ready, now move it to inventory.

1642794699_828_How-To-Make-A-Turtle-Shell-In-Minecraft-5-EASYConstruct the Turtle Shell

Congratulations! Your Turtle Shell is complete.

Turtle Shell Application:

Every time you enter water while wearing the Turtle Shell, you get 2 armor points and a 10-second water breathing effect. When charmed with breathing, the duration will increase to 70 seconds.

It may also be used to make a Turtle Master potion, which confers Resistance and Slowness IV to the player.

In Minecraft, you may use Blast Protection, Fire Protection, Projectile Protection, Aqua Affinity, Unbreaking, Respiration, Curse of Binding and Vanishing, Thrones, and Mending to enchant the Turtle Shell.

To build a Turtle Shell in Minecraft, use the following commands:

You may alternatively issue instructions like How to Produce a Turtle Shell in Minecraft if you don’t want to make Turtle Shells. Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 Edition, and Education Edition all include Turtle Shell commands. Depending on your Minecraft version, open the Minecraft Chat window and enter the following command.

1.13 and newer Java Editions /give @p turtle helmet 1 0 /give @p turtle helmet 1 0 /give @p turtle helmet 1 0 /give @p turtle helmet 1 0 /give @p turtle helmet 1 0 /give @p turtle helmet 1 0 /give @p turtle helme


  1. What’s the best way to obtain turtle scutes?


    When the Baby Turtle reaches adulthood, it will drop a Scute. To make a Turtle shell in Minecraft, you’ll need at least 5 Scutes.

  2. What is the best way to create a turtle shell helmet?

    First, you Gather the Scute from Baby Turtles when they are fully grown. Then place the Scutes in the crafting table in the shape of an “n”. Then move the Turtle Shell Helmet to the inventory.

  3. In Minecraft, what can you construct using turtle scutes?


    Turtle Scutes may be turned into Turtle-Shells, which can be worn as a helmet to enhance underwater breathing or used to produce a Turtle Master potion.

  4. In Minecraft, how can you produce baby turtles?

    You breed the two adult Turtles by feeding them seagrass. One of the Turles will lay eggs. Now you have to Keep the eggs safe. from being stomped by the undead mobs. Then increase the random tick speed and the eggs will be hatched.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to get a turtle shell in Minecraft?

A: You can find a turtle shell in the wilderness, or you can keep on killing turtles until one drops it.

How do you make a turtle shell in Minecraft?

A: With stone blocks, sand, and water.

How do you make a turtle hat?

A: To make this, start by cutting out a circle in the middle of the top half of your hat. Then cut out another larger circular shape about 2 inches up from where you left off with the first one and then just add on more circles to it so that its all connected together.

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