WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that has been around for a while now. It is used by over 1 billion people worldwide and in recent years, it has become one of the most integral apps on smartphones with nearly 40% of Americans having installed WhatsApp onto their mobile devices. Unfortunately, even though users have to share personal information through this app and trust the company implicitly, many have found their contacts disappearing into thin air without warning or notice.,

The “why is a contact not showing in whatsapp iphone” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question is usually because you have entered an incorrect phone number or email address.

How To Fix WhatsApp Contacts Not Showing

WhatsApp searches your contacts for other WhatsApp users with whom you wish to chat. Some users have claimed that they don’t see any contacts on their WhatsApp app, that their contacts aren’t synchronized, and that they must manually add contacts.

Instead of manually adding contacts, read on to discover how to resolve the issue and restore access to your contacts on WhatsApp. This article applies to both Android and iPhone.

Why aren’t my WhatsApp contacts showing up?

The following factors might cause contacts to disappear from WhatsApp:

  • Your phone is devoid of contacts. You may transfer contacts from your previous phone to your new phone. Alternatively, you may recover contacts using Google or iCloud backups.
  • The contacts were not synced via WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp does not enable users to view their contacts.
  • People who are in your phone’s contacts list do not utilize WhatsApp.

How to Fix WhatsApp Contacts Not Showing

Allowing rights to access contacts for WhatsApp and manually syncing the contacts is required to have WhatsApp see your contacts. You may recover contacts from your Google or iCloud account if you don’t have them on your phone.

Make sure your phone has all of your contacts stored.

This seems to be a viable option. Make sure you have the contacts by utilizing your phone’s built-in contact app. The majority of your contacts originate from your SIM cards. If your SIM cards don’t have them, try restoring a backup from your Google or iCloud account. This article includes full instructions for both Android and iPhone.

Contacts from your Google account backup may be restored (Android)

Because you haven’t restored the contacts from backup or added your Google account to your Android phone, contacts saved on Google Contacts aren’t automatically showing up on WhatsApp.

To restore contacts, open the Settings > Google > Set up & restore > Restore contacts. Your Android phone will then download the contact automatically.

Select Google from the Settings app.

how to fix whatsapp contacts not showing on android and iphone

Scroll down and tap Set up & restore.

google set up and restore contacts android for whatsapp

Restore contacts is the last option.

restore contacts

By clicking Recover, you may restore contacts from Google Contacts. The contacts will be immediately downloaded. To prevent duplicate contacts, hit View contacts and then pick which contact you wish to add to your phone.

view contacts

The notification “Downloading contacts” will appear. Wait till it is completed. Then, open WhatsApp and check to see whether your contacts are visible.

downloading contacts

You may also move contacts from your iPhone to your Android phone so that WhatsApp can use them.

Recover contacts from your iCloud backup (iPhone)

Some iPhone users have reported that their contacts do not sync and do not appear in WhatsApp. If you don’t have the contacts, but they’re in your iCloud account, you can get them back by using the steps below:

Open the Settings app. Select your name > iCloud. Turn off the toggle for Contacts then turn it on again. It will retrieve contacts from your iCloud and WhatsApp will automatically detect them once you open the app.

To access the Apple ID settings, touch your name in the Settings app.

iphone settings

Select iCloud. It’s where you back up your contacts.

iphone settings icloud

Toggle the Contacts toggle off.

apple id > icloud > contacts

You will be asked if you wish to preserve or remove previously stored contacts on your iPhone. Keep on my iPhone is the option.

keep on my iphone

The Contacts switch will be disabled. Restart it to recover and restore backed-up contacts on your iPhone.

contact turn on icloud

The iPhone will inquire about your plans for existing local connections. To store the contacts from iCloud and prevent duplicates, tap Merge.

merge contacts

Open WhatsApp and check whether the contacts are now visible. On your iPhone, you may also recover contacts from a Google account.

SIM card contacts may be restored.

When you insert your SIM card into your phone, you may always recover your contacts. It’ll happen instantly, and the contacts should appear in your phone’s built-in contact app right away.

If you get a new SIM card and it doesn’t have any contacts stored on it, you can get them from your Google or iCloud account using the procedures described above.

Make sure WhatsApp has permission to view your contacts.

Without access to your contacts, WhatsApp is unable to display names. You may have mistakenly refused permission, resulting in WhatsApp not displaying any contacts.

Allow WhatsApp contacts permission on Android

You can allow permission for WhatsApp to use your contacts by opening the Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > App permission. Tap Allow for the Contacts option.

On the Settings app > WhatsApp, select App permissions.

whatsapp permission for contacts

Select Allow.

contacts permission

If this resolves the issue, you should be able to view contacts in the WhatsApp app.

Allow WhatsApp access to your iPhone contacts.

If you unintentionally disallowed WhatsApp access to your iPhone’s contacts, it won’t be able to display any names or contacts with whom you may communicate.

To allow the permission, open the Settings > WhatsApp. Enable the toggle for Contacts.

Manually sync WhatsApp contacts

If you have contacts on your Android or iPhone but they aren’t showing up in WhatsApp, you may manually sync the contacts.

On Android, open the Settings app > Accounts & sync. Enable Auto-sync data. Tap WhatsApp > Sync to sync contacts manually.

sync whatsapp manually

The More button may be found at the bottom. After that, hit Sync Now.

sync now

Refresh contacts on WhatsApp manually

You may manually update contacts on your phone using WhatsApp. WhatsApp can now view and recognize changes to your contacts (such as altering profile pictures and renaming contacts) as well as new ones. Choose the conversation option.

whatsapp chat

At the top, click the kebab button.

select contacts on whatsapp

To manually update contacts, tap Refresh. The contacts should appear in your WhatsApp program.

refresh a contact on whatsapp

Install WhatsApp again.

If none of the previous methods work, consider reinstalling or upgrading WhatsApp to repair the problem. After reinstalling WhatsApp, you should be able to see your contacts and use it normally.

Questions Frequently Asked

Why aren’t contact names shown in WhatsApp?

Because you haven’t saved the contact to your phone, WhatsApp doesn’t display contact names or simply shows phone numbers. On WhatsApp, touch the kebab (three-dots button) at the top and choose Add to contacts to store new contacts. Fill in the appropriate contact name and save.

When WhatsApp fails to sync your contacts, you may see phone numbers instead of names. Read the previously listed solutions to figure out how to fix it.

Why do new contacts not appear in WhatsApp?

It’s possible that new contacts aren’t showing up on WhatsApp because they don’t exist on your phone. You may get them back by logging into your Google or iCloud account. Follow the steps outlined above to learn how.

Why does WhatsApp not sync your contacts?

If WhatsApp isn’t syncing your contacts, try restarting it. You may also manually sync and update your contacts. If WhatsApp doesn’t sync contacts after that, make sure the permission to access contacts is enabled.

If WhatsApp fails to sync, your contacts will be hidden. The solutions suggested above should resolve the issue. Whether the problem persists, consider upgrading your Android or iOS version to determine if it’s due to a flaw that only affects older versions of the operating system.

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