When Microsoft released Windows 10, one of the most anticipated features was Teams. This new chat application is highly sought after by many companies because it saves time and money for businesses that use more than 1 platform to communicate. However, users soon reported a crashing issue with Teams’ camera feature not functioning properly on Windows 10 devices. Here are some simple solutions you can try if your camera isn’t working in Microsoft Teams on your computer or tablet device running this operating system.

The “microsoft teams camera not working windows 10” is a problem that many people are facing. Microsoft has released a fix for the issue.

How To Fix Microsoft Teams Camera Not Working on Windows

It’s simple to meet coworkers from anywhere with a web conference, and it’s much simpler with a collaboration platform like Microsoft Teams. However, it’s tough to use Microsoft Teams on Windows when your camera or webcam isn’t functioning.

You’ve launched the Microsoft Teams app, but the camera seems to be blank. Everyone can hear you, and you can hear everyone. When you’re already in a meeting and don’t have enough time to address the issue, this might be aggravating.

How to repair a broken webcam or camera in Microsoft Teams

Clear the cache in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams uses cache to save information offline, however it might be conflicting at times, thus deleting the cache may help. Fortunately, clearing the cache on Microsoft Teams is simple.

Close the Microsoft Teams app. Close the app. To paste this route, use Windows+R, then press Enter:

MicrosoftTeams % appdata % appdata % appdata % appdata %

Delete all files and folders in the appdata Microsoft Teams folder. Restart your computer.

Make sure Microsoft Teams has access to the camera.

Users may easily adjust permissions in Windows 11 and Windows 10, including the authority to view your camera. If you mistakenly disabled it before, you should re-enable it so that Microsoft Teams may utilize the camera.

To do so, just tap the Windows key and type “Camera privacy settings” into the search box.

how to fix microsoft teams camera not working

Here, simply go to Privacy & Security > Camera. On the right side of the Camera access, ensure it’s turned on. If it isn’t, simply turn it on.

privacy and security camera

Scroll down a little farther to make sure Microsoft Teams has access to the camera. If it isn’t already on, turn it on.

microsoft teams camera permission

Update the driver for your camera or webcam.

If your camera driver is out of date, you should update it as soon as possible since out-of-date drivers might create unwanted issues and errors that you won’t have to deal with if the drivers are current.

Open the Windows Update. You can do that on the Settings app > Windows Update. Select Check for updates and wait until it finds an update for the camera driver.

update camera driver

However, this technique will only work if your camera driver is not just obsolete, but also unavailable. If there isn’t an update, you may make another idea.

You might try using Device Manager to update the camera driver. Select Device Manager by pressing Windows key+X.

device manager

Select the Cameras tab, then your webcam, and click Update driver.

update camera driver

Disable and activate the camera device again.

You may try deactivating and then enabling the camera device to see if it fixes the camera not functioning problem on Microsoft Teams. This can be done via the Device Manager app, which you can get to using the prior approach.

This time, though, you choose Disable device. Allow a few moments to pass. Then choose Enable device from the drop-down menu.

Troubleshooting using the troubleshooters

The troubleshooter in Windows may be able to resolve the camera not functioning issue. Thankfully, you can do so quickly and simply using the Settings app. By clicking the Windows key and searching for troubleshoot settings, you may get to it faster. Open the outcome.

troubleshoot settings

Select Other troubleshooters from the drop-down menu. At the right side of the Camera, pick Run under Other.

run camera

Wait for a new window to appear and then follow the instructions.

Although web conferencing should be simple, there are times when things go wrong, such as when the camera fails to operate when using Microsoft Teams. Hopefully, the recommendations above will help you fix your issue.

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The “microsoft teams camera settings” is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released an article explaining how to fix it.

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