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Publish date: July 2020

  • The HP Print and Scan Doctor is a trustworthy diagnostic tool for HP printers, and it’s absolutely free.
  • Check out this comprehensive tutorial to learn how to correctly install, operate, and utilize the utility, as well as how to remove it after you’re done using it.
  • Keep our Printer Errors Guides close at hand for future reference.
  • On our Download Hub, you can find more in-depth product reviews.



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The HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows PC is a free printer/scanner diagnostic program that helps HP printers/scanners fix the most frequent printing and scanning issues.

The program is compatible with practically all versions of Windows and may be quite useful as a first line of defense when your printer malfunctions.

On Windows 10, HP Print and Scan Doctor may help with a variety of issues.

As previously said, the ‘doctor’ tool is a lifesaver since it almost solves all of the teething problems that HP printer consumers typically complain about.

Here are some of the difficulties that the application has resolved:

  • HP printer driver is corrupted or misconfigured.
  • Error messages are scanned.
  • The printer is not working.
  • Print drivers are missing.
  • Jobs in the printing queue are becoming stuck.
  • Issues with printer connection
  • Problems with the firewall

What is the best way to utilize the HP Print and Scan Doctor to fix printer issues?

It’s now simple to use the HP Print and Scan App to troubleshoot your printer. The steps are as follows:

1. Get the HP Print and Scan Doctor software.

To begin, you must first download the diagnostic application to your Windows PC. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Make sure your printer is turned on and linked to your computer.
  2. Install the program.

Because the file is small, it just takes a few seconds to download. Installation is the next step.

2. Download and install the program

To install, right-click the executable installation file (which may be found in the download folder or on the taskbar) and follow the on-screen prompts.


  1. Click the “Run” button.
  2. Wait for the software to complete its extraction (Remember to click yes once prompted by User Account Control settings)
  3. Accept the conditions and wait for the installation to complete.

The installation is done again in a matter of seconds, and the software launches automatically.

3. Troubleshooting HP Print and Scan difficulties with the HP Print and Scan Doctor

  1. Click the Start tab on the displayed Welcome page to view all of the available printers (as installed in your PC).1637330455_212_How-to-download-use-and-uninstall
  2. Click Next after selecting the printer you wish to repair from the list.
  3. If the printer that’s having issues isn’t showing up, or if there’s a connectivity issue, choose the option. My product isn’t on the list. The tool will ask you to switch off and on the printer. After that, try again. It will look for the printer and, hopefully, find it. If you’re still having trouble, click My product isn’t listed again and make sure it’s turned on. Now, by clicking connect, you may attempt to fix the issue.
  4. Choose a connection method for your printer, such as USB.1637330456_667_How-to-download-use-and-uninstall
  5. Before clicking Retry, make sure you’ve followed all of the on-screen instructions. Eventually, your HP printer should show in the list.

4. How to Resolve Printing Issues

  1. Fix printing by clicking the button. The program interacts with the printer and detects any possible issues.1637330457_321_How-to-download-use-and-uninstall
  2. Follow the on-screen step-by-step directions to remedy the problem, which may vary depending on the problem. Make careful to follow the software’s recommendations.

Troubleshoot scanning issues.

  1. Fix Scanning is the option this time.
  2. Follow each instruction once again.

In general, the program detects and resolves a wide range of HP printer problems.

5. Deciphering the troubleshooting findings


  • A checkmark against indicates that the printer is in good working order and has passed all of the tests.
  • The presence of a wrench indicates that the program detected and resolved specific problems.
  • An exclamation point indicates that the device is having issues and that you may have forgotten to complete the desired step.
  • To fix the problem, an X needs you to follow the indicated procedures.

How Do I Remove HP Print and Scan Doctor From My Computer?

Follow these actions to remove the tool:

  1. Go to the current file location of the application, such as the desktop.
  2. Right-click on the HP Print and Scan Doctor icon and choose Properties.
  3. Select the Open file location option.
  4. Select Delete from the menu.

Use uninstaller software as a first step.

If deleting the HP Print and Scan Doctor from your computer isn’t enough, try employing a specialist program to do the job.

Uninstaller software is your best chance for removing no longer required software, especially persistent remnants that like to hang around and cause clutter.

Dedicated uninstaller software will discover and completely remove any residual files and registry entries associated with the app you wish to remove.

Expert Tip: Some PC problems, such as damaged repositories or missing Windows files, are difficult to resolve. If you’re having problems repairing a mistake, it’s possible that your system is partly broken. Restoro is a tool that will scan your computer and determine the source of the problem. To download and begin mending, go here.

They’re usually simple to use; all you have to do is choose what you want to remove and wait for the procedure to finish. Most uninstallers provide a report/summary of what was discovered and removed.

Tip 2: Make sure your app is up to date.

Even though HP Print and Scan Doctor is already installed, it may urge you to reload it on occasion. T

This step is required if the intelligent program has determined that the only way to solve the present issue is to update the current program files.

If it identifies a missing or obsolete printer driver, it may ask you to enable it to reinstall.

Is there anything more I can do with my HP Print and Scan Doctor?

The program is a powerful tool that may assist with a variety of other HP printer-related routine/maintenance activities.

Here’s a quick rundown:

The program makes debugging printing quality problems, such as faint/missing colors and broken lines, much easier.

To begin, print a high-quality diagnostics page. The steps are as follows:

  1. From the desktop, launch the software.
  2. Click
  3. Select Printer Services from the menu.
  4. To print a sample document, choose Print Quality Diagnostics Page.

HP recommends aligning freshly inserted cartridges for maximum performance. Aligning old cartridges on a regular basis might also aid to enhance print quality. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. From the desktop, launch the software.
  2. Click
  3. Select Printer Services from the menu.
  4. Wait until you tap the Align Printheads option.

Print quality issues may be resolved by cleaning the print head once more. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. From the desktop, launch the software.
  2. Click
  3. Select Printer Services from the menu.
  4. Wait until you tap the Clean Printheads option.
  • Important Printer Diagnostic Information should be printed

Printing a general print diagnostic report will inform you of any printer problems as well as the overall health condition of your HP printer.

This will assist you in identifying chronic issues. The steps are as follows:

  1. From the desktop, launch the software.
  2. Click printer
  3. Services for printers may be found by clicking here.
  4. Select Print Diagnostic Information from the drop-down menu, and then retrieve the printout from your printer.
  • Ink levels in toner/cartridges should be checked.

To simply check toner/cartridge ink levels, follow these steps:

  1. From the desktop, launch the software.
  2. On the menu, choose printer.
  3. Select Supply/Ink Levels from the drop-down menu.
  • Firewall problems should be resolved as soon as possible.

Your printer’s connection to the PC is lost due to firewall issues. To troubleshoot, follow these steps:1637330459_31_How-to-download-use-and-uninstall

  1. From the desktop, launch the software.
  2. On the menu, choose network.
  3. To troubleshoot firewalls, go to Troubleshooting Firewalls.
  4. To fix existing problems, just follow the steps.

The program makes every effort to repair any improper printer setups, print quality difficulties, and other HP printer problems.

However, no program can completely replace a support specialist, therefore certain complicated issues may need to be escalated to HP agents or authorized technicians.

As a result of this program, you may no longer need to contact a specialist for every little issue.

1635156952_270_How-to-stop-Amazon-Assistant-from-popping-up-Fixed Are you still experiencing problems? Use this tool to fix them:

  1. Download this PC Repair Tool (download starts on this page).
  2. To detect Windows faults that may be causing PC difficulties, click Start Scan.
  3. To repair faults with Patented Technologies, click Repair All (Exclusive Discount for our readers).

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A: To download and uninstall an app, go to the home screen of your phone or tablet. You should see a folder with all of your apps in it. Find the app that you want to delete, then click on its icon. Once you have clicked on the icon, there will be another option called Options. Click on this second option and scroll down until you find Uninstall labeled as one of them. Tap/click on “Uninstall” once for each rollout that you need removed from your device OS software library before tapping/clicking again at last choice which says “OK”

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A: To uninstall, open up the Beat Saber folder. Delete all contents within it and relaunch the game.

How do I uninstall a download?

A: To uninstall a download, go to the Downloads tab in your devices app store and tap on Uninstall.

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