There are many benefits to making your own Pinterest account. The most important one is that you can use it for both business and personal purposes without worrying about adding any unwanted content to the platform.

Pinterest is a social media website that allows users to create boards based on interest. It’s also a great place to find inspiration for your next project, or just get ideas for what you should do with that day off work. To create an account for business and personal use, follow the steps below.

How to Create Pinterest Account for Business & Personal Use

Pinterest is a free social networking service that allows you to collect a lot of information by using photographs. To use Pinterest, you’ll need to establish an account, just like any other social networking platform. You may quickly establish a Pinterest account by entering your email address or Facebook login details. You may modify or change your profile information at any time after it has been established. If you’re new to Pinterest, follow these steps to establish or sign up for a user account, which may be used for both personal and professional purposes.

You may join up for either a personal or a business account, depending on your needs. You can effortlessly switch between your personal and professional accounts.

How to Make a Pinterest Account for Personal Use from Scratch

Using the App on a Mobile Device:

#1: First, get the Pinterest app and install it.

#2: Open the Pinterest application.

#3: Select either Google or Facebook as your default search engine.

Create Pinterest AccountSet up a Pinterest account

#4: In the needed area, provide your email address and click Continue.

Select the Google account you wish to associate with Pinterest if you chose Continue with Google. If you opted to continue with Facebook, however, enter your Facebook login details. The information will be immediately synchronized if you have installed and setup the Facebook app on your device.

#5: Create a complex password that includes letters, symbols, and numbers. Next should be selected.

#6: Fill in your name and age on the next windows.

#7: Choose your favorite subjects and finish the procedure.

Using the Pinterest Website on a Computer:

#1: Go to in your browser.

#2: In the upper right corner, choose the Sign-Up option.

#3: Your email address, Facebook account, or Google account may all be used.

  • If you want to communicate by email, Click Continue after entering your Email ID, password, and age in the relevant fields.
  • You may sign up with your Google Account information if you click Continue with Google Account.


  • If you don’t want to use your Facebook credentials, choose Continue with Facebook. Create a new account by entering your login information and clicking Create New Account.

Create Pinterest Account

#5: Your screen will display a Welcome Message. Next should be selected.

#6: Select the Topics that interest you, then click Done.

#7: Pinterest will then send you a verification message to your email address. To finish the procedure, open it and go through the verification steps.

#8: Once you’ve created a pin, start looking for someone and making a new one.

How to Make a Business Account on Pinterest

Pinterest business accounts may be used to advertise your brands, goods, and business. To do so, you’ll need to sign up for a Pinterest business account. Personal and commercial accounts must be accessed using different logins.

#1: Go to and choose the Business option from the drop-down menu at the top.


#2: Click Sign Up on the Pinterest Business page.

Create Pinterest Business Account

#3: In the appropriate text boxes, enter your email address, password, and age.

#4: Select Create Account from the drop-down menu.

Enter Email and PasswordSet up a Pinterest account

#5: Select the option to create a free business account.

#6: Select Get Started from the drop-down menu.

#7: Complete all needed fields, including a profile photo, brand name, brand website, location, and language.

#8: When you’ve finished filling out the information, click Next.

#9: Click Next after selecting your company type.

Create Pinterest Business Account

#10: To run adverts, choose Yes or No and then click Next.

#11: Create a pin, develop your following, display your company, or visit your Pinterest business account page by clicking the X button.

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The “pinterest business account login” is a tool that allows users to create an account for both personal and business use. The process of creating the account is simple, but it requires some time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a Pinterest business account?

A: You can start a Pinterest account by going to the website, clicking on Sign in, and then filling out your name, email address, password. Once you have created an account there is no need for any further action as it will be automatically linked to your Facebook or Google+ accounts which are required for all new businesses that want access to Pinterests analytics tools.

How much does it cost to have a business account on Pinterest?

A: It costs $200 per month to have a business account on Pinterest.

How do I set up Pinterest for business 2020?

A: To set up Pinterest for business, you have to first create a new account. Then navigate to the business section of your settings and enter in some information about your company/organization. From there you can begin setting up pins on boards that will be linked with different sales opportunities, or other marketing strategies.

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