If you’re looking to add footnotes in Word, you’ve come to the right place. Here I will tell you everything you need to know about the feature and how to get it working on your own. You’ll even find a free Word plug-in that will do all of that for you.

Word 2007 introduced a new feature called footnotes that can be used to add a reference to a document, such as a book, movie or website. However, the feature is incredibly limited and there are dozens of complaints on the internet and, as a result, many people are saying that this is the worst feature in Word. Today, we’ll show you three easy steps that will help you add footnotes in Word 2007.

Footnotes are handy for providing extra reference information, and Word gives you several options to add them. Here are three ways:

Footnotes are the notes that appear at the bottom of the page. They mention the content’s source or testimonials. It may also be a remark on the preceding text or phrase that you wish to add or put down at the bottom of your page.

You may also insert a character or a metaphor in the middle of the paragraph, then republish the character below to clarify the situation or make your point in your footnotes right immediately.

For example, you may put a character like “1” at the conclusion of your phrase or in the middle of your paragraph, depending on your preference. Then make a note of it in the footnote. You might simply add a footnote to make it seem more understandable. You have two options for adding comments to your footnotes.


As previously mentioned, footnotes may be represented by a symbol or a character. The actual footnotes, on the other hand, are written immediately below your page. The character of a footnote is encountered by a reader at the conclusion of a sentence of the supplied material.

Then you may begin searching for an explanation of that specific footnote just underneath the page of your text. You may alternatively begin by reading the whole text and then go to the footnotes in Word. The reader will find this simpler since the quotation or references are explained at the bottom of the page.

Footnotes appear at the bottom of the relevant page. Footnotes are citations of sources that are placed at the end of a sentence and are required to be properly referred to.

Footnotes are fascinating because they are seen as sources of context. They offer a wealth of information on a single word or set of phrases.

A reader may learn more about the origins of a term, as well as the time, date, meaning, and roots of that word, by using footnotes. It may also refer to a variety of sources from which a reader can get more comprehensive information.

However, whether or not you choose to use Word to add footnotes is entirely up to you and your advisor. You may also search for a citation style to use in Word to add footnotes.


If you want to include a footnote in Word, all you have to do is put it at the end of a phrase or a specific word. It should be placed immediately after the full stop or wherever the sentence ends.

Also, all you have to do to properly write footnotes is leave two spaces after the sentence finishes and before you begin writing a new phrase. 

Apply a footnote at the conclusion of the document when it is required, particularly when a phrase or word is coming to a finish. It should come after a full stop, comma, or inverted comma, as well as a punctuation mark. Put it after the most relevant sentence. If the footnote character is put in the middle of the sentence, just one space is left.

In Word, how can I add footnotes and endnotes?

To create footnotes and endnotes in Word, follow the instructions below:

1. To enter a footnote or endnote, use your mouse to position your cursor on the word document.

2. Select the Reference from the navigation bar. 

insert footnote in word

3. Select whether you want to include a footnote or an endnote in your document.

Within the word, a reference/citation number is inserted, as well as a new footnote and endnote. You’ll see that your word cursor has moved to the endnote or footnote. You will be able to write your citation in the footnote as a result of this.

In Word, change the footnote and endnote.

After you’ve added a footnote or an endnote into your word document, you may now alter the style of the footnote or endnote to whatever design you like.

To make changes to your footnotes and endnotes in your word document, follow the instructions below:

On the References button, choose the Footnotes group dialog box launcher.

how to add footnotes in word

The footnotes and endnotes dialog box provides options for controlling the pattern of footnotes and endnotes in your word document. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Choose whether you want footnotes or endnotes, then touch the Location category arrow to choose where the footnotes and endnotes will be put. You may also use the Convert tab to convert all footnotes to endnotes or all endnotes to footnotes.
  • Footnote layout: Choose whether footnotes or endnotes should display in the same column layout as main text or should operate independently.
  • To figure footnotes or endnotes, use a number structure or a custom character. Select an initial number and check to see whether it is resuming on all pages or in a new section.
  • Select the preferences and check to see whether the whole document has been changed or if the changes are just visible in the chosen section.

For your footnote or endnote, change or edit the options as needed.

Choose the Apply option.


The sole difference between Footnotes and Endnotes is that Footnotes appear at the bottom or end of the linked page in Word. Endnotes, on the other hand, appear at the conclusion of a document or paper.

If you wish to draw the reader’s attention to your remarks or citations, however, you should use footnotes. Endnotes are included on the final page of the text, when they are less likely to catch the attention of the reader. It also does not interrupt the flow of the written text.


You are not obliged to provide footnotes if you prefer a parenthetical form of reference. You may, however, need to include a bibliography in your paper. A “works cited” list is a list of all the sources of information you utilized in your word document. This makes reading the word document simpler for the reader. It also saves the reader time by eliminating the need to look at the comments and other references mentioned in the footnotes.

What are the differences between a footnote and an endnote in Word?

Footnotes are citations that appear at the bottom of each page. It gives information on the origins of a phrase or a term. It also includes references and comments for a term or phrase that appears on a certain page of your text.

Endnotes and footnotes are typically identified by a number at the end of each sentence or inside a single word. It’s also known as a reference mark or symbol at the conclusion of a sentence in a paragraph.

Also, since it allows you to add, remove, modify, or relocate notes, Word purposefully adds numbers as footnote and endnote symbols or markings.


Footnotes or endnotes are used in a word document or any other document that will be published to make it simple and straightforward for the reader to comprehend. It’s used to explain, remark on, or cite a word or phrase in a text or printed document.

Some individuals choose to use footnotes to give full information to readers, such as remarks, whereas endnotes are used for references or citations of sources.

Either footnotes or endnotes are used to execute the chosen options. You may perform it in the chosen section or throughout the whole word file if you want. 

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Word can be a powerful tool for writers, but there’s a lot you can do with it if you know what to do, and that’s what this tutorial is all about. It will show you how to add footnotes in Word in 3 steps.. Read more about footnotes examples and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you add Footnotes in Word?

Footnotes are a type of footnote that you can add to your document in Microsoft Word. To do this, click on the Insert tab and then choose Footnote from the drop-down menu.

How do you insert a footnote and follow steps?

Footnotes are inserted by clicking the footnote icon on the bottom of the screen. You can then click on Insert and choose Footnote.

How do I insert a footnote multiple times?

You can insert footnotes by pressing the footnote button on your keyboard.

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