A day after being traded to the Indiana Pacers, Heat guard Victor Oladipo released a cryptic tweet that many people are interpreting as an indication of poor play.

The “victor oladipo wife” is a cryptic tweet that was posted by Victor Oladipo. The tweet has led to speculation about the Heat’s future.

Victor Oladipo Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler and Victor Oladipo of the Miami Heat converse during a game against the Golden State Warriors.

It’s not a 50-meter race to reclaim one’s form after a years-long battle with ailments; it’s a marathon consisting of ebbs, flows, highs, and lows. That’s something Miami Heat supporters should keep in mind as the story of Victor Oladipo’s homecoming unfolds.

It’s something Oladipo may need to remind himself of.

Erik Spoelstra made a rotational shift after his team endured several dreadful defeats, sacrificing some breathing space at the head of the Eastern Conference playoff pack in the process. As the Heat coach quickly cut down to a nine-man rotation, comeback youngsters Oladipo and Markieff Morris were gone.

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Following the transfer, the former resorted to Twitter to express his displeasure, which some have characterized as sour grapes on his side.

Oladipo Wants to Relive Some Childhood Memories

On March 31, one day after earning his second consecutive DNP-CD, Oladipo went to Twitter to write a strange message, which you can see embedded above. “Remember me?” the tweet said, accompanied with a highlight package from his golden days.

Unfortunately, since his comeback from right quadriceps tendon surgery, Oladipo hasn’t looked anything like the guy in the video.

He has averaged 6.3 points, 2.8 assists, and 1.7 rebounds in 18.3 minutes per game in six games. Oladipo also has a 37.5 percent field goal percentage and a 25% three-point percentage. Meanwhile, he is the Heat’s only non-two-way player with a negative net rating.

With all of that said, it was probably unfair for the Heat, their fans, and/or Oladipo to expect anything different from his return. Ruptured quadriceps are no laughing matter, and since the start of the 2018-19 season, ‘Dipo’s injury and subsequent setbacks have restricted him to only 94 games out of a potential 323.

Regardless, the tweet has gone viral, and some fans are chastising the two-time All-Star.

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Fans’ Reactions

Oladipo’s tweet drew a lot of attention from the public, and the majority of it was negative.

“What are you trying to obtain from us, Vic?” enquired one of the audience members. “As a Heat veteran, I can tell you that, based on what we’ve seen from you thus far, Gabe provides us our greatest opportunity to win at this point.” It’s not a dig at you; it’s simply the truth of where you are following your injuries.”

Another commenter deadpanned, “You’re washed now, but it was a lovely run.”

“Yes, but aren’t these highlights from a year or two ago?” A third admirer added, “Like the last time you were truly excellent,” referring to Oladipo’s video package.

However, not everyone was offended by Oladipo’s tweet. A flurry of fans reacted with good wishes and words of praise for the star guard elsewhere in the comment thread.

“I’m not criticizing you, but injuries have had an affect, and it’s all right, despite the fact that it’s sad.” Keep pushing, you’re still young enough to go back to where you were, and you’ll have a lot of support,” one such supporter tweeted.


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