One of the most common complaints about “Halo Infinite” is that there are too many grindy multiplayer modes, with little reward for doing so. 343i has addressed this complaint by adding a new mode called Arena to Halo Infinite’s upcoming release.

The “halo infinite battle pass reddit” is a popular topic on the internet. The game has been receiving a lot of criticism for its multiplayer grind. However, 343 Industries has addressed the issue with a recent patch.

Infinite’s multiplayer beta has been a chore to navigate through. Because the battle pass’s growth is tied to challenges, XP has come to a standstill. Some of the tasks were too difficult to accomplish. Others take much too long to finish. A number of them aren’t functioning at all. Many bouts would pass without any XP being awarded. Thankfully, the 343 developers had an answer.

343 responded to our requests on the Halo Support Twitter page with fresh information about Infinite’s multiplayer. First, a new daily challenge was introduced: gain 50 XP by playing one match. This is a rudimentary method of awarding XP every match, although it’s probably not the greatest. Especially when each level necessitates the accumulation of 1000 XP. As a consequence, advancing through the combat pass remains tedious, and many players will agree that 50 XP is insufficient.

50XP? This isn’t it, however. Once you’ve leveled up, you’ll need to play 20 matches. Clearly, you don’t care about the players’ time, thus I’m going to uninstall right now.

— November 18, 2021, Jared Foster (@lipidquadcab)

Because there isn’t a single tier like 1,000 exp, I believe 50xp should have been preserved at 100 or even increased. I’m not sure, dude.

November 18, 2021 — Wackswavy (@PhTestament) Challenges for all skill levels will be updated, with the exception of 50 XP each match. Certain tasks were not tracking progress, which has since been corrected. Jorge Would Be Proud, for example, is a challenge that needs a kill with a machine gun turret. As a result, a simple task becomes hard to perform. XP increases have also been altered. These used to last 30 minutes, but now they last 60. Finally, all progress on the week’s tasks has been reset. From November 23rd until November 30th, everyone who logs into Infinite’s multiplayer will get a free prize.

343 Industries seems to be taking the correct steps forward. They must, however, take a few further measures. Particularly by continuing to improve the battle pass advancement mechanism and, ideally, introducing additional material to the multiplayer to improve the experience. More information about Halo Infinite’s multiplayer should be available shortly, with the campaign releasing on December 8th.



The controversial shooter’s six-day mission in Fallujah has been postponed till 2022.

Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer Grind Has Been Addressed. The game has been released and the multiplayer grind is no longer an issue. Reference: halo esports.

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